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The Power of Love in a Confusing World

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Another week has passed with more terrorism in Turkey and Iraq, more confusion in Britain over Brexit and here down under we didn’t get a winner in the Federal election that was held over the weekend (it’s still too close to call!)

As Lynn so positively pointed out in her last post a week or so ago, we don’t need to be afraid. Nor do we need to let this confusion, turmoil and uncertainty rattle us.

When I read Lynn’s post on my Monday it brought me back to the message my pastor shared with us over that weekend titled: “Face your Fears.” His message had some powerful content that I thought would provide additional encouragement for us all.

Fear and the Fall

Interesting he started by outlining fear started the very moment sin entered the world. Remember what Adam and Eve first did when God came looking for them? They tried to hide and were ashamed of their nakedness.

“The root of every fear is the deep awareness in your soul that through sin you are separate from God.

But as a result of Jesus life and death He has provided an escape from fear by removing that separation from God. Hallelujah!

Set Free from Fear

The answer to fear is a greater fear; the fear of God.

I think I’m only really beginning to understand that statement. In being in awe of God and all he has done for us, all of a sudden He becomes very BIG and our fears don’t seem as big.

Fear is a spirit. But as we know from 2 Timothy 1:7 – “For God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, of love and of a sound mind.”

I love that verse. We have the Spirit inside us and He’s all powerful.

And He loves us like crazy.

My pastor outlined three steps to being set free from fear.

1. Face the Fear – don’t walk away from it. Call it out and hand it to Jesus. Counter it with the Word of God. Use that sword of the spirit Dineen prayed over us on Friday. I have one or two key verses that I use to do this, eg, Isaiah 41:10.

2. Pray desperately – often we can pray for the “fear” to go, eg, the circumstance we’re facing to disappear but in praying desperately the situation may not change but we become acutely aware of His presence. As Ann Voskamp says:

“We simply want our situation solved – when God simply wants to be the answer.”

And that takes the sting out of fear.

3. Make a move – one of the sound bites that particularly grabbed me from Mark’s message was:

“Your fear is living in the territory God wants for you.”

But the enemy is trying to stop us from claiming our territory. So our fear paralyses us. Our health, or our marriage, or our job, or friendships don’t improve.

Taking a step in faith to claim that territory reject the fear. And God meets us there. A miracle can only occur when we make a move.

Love Conquers Fear

I heard this lovely story a few days ago. My friend’s son is in London, England at the moment and he is living in share accommodation. On the night the Brexit vote was declared he and his friends were confused and a little perturbed by the outcome.

There was a knock on the door. Standing at the door were their neighbors who they didn’t really know. They were holding dinner in their hands and suggested they all sit down and have a meal together. So Chris welcomed them inside and they all shared a meal together which helped Chris and his friends feel better about what was going on. The neighbors were Muslims and as it was still Ramadan they shared their evening meal with Chris and his friends.

What a lovely story, don’t you think?

Grace and peace, dear friends.

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