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Lent Reflections - The Cross

I'm Baaaaack...

35337395_sDear SUM family, it's so good to be back with you! I'm still recovering from this crazy shoulder thing that went from surgery for a bone spur to a frozen shoulder needing "manipulation." But I am on the mend, doing my physical therapy diligently, and I received a high five (well, more like mid-way...) from my doctor yesterday. It's still painful but only because I am progressing and will soon start strength building. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement, my dear friends! You have no idea how much that has meant to me and kept me going at times.

And I am overjoyed by the testimonies pouring in that are only the beginning of the revelation of God's Word for us this year! God is on the move! Don't you just love that?!?! I am so encouraged and strengthened by every single one of these testimonies. Keep them coming!  And Lynn has revamped our Salvation Stories page! That link is always in the navigation bar beneath our header, so be sure to check it out from time to time especially when you need encouragement. 

My friends, the Holy Spirit has impressed upon me that I am to re-release our SALVATION Word for 2016 over our community from time to time throughout the year and to continue to pray this word over our pre-believers. I am convinced this is God's Word and promise for us right now, but I know many of you are struggling to believe. I want you to know that's understandable. We walk a difficult walk. Even Lynn and I have talked about this on the phone and she has told me this is my "holy assignment" to help her and others struggling to believe God's promise for us.

So if you are struggling, leave a comment and I will stand in faith and pray for you to believe God's promise. If you are standing in faith already, pray for those leaving comments too so that we can support one another and stand united in faith. Moses needed Aaron and Hur to hold his arms up in faith, and many of you have shared that very same beautiful picture with me, that you have been holding me up in prayer through this recovery (which btw, brought me to gushing tears every time!).

26495595_sThis is what we are called to do for each other. There are areas and seasons that we are able to stand in faith without doubt and others that we need the help of our siblings to do so. Paul's letters are full of encouragement like this. We need each other, my friends, and that is one lesson I have learned among several the last two months.

My dear friends, know that God understands too. Jesus understood a father's heart cry to help him believe for his son's healing and honored the man's plea as the boy was healed. 

Immediately the boy's father exclaimed, "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!" — Mark 9:24

The very first thing the farther did was to make the choice to believe and he spoke it out. Jesus did the rest. Our Lord is good and He is faithful. Let Him show you just how much.

I love you, my SUM family! So so good to be back! Sending you each a big cyber hug! I love you!

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