The Promise of Christmas
Christmas and the Spiritually Mismatched Conference

This Is God's Request In Our Dissapointment

On Monday our discussion was about loneliness and disappointment at Christmas.

SUMites, reading about loneliness and challenges in our marriages brings about a couple of different outcomes. First, sometimes we need to know we are not alone in our struggles. A little bit of commiseration is needed and understandable. Sharing our thoughts about our struggles allows for honest and authentic conversation, which is needed especially is you are new to the unequally yoked walk. But there is a fine line between the commiseration and focus on our troubles.

I will assure you the enemy hopes our conversations will go down the road of “poor me” which will lead to more defeat in our homes. We won’t give the dark kingdom that kind of foothold in our lives right now. AMEN!

So today, I’m compelled to share what I’m personally learning from the Lord. In the last several weeks, I’ve been walking in this weird place of confusion.  And as I’ve talked with other believes, it appears this is happening to many of God’s people. Perhaps you are in this weird season as well?

I’ve been struggling with unfulfilled promises given to me from the Lord in the past which appear utterly impossible to come to fruition. I mean impossible. I can usually deal with disappointment where people are concerned but I’m not acquainted with feeling disappointment with the Lord. However, I believe I walked in this regarding my husband’s salvation years ago and I have peace about it now.

But today, I am convinced God gave to me several divine assignments and right now I can’t see through to the “how” they will happen.

As I took my disappointment in prayer before my God, who I know is always good, I asked Him about it.

No answer.

Well at least about the specifics. But I strongly sensed the word: Faithfulness. The Holy Spirit was reminding me of God’s fantastic and miraculous faithfulness in many events in my past. And very gently, because God is kind like that, the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart, Lynn, I want to see your faithfulness to Me.

In that moment I prayed and told God that I didn’t understand why His promise hasn’t unfolded but that I would trust and I pledged to Him, my faithfulness. That was last Sunday morning.

What was so funny ,yet amazing , a couple hours later I was sitting in church and this is the sermon message: Look at the photo.


I choose to form my life around faith in God’s faithfulness.

It was a sermon on remaining faithful while waiting.

It’s like God was confirming to me that my faithfulness is exactly what is needed right now. And all I need to do is have faith in God’s faithfulness. I began to recall all the impossible doors that were opened to me in the past. I then began, with purpose to recall the astounding adventure’s I’ve had with the Lord. I brought to mind His provision, great favor and protection that filled my life time and time again.

I know that the enemy has worked overtime to discourage so many believers. He is fighting against our breakthrough and God is calling us to remain faithful. But in this season of great hope, I choose to believe! I’ve seen too much. I’ve experience too many miraculous events and God’s hand in my life. I will not lean into the doubts of the enemy.

But perhaps you don’t have this kind of faith. Or you haven’t experienced God’s faithfulness over many years. Well my friend, God has a word for you.

Even if we are faithless, He remains faithful ­– 2 Timothy 2:13… Don’t believe me? Go look it up.

Loneliness at the holidays is a very real struggle but I urge you, look for the blessings of God’s faithfulness in your life. On Christmas morning, rise early and spend time in prayer. Tell the Lord of your faithfulness to Him and thank Him for His enduring faithfulness in your life.

Can you share a memory of God’s faithfulness in your life? I know it would encourage me.

Love you my friends. Hugs, Lynn

2 Timothy 2:13

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