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Are You Lonely In Your Unequally Yoked Marriage?

Praise Him Always

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Dineen and I will be taking the next week off from writing to spend time with our families. And we know you will do the same. Take time to rest. Get up early on Thanksgiving morning and take a walk-n-pray and marvel in all that He has given!

We love you, SUMite Nation. See you on November 30, 2015 where I will share my heart about a common struggle we, the unequally yoked, share. Loneliness.

But for today, rejoice and be exceedingly glad. We KNOW the King of Kings and have been graced with every good gift. Let's share our love and joy with our friends and family this week. Buy a coffee for a stranger. Rake leaves for an elderly neighbor. Take cocoa to a young mom. Let the love of Christ shine from your heart.

I know it always does. Hugs, Lynn 

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