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Happy 50th Birthday Dineen Miller

Dineen,      (please leave a birthday note for Dineen in the comments)

Today you turn the BIG 5- oh! I'm here to celebrate your life and to thank you for the many years of ministry we have walked together. So much has happened to us and between us in this journey of life with our Savior. Every memory is a treasure and your life is a rich blessing to me AND to so many others.

I don't think there is anyone else on earth who knows me as well as you and you love me in spite of that fact. You are kind, giving, lavish in your love and full of God's grace. Your heart often leads me to better understanding, as a child of God.

We have laughed together. Cried our eyes out. Traveled all over the country together. Prayed for hours and hours together. We giggle and we mourn. We love and we love some more. You are indeed, the Biblical example of a Sister in Christ.

I will never be able with mere words to convey my love and respect I feel for you. And I literally get on my face to thank our Jesus for bringing us together nearly 10 years ago. 

I pray that our Jesus blesses you today with every desire of your heart. Please know that I love you beyond words of description and I look forward to spending centuries with you as we worship together in the Great Assembly.

Happy Birthday my friend. I love you with a full heart. Lynn

Happy 50 Birthday

PS. Have you received your AARP card yet? Just kiddin around!

Here are some photos from the years together. I pray you are blessed with the memories. Hugs.

Dineen and Lynn FoF

Steve, Lynn Dineen

Donovan Lynn  Miller Dineen 2011_12_14 (2)

Lynn and Dineen 1st meeting

Regal photo on FB

Speaking at Regal Sales Conferecne 2012

Imported Photos 00066

Imported Photos 00061

Lynn and Dineen  II Family Life

Imported Photos 00071

I love you my friend.

SUMites, please wish Dineen happy birthday in the comments!!! Hugs, Lynn



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