Summer Bible Study
Summer Bible Study: Peter’s Restoration

Summer Study - Peter - The Man

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comI’m fascinated by the man, the disciple, Peter.

Reading and contemplating the exchange between Peter and Jesus during the Last Supper is intriguing, telling, and powerful. I would venture to guess that a great number of Jesus followers today can relate to this man. His passions, doubts, walk-on-water faith, brilliant moments and woeful experiences are true in our lives, just as they were in the life of Peter.

Jesus washes the feet of the disciples in the upper room. John 13 brings the discussion to life where Peter objects to his feet washing. (Just like us… I’m not worthy Lord). Then Peter decides he is worthy and wants Christ to make sure not to miss a spot, asking for a whole-body wash. (Just like us…. I better ask for everything and anything….. I don’t want to be left out.)


We are more like Peter than we know.

At the end of this exchange Jesus says to Peter —to all of the disciples:

I have given you an example to follow: Do as I have done to you.

Jesus concludes: “You know these things — now do them!

—That is the path of blessing!”

My friends, this summer for a month, maybe a bit longer, let’s walk these pathways of blessing together. The Books of 1&2 Peter are filled with concepts, truths and freedoms that when under our feet take us along the pathways of the blessed and faithful. Let’s do this together.

We will look at different passages in these books as they apply to our lives today. I will likely skip around, as the best studies are always when I step aside and allow the Holy Spirit to lead my reading and listen to His voice.

With this said, I’m expecting some powerful moments to arise. I know the Lord has surprises, delights and divine moments when we will walk upon the path of holy ground. In fact, I know a few of us will be on our face as Jesus stands before us offering His love and healing.


Before we jump straight into scripture, I think it is wise to bring our community into a common place of understanding about the man, Peter. Who was he? What happened to him and who he became and why his two books hold great wisdom. So, help a girl out.

Who can give me a two or three paragraph synopsis of the life of Peter? (Don’t go overboard) Leave your thoughts it in the comments. I will use that as a launch to the next post. Post any tidbits that are special to you about Peter in the comments as well.

Okay, Jesus followers…… This is a challenge to you to get out the Word, the powerful Word of God, and read it to discover the man, Peter. The disciple of whom Jesus said:

“And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” —Matthew 16:18

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