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Guest Post: The Truth by Joanne Marsh

My friends, I'm so excited to share Jo's post with you today. She shared this truth with me recently in an abbreviated form and I asked her to write about it, because it's so foundational and encouraging. I pray it lifts your perspective higher than it's ever been before. 

Thank you, Jo, for giving us a glimpse of your faith journey. We love you! Hugs! ~Dineen and Lynn


The Truth

As God connects with each of us in unique and personal ways to guide us, my direction comes through visuals. Sometimes I get a photograph. Other times the Holy Spirit takes a snapshot. And on some occasions such as this time I am about to share, I get a “prize” to pick up, like I have been on a treasure hunt with my Daddy. In this instance, two years ago while I was out walking, I passed by a tiny object on the ground, and I felt nudged to collect it.

This week the whole story came to fruition as I was listening to one of my favourite teaching programs. In this particular lesson the speaker talked on Spiritual Authority. Who is the enemy? How does satan fight us and what authority does he have?

As this particular teacher explained his own encounter I was FLOORED to hear his words create an image in my mind of the very object I held in my possession for two years!

In his story he recounted how a room in a relative’s home was realized after many years, through circumstances and events, to house some demons. He figured to enter in finally and rid the house of these unwelcomed inhabitants. In doing so, his mind began to conjure up images of the dwellers there with him as he commenced with Spiritual Warfare prayers and, getting a bit anxious about how they might look like, he began thanking God that he wasn’t able to actually SEE them.

At this point God intervened with a reply to him saying, “You have it all wrong! They aren’t who you think they are at all. They are in fact tiny, cowardly creatures, huddling in the corner, but they have a BIG mouth!”

The second I heard “BIG mouth,” I realized the object I have in my possession is a visual example God gave me to SEE and share with others to know who the enemy really is after all is said and done.

YellowToyA bully with a big mouth.

The truth about bullies is that they are in fact cowards. Cowards are described as “yellow.” The fact that the item I have in my possession fit the description exactly was no coincidence. Right down to the detail of a BIG mouth, which Dineen helped me realize after all this time is shaped like a COFFIN!

The enemy speaks death. He is here in our lives to kill, steal and destroy all the plans God has for us. He doesn’t want us knowing who he really is, so he speaks lies and deceptions. He distracts us and tricks us in very subtly, conniving ways.

Life with Jesus as our Saviour has empowered us with the Holy Spirit. This authority is exactly what satan has been fighting for since the day he lost the battle. As long as he can keep our mind entertained and distracted from God’s Truth, we give him power. Without our consent he doesn’t have a partner to use and therefore is rendered powerless. We have to be conscience of what our mind is focusing on and choose the truth.

I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn't receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it." — Mark 10:15

In this world and the way it reasons, all I shared here would sound like a wild childhood fable, but believing in Jesus and what He died for allows us to live with one foot in the Kingdom. When we are able to grasp that as Truth, we walk by faith and not by sight.

There is complete healing to be experienced in knowing who the enemy really is.

The Word is the Power to close the lid on that coffin mouth! Faith is the key to lock it tight! The Armour for our protection is in Ephesians 6:10-18.

Again, be a child. DRESS UP for your own protection!


JoMy life has turned into a treasure hunt with God since losing a precious canine family member. What satan steals from us, God will replace with joy as we keep our eyes on Him. The communication grows with each precious gem I discover, sifting my life for GOLD. (You can also visit Jo's website at http://cupofjo2008.wix.com/artworks)



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