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Easter Community Miracle - SUMite Nation

My SUMite Friends, 

Might I ask you today to join me in another Community Miracle? 

In October, 2012 Dineen and I attended a conference together that radically changed our faith life and our ministry. It was an amazing conference. However, what you like don’t know is that one other woman traveled with us that year. She happened to phone me and I mentioned the conference. The next day she called me and said, “I want to go with you.” So, she did!!! Her name is Heidi and I have known her for years. Several years ago her family moved into the house directly behind mine. And her husband is my dentist. 

It truly is a small world at times. 

Anyhoo, Heidi is an amazing woman of faith and has traveled some difficult journeys. She is on one of those unexpected journeys right now. A month ago, doctors detected a brain tumor, not cancerous, but aggressive that is growing behind her right ear. She is scheduled for surgery on March 31. They will remove the tumor but they must do so at the expense of her hearing in her right ear. 

Heidi called me about six weeks ago and I have been praying for her. And since that time, God has placed a project firmly on my mind. I can’t ignore any longer the Lord’s request. So, here is where this amazing community of brothers and sister, Sons and Daughters, of the King come into the picture. 

Spring Tree

I recently purchased a fun tree. It’s a lit spring, blossom tree. It’s really cool. (see photo) 

God wants me to give Heidi a tree also but to have little notes of prayers and well wishes hanging from it from dainty ribbons along with a few beautifully decorated Easter eggs. The Lord is leading me to have the tree set up, loaded with notes, cards, prayers and eggs to surprise her when she returns home from the hospital. 

So, today my friends, would you write a prayer, a note of hope, anything that I can print off and attach to the tree for Heidi. Dineen and I would be so thankful that you would help us to overwhelm Heidi with this kind of surprise. 

I will take photos and share them with you sometime in early April. If you want to email me a note for Heidi, Please click here for my: email me. If you want to mail a card, please do so. But if you only have a minute, please leave a prayer or your thoughts or a scripture verse, your name and city, state, nation where you live. 

I know she will be deeply touched. I know I will be too. I love all of you so much. You are amazing people of God. Thank you for giving selflessly to the Kingdom of God. I declare, Great is Your Reward. Love and hugs, Lynn 

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Dineen, Heidi, Lynn
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