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A Promise for Our Non-Seekers

16759585_sMy friends, I have a story to tell you and a powerful nugget to share with you today. As you know God moved me my hubby and me to Florida in December. I have to say I am loving it here more than I ever imagined possible (Eph. 3:20). And I am seeing and understanding each day how this move was and is part of my word for 2015—Sanctuary.  

My new church here is the setting of this story and the driving force of this story is the Holy Spirit. You see, the first or second week I came to church, He pointed out a particular person and told me to take note of her. I knew that meant at some point there would be an exchange between us. He’s done this before so I’ve learned to pay attention.

That exchanged finally happened last Wednesday, my friends, and the “nugget” I received from her was meant for the entire SUMite Nation. Don’t you just love our Papa God? He’s not only working in each of us individually not only for our benefit but for the benefit of our entire community too.  

And with Easter just days away, this is a huge encouragement and hope booster. It’s one of those verses I’ve read many a time, yet this time the Holy Spirit brought it into focus with the help of a new friend. 

Now read this and keep your pre-believer in clear focus as you do.

And later Isaiah spoke boldly for God, saying, “I was found by people who were not looking for me. I showed myself to those who were not asking for me.” — Romans 10:20 (NIV)

Then Isaiah is so bold as to say, “I have been found by those who did not seek me; I have shown myself to those who did not ask for me.” — Romans 10:20 (ESV)

Did you catch that? This is God saying that even those who don’t seek Him find Him. And that second part gives us the reason why. God shows Himself to those who don’t seek or ask for Him. 

Now you know I had to dig deeper. The Greek word for shown is emphanēs and means to show openly, manifest. The definition further expounds with “God giving proofs of his saving grace and thus manifesting Himself.”

Wow! I was so blown away by this, my friends, because I have prayed this for my husband in the past, for God to show and reveal Himself to my pre-believer. And now I will pray boldly in line with this meaning that God would manifest Himself to my sweet guy. 

I pray this nugget blesses you as much as it did me. The fun part of this story is I asked the Holy Spirit on Saturday to arrange another meeting with this dear woman so I could thank her again and tell her how He set us up. I kid you not, the first person I saw when I walked into church on Sunday was her, right in front of me, not more than three feet away. And she was just waiting for me to come speak to her. I am so excited to see what comes of this new friendship, my friends. Truly, God brings us the people we need exactly when we need them. Amen?

And I am undone again at the promises God has for us right in His Word. I have another one to share with you on Saturday that I think you will find most precious as it exemplifies our Jesus’ great love for us before He ever came to die for us—a prophetic word about Jesus, our Shepherd.

In the meantime, please keep my, my hubby and our two poochies (River and Riley) in your prayers for a smooth and safe trip. Today we are on our way back to California for a few months. I have to say it’s challenging me to leave right now, especially since things are just starting to happen in the spiritual realms in my new church. I’m seeing now that this is the place God had in mind all along and He’s putting all things into place, just as He promised me He would. Plus He’s telling me to trust Him for what He has in store for me in San Jose too, so I will trust Him and wait expectantly to see where He’s leading so I can follow. I so appreciate your precious prayers. 

And I love you so much, my friends. My spirit just jumped for joy at this insight into Romans 10:20, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you! I’m looking forward to reading your comments about this revelation God has given us and hearing how it has inspired you. God is so GOOD!



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