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Secret Sin - A Barrier To Breakthrough

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comOkay, so weird. In the past two weeks I’ve heard more messages about prayer than I could have dreamed. Even today at church, the message was: Why Pray? 

My friends, let’s talk about this unique thing, we the religious, call prayer. In fact, right off the bat, I want to debunk all the “religiousness” off this word. Let’s call it what it really is. Prayer is only a word to describe talking to God. And when we cast of all the religiosity off the word, do you know what happens? 

We discover a few amazing aspects of talking to God. 

I likely will cover a few posts with this topic so hold on. It’s gonna be good because I’m convinced we, as the SUMite, Church Without Walls, are being called into a new place of prayer. Not just ordinary prayer but prayer that manifests immediate action, miracles, lives impacted, nations changed. 

Before I write about all that exciting stuff, let’s talk about what happens when we pray and we don’t receive our breakthrough. I think God has been leading me in this very place in the last six months. I’ve come to understand breakthroughs and also understand why other prayers remain unanswered, for at least the time being. 

I’m going to be very vulnerable here. I finally believe I fully understand why I can pray and literally see God move immediately. I can receive prayer and believe for my supernatural healing and receive it. Yet, I’m defeated in other areas of health. Specifically, all of the colds and flu this past six months. There can be several reasons why answers to prayer are delayed or remain powerless. Today I’m going to describe mine. 


I’ve allowed an area of sin to remain in my life. For a long while God has called me to give up having a glass of wine at night with dinner. Which could become more than a glass of wine. Now drinking wine is not a sin. I’m not an abuser nor an alcoholic, however, for me, God no longer wants this evening “past-time” to be present in my life. For lots of reason, too many to list here. One primarily, is that it’s not good for me and the Lord has been trying to restore my health. 

Each time I’ve fallen to a cold virus or bacteria is because I have been outside of the protection of God because of my deliberate sin. I know this clearly now. Now this is only for me, however, when I disobey God it’s an open door for access of the enemy. And right now the devil wants to keep me incapacitated so that I won’t write this next book. What has been fascinating is the messages God has been sending me about this secret sin. Through the television, through my prayer time. Practically every time I read the Word, I land on a scripture specific to this issue. Sheesh. Finally, two days ago, I receive a private message from a dear friend and she called it out. 


God is desperate to heal me. And now that the secret it no longer secret, I’m going to step into healing. 

Now, you may want to judge me for struggling in this area, and I understand that. But I also know that everyone of us struggles with some secret sin in their lives. 

Disobedience has kept me from healing and from receiving the blessing of the very prayers I’m praying. 

No one likes to talk about obedience. It’s not popular and it doesn’t edify nor lift our souls. But if we aren’t real about what is keeping us from victory, how will any of God’s children find breakthrough. 

So, as of today. I’m done with that nonsense. I’m choosing to change old habits and walk in complete and perfect health the rest of my life. 

I pray my honesty brings freedom to someone else out there. I pray my honesty allows you to see that I’m not always together. I’m not a super Christian. I’m a child of God who is only determined to live fully for my Lord. Thank you for loving me in my brokenness. 

And on Friday, let’s talk about what power and answers can and will come from those of us who are broken, yet redeemed. All of us who are Poor in Spirit. 

Do you need prayer for a secret sin in your life? If you are consumed by a weakness, shame guilt, fear, today is your freedom day. Tell me about it. I will pray for you. 

I don’t fully understand but even now, when I pray through the comments, things can and do happen. SUMites, Church Without Walls, we need to become completely free, receive our breakthroughs so that we can then take freedom to our world. 


image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.com

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