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Where's My Breakthrough?

Jerimiah 31 3 The Great I AmMy friends, 

Well, I’m here. After a bout with the stomach flu. Sheesh, it’s a mystery. I experience miraculous healing in my wrist yet I continue to fight on this challenging front of colds and flues. Can I just toss this statement out there. 

The Kingdom of God is often times mysterious. 

I want to write more about the mysteries of God and how he answers prayer but today, I feel compelled to speak to all of us about breakthroughs. Last week Dineen and I shared our testimonies of answered prayer and healing and last Friday, Penny, shared her astounding testimony. If you missed it, click here and watch it. I’m still amazed. 

But how do we walk through seasons where everyone is receiving breakthroughs, answers to prayers, even miracles and yet you remain, what appears to be forgotten? Can we talk about that today? Because I know that there are some of us walking in that place right now. 

This has rested heavily on my spirit since last week. And I’ve asked Jesus to teach me about this. I think I have two thoughts I want to share. 

1)    Recently I was listening to a pastor and he asked a question specific to this issue:  “We all can praise the Lord when it’s our turn for blessing. But, can we praise God when He blesses someone else while we are still waiting for ours?”

It’s learning to truly rejoice when another receives that builds our character. Is this easy? NO WAY. Is it possible? Of course. 

I love the honesty of our SUMite Nation as this was some of our conversation last week. Thanks Lynette for saying what many were thinking. She said: “Going to be transparent here and say that while I rejoice in her miracle, part of me is jealous.”

And I love how Jim replied: “It's how you handle that, that positions you for your own breakthrough... If you can simply rejoice with Penny, and give thanks to Papa for what He's done for her, then you are positioning yourself for your own breakthrough - which will be just as wonderful, but almost certain to be different.... Just because He can! Lol!” 

I agree Jim. I agree Lynette. (And Lynette, I know, that I know, in my knower *grin*, your breakthrough is in process and when you begin to see all that God has, you will be utterly astonished. Because it’s better than you could ever dream up or hope for. I absolutely believe this for you, even if you don’t or can’t see it.) I know our Daddy loves you that much. 

2)    Prayer. I’ve been praying, pleading and declaring until I’m blue in the face that I will not be sick again. Yet stomach flu. So badly I woke my husband up crying and begging him to drive me to the doctor. Sheesh. The doctor visit helped a ton! Yet, I’m miraculously healed of an injury that a few months ago required surgery. Say What??? Why does this happen? Healed and yet sick….. 

Was I not praying correctly? Did I do something wrong? Man, I have a lot of questions. And in the last few days I’ve really questioned my many years of praying for my unbelieving spouse. 

So what do I do with all this? Well I do have some thoughts to share that I think will bring hope and light. Stay tuned and we will visit this mystery of heaven… 

… this thing called prayer. 

I love you my friends. Stay kind, in a world that is harsh. Walk in hope, in a world that lives in despair and shine your light, because Jesus is just getting started and we are in for a ride, unsurpassed in HIS-story.

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