Let's Get Ready!
Day One- A Samaritan

Welcome To The Powerful Fast Of The SUMite Nation

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Good Sunday Morning SUMites: 

Lynn here. I want to greet you and welcome you to our annual week of fasting and prayer. We begin our fast tomorrow morning at sunrise. What is so amazing it that there are people from all over the globe who are fasting and praying in one accord through this week of the SUMite fast. 

I’m convinced when we arrive in heaven we will be permitted to see and understand how our individual fasting and prayers were joined together in the spiritual realm and how we, The Sumites, impacted our world. I truly believe we are that powerful in our love and prayers. 

Today, I want to ask you to consider what word or scripture verse or both God is leading you into for your current season of your life. Write them down in your Bible or somewhere that you can look at these again at the beginning of next year. It’s so important to give thanks to the Lord for the work He did throughout the year. It’s even more important for the building of our faith to realize God heard our prayers and that we actually had influence, through His love, to change circumstances. To fight the demonic and to live in righteous, joy and peace because we prayed. 

I will remind you that prayer and fasting is not a way to spiritually twist the Lord’s arm into giving you what you want. True fasting is humbling yourself, denying yourself of a basic need/desire and pressing into a commitment to know the Lord better. 

All prayer and fasting is about seeking Him first. Out of our time alone with our Father, that is where we then can step into our world, hear His voice, and then watch Him move in our circumstances. 

Tomorrow Dineen or I will post a topic to pray about corporately and a prayer. Each successive day will be the same until we reach the end of our fast Friday evening. 

For today, may I ask that you pray in the comments? You can pray one word. A name of someone for whom you are praying. You can pray a long prayer filled with all of your requests. Pray and let Dineen and I and other SUMites pray with you. Also, come back and pray for someone else and their heart’s requests. 

We will be praying in agreement and my friends…….. that is why I am expectant. 

I’m expectant that heaven will open. Jesus will walk among us. The words we speak put angels into action. And God, our Holy Lord of All, will move in love and power. And the best part???? We get to be part of it all and watch it all unfold. 

We are living in the most exciting time on earth. So much is ahead for those who truly walk in humility and love. 

See you in the comments.

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.com

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