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Living Our Divine Destiny

18207172_sBack in October I shared a story about one of the divine appointments I had at the writers conference I attended. My new friend, Jacqueline’s words of wisdom seemed to peek some interest and Ian even suggested another post to explain. Great idea, Ian! Thank you!

And what was that wisdom?

"Don't live the life you think you are supposed to but live the life God is leading you to.”

I think this is one of those words of wisdom that can mean different things to each of us, depending upon our experiences and situation. So, I will unpack a bit what this has meant to me. I know it helps me to learn and apply things like this by example so here goes.

Jacqueline’s sage advice helped me see how I’d pursued certain aspects of my faith walk and life based upon what I saw others doing and my own expectations. There’s nothing wrong with learning from and being inspired by those around us—that’s a benefit of being part of a community. The danger is when it runs into comparison.

I assumed my “results” would or should be the same, but when they weren’t, I assumed I’d somehow messed up or failed. Or even worse, that God didn’t truly love me and withheld His goodness and gifts from me.

Yes, all lies that the enemy had craftily shot into my soul. And sometimes God has to shake us up to unearth those embedded lies to expose and dig them out. Not fun, but so very necessary if we are to walk in the fullness of the freedom and inheritance we have in Christ—to live our diving destiny.

So what did my friend’s wisdom teach me?

First it affirmed that the path I’ve been on this year is the right one. I’m learning that even in the similarities of our gifts, we still function uniquely. If I try to use my spiritual gifts the same way another person uses theirs, I’m not operating as the person God created me to be. Therefor I am trying to live my life as I thought I was supposed to instead of how the Holy Spirit is leading me.

Does that make sense? I hope so. Because, as I said, we can find many ways to apply Jacqueline’s wisdom. I can even think of one from my past, when I was around 30 and my plan was to go back to art school to get my next degree. That is the life I had been pursuing, thinking that was the direction I need to go to use my talents.

In the midst of this, God caught my attention and showed me He had another plan in mind for me. I really and truly wanted to pursue college, but it was based upon what I thought I should be doing, which was also based upon very worldly expectations.

The direction He took me? Not at all what I expected and I have never regretted my choice of letting go of the art college plan to follow Him. He’s way more creative anyway. ;-)

Amazingly, God’s plan for me didn’t mean I had to give up my art. He’s placed many artistic opportunities in my path, the latest one, designing book covers—a dream I held as a teenager and had forgotten about.

And I think part of this wisdom is being present, being alert and aware of what God is doing and communicating to us. I love this piece of wisdom from Proverbs:

Know the importance of the season you're in. — Proverbs 10:5 (Passion Translation)

Every season is important and part of God’s plan and direction for our lives, even the tough ones. And God has this amazing ability to take those difficult places and turn them into moments of beauty. How else could my youngest daughter walk through brain cancer and six years later have such sweet memories of the moments that were fun, comforting and full of love? And such a big heart to help others?

Sometimes moving forward with God means letting go of ourselves. Just. Let. Go. Perhaps that’s what Jesus meant when He said we must lose our lives in order to gain our real life in Him.

How about you, my friends? Do you know what God's divine destiny is for you? Are you unsure? This is an area He leads me to pray for people often when I work in the Healing Rooms here. It would be an honor to pray for you so please leave a comment so I can pray for you.

My SUM family, I’m so glad to be on this journey with you. I’m so grateful God’s plan for my life has brought me this amazing place full of fun, comfort and love. I love your hearts, my friends. So very much. SignatureGraphic2





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