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The Pope Said What?

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My friends, at the risk of opening the proverbial can of worms today, I want to talk about the statement Pope Francis made this past week about evolution and the Big Bang Theory being real. You can read the short article here.

My goal today is not to argue or prove anything but to share how this has impacted discussions between my husband and I. As I’ve shared in the past, we both love the show Big Bang Theory (I share a humorous story here.) and that alone has opened up some discussions for us over the last few years, one of which having to do with how we all came to be here.

I have many a time said to my husband that I don’t fully understand all the details, but why does it have to be faith or science? Why can’t it be both? Parts of both? Why can’t it be God who started the big bang? Who used evolution to bring man into being as described by the breath of God breathed into man’s lungs? (Yeah, that one may be a stretch, but I’m just throwing out ideas here.) Why can’t it be a God who initiated it all with His spoken words?

Our God is immense, and we can in no way understand the full scope of our Creator. For centuries religion and science have tried to dominate and push the other away as hypocrisy and falsification. And I’m sure the enemy was the instigator.

But what we have lost sight of is that God created all the physical laws of this world as well. If I may say, He is the first and greatest scientist of all. Why wouldn’t He go to great lengths to create a fascinating world for His children to discover? A world that continues to grow and create from His spoken Word…

As I said, my goal is not to justify or prove anything, nor to argue. Mine is to ponder and celebrate. I see the Pope’s statement as the first steps of faith (not religion) and science merging to prove the truth of God’s presence, authority and power. For too long it has been one side or the other without any willingness to consider each side may have part of the story right and may need the other to more fully embrace the larger scope of creation. Nor should we expect to be able to understand completely as God’s ways are so far above what we can understand (Isaiah 55:9). But we can have fun discovering!

And at the very least, this has provided more opportunity for my husband and I talk, to discuss, to consider, to ponder and to wonder. God is so very much in every detail, even in these discussions, and I very much welcome these opportunities to bring His presence into my marriage and plant more seeds in my pre-believers heart, even if it is challenging and uncomfortable at times.

God wastes nothing. And if I am willing to listen and consider what my husband believes, then by example and action (1Peter 3) I believe he will be more willing to listen and consider what I believe.

The rest I will leave in God’s most capable hands. I don’t have to prove anything. God’s work and truth will always speak for itself.

Have an amazing weekend pondering, my dear friends!

Witchcraft Curses Fall To The Ground!


Halloween 2014It’s a Thursday afternoon. I’m in my office typing, sorting and thinking. Worship music is playing softly, drifting down the hall from the kitchen. Rain is on the way. Oh, thank you Papa!!!! 

I have some thoughts about tomorrow. Halloween was always one of the highlights of my year as a child. I mean really. Come on. Free candy…. It’s a day to pretend you are someone else, costumes, parties, bobbing for apples, being scared (but not really). I know that there is disagreement about how believers should handle this day. I’m not going to judge. You need to follow the Holy Spirit as He directs your heart for your family. 

But today I want to share a prayer God has placed heavily on my spirt and with power. Because tomorrow after the kids are home sorting their candy, after the paint is washed from their faces and the jack-o-lanterns have long burned out, there is a reality. 

There is a very real enemy of God and His people. And on this night in particular as the midnight hour approaches, there is a furor of activity in the demonic realm. Witchcraft peaks and the purposes of evil are spoken over towns, cities, entire regions. 


We are the SUMITE NATION. We are the light of God shining brightly into our realm of the Kingdom. Our light is so powerful and anointed that the curses spoken in the darkness cannot land in our home or community. I absolutely believe that because we are all strategically placed around the globe in different cities, we are those who will break the intended purposes of evil with the glory of our powerful Jesus that shines from our spirt. 

Enjoy the antics, face painting and the mounds of candy, Snickers is my personal favorite. But also, let’s stand together, as a united SUMite Nation of believers. We are the light that has been strategically placed into our communities around the globe. Let’s pray together and let’s pray with power. Hugs, Lynn 

Holy and all-powerful Lord, Jesus who holds the keys, and Holy Spirit who directs my words, I know that there is a very real enemy of your people and Kingdom. Lord, I also know that you are our Victorious King who sends your mighty angel armies at our request to stand for our homes and communities. 

Lord, Jesus, we are now standing with a powerful light that extends up from our spirit into the spiritual realm. We are speaking/praying against evil, witchcraft, and occult intentions that are spoken to destroy our peaceful and love-filled homes. We declare this work of evil is powerless and falls to the ground. Lord, we stand as your Royal Priest and decree that our faith and love is more powerful than all the devices of the evil one. No weapon formed against us will prosper. Curses spoken in the darkness are immobilized. They are cast back against those who speak them. Lord, release your Holy spirit with great power as we pray and shelter our valley, our city, our nation from the intentions of this night. 

And on the marrow, we will rise up into a season of joyous Thanksgiving. We will be the ordinary fathers, wives, husbands, mothers, who have a love that the enemy CAN NOT FIGHT. You reign. You are glorified. You are Holy and darkness cannot stand in Your marvelous light. 

In the powerful name above all names, Jesus. Amen


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God’s Moving the Millers! (Part 2)

On Saturday I shared the news of our impending "kind of" move. Before I continue this story, let me be clear that this is a geogrpahical move and in no way is moving me away from this beatuful, precious, amazing, outrageously loved by God community. In fact, I look forward to sharing more about our family antics in Florida with you, my dear SUMite family. Now, for the rest of the story...

MoveMapIn April of this year, my husband flew back to Florida to surprise his parents for their 50th wedding anniversary (can I get a hallelujah for 50 years!). When he returned he surprise me with the news that it looked like we might be able to rent his cousin’s house in Florida, thus giving us time to decide where we wanted to buy or build. Seemed like a long shot, but it might work out.

By Easter weekend, all the pieces fell into place so fast that I about fell over, stunned again. Things continued to fall into place, and now it’s actually going to happen, in five weeks.

I will say the way this move would look has shifted and changed as those details fell into place. Like my daughter Leslie deciding she wanted to stay in San Jose since all the pieces of her life had come into place with her job, her studies and the great guy she’s dating. Time to really let go of my baby girl…

So what’s the “kind of” part? We’re going to be “bi-coastal dwellers,” spending our time living in both San Jose and Sarasota. Again, not what I expected but what God has put into place. And He has affirmed this over and over again, my friends, even in a dream. Something new is waiting for us in Sarasota and God is continually reminding me to let go and trust Him. I can only tell you that it will not only be significant in the natural realm as we are reunited with family and are blessed with more time with our parents, but it will also be significant some way in spiritual realm. I will keep you posted.

What have I learned so far through this journey?

  • God’s timing is completely His. Just because we get a word that this something is going to happen or change, that doesn’t mean it will be immediate. Sometimes it is, but more often than not the first purpose of the word we receive is to bring us into partnership with God for the preparation to come in order to bring this shift into place.
  • God is faithful. He does what He says He will do. Period.
  • Waiting can be difficult, but it’s worth the cost when it comes to walking fully in our divine destiny.
  • Trust God so much that you’re willing to release your own expectations in order to wait expectantly for Him to move! (Psalm 37:7) Without fail, I find His ways often exceed what I had expected and I never want my expectations to limit Him.
  • Dare to believe in the “more.” I confess this is where I still struggle. Sometime our disappointments become the backdrop we measure by, which ultimately diminishes our hope bit by bit. I don’t have a clear answer for this one yet except that I cling to God everyday and the truth of what His Word says. His promises will not fail.

And as I know this precious community’s heart, I am thanking you now for your prayers, because I know you will be praying for me and my family. It will be an adventure full of challenging adjustments (especially driving cross country with two dogs several times a year!). So, thank you, my friends, from the depths of my heart to yours for your care and prayers.

As a new dream is giving birth in my heart, I’m expecting God to MOVE in amazing ways and trying not to have expectations of what that will look like. Or to be afraid of it. 

But I am hoping…I am hoping...

Love you all so much!

Sharing The Healing

My Friends, 

2 corinthians 3 18I've been trying to figure out how to share the healing with you. And I have prayed over this post and have been praying for a couple of weeks. It's likely that I won't do this well, but I feel like I need to make available something I took with me specifically to the conference. 

God gave Paul the power to perform unusual miracles. When handkerchiefs or aprons that had merely touched his skin were placed on sick people, they were healed of their diseases, and evil spirits were expelled. -Acts 19:11-12 

I brought with me 40 handkerchiefs that were anointed in the Presence of the conference and I want to give them to our community. I wish I had thousands and so please, please do not have hurt feelings if we run out. Below is a Paypal button where you can order one. I will get it in the mail to you. 

And weird enough, I've asked God about this a lot, about including a donation option. In our eight and a half years of ministry, Dineen and I have supported the financial part of this ministry alone and with the help of a few donations from time to time from you. But this past several weeks the Lord said to me, "Lynn, you do not need to bear the financial burden alone. Your SUM family will help you." 

Okay, so it's only an option. NO PRESSURE. If you feel the Lord leading you to give to our community to support the costs of keeping our ministry online, awesomeness! And THANK YOU. And if you can't afford it, no worries!!!! Support always must be out of a cheerful heart. You can donate and receive a hanky or you don’t need to donate and receive a hankie until I run out. (You cover the cost of shipping only.) 

Now, this is why I have put off this surprise for several posts, it's actually difficult to follow through and ask for a gift and it's difficult in that I have only 40 hankies. Now in hind sight, how I wish I would have packed an entire suitcase full of them. 

Please, please give me grace and don't not take offense if I run out. And again, thank you and THANK YOU for your support firstly of your love and also of the financial end of this little home on the web. 

SUM is not a 501C3 therefore your gift is that --a gift. One day if the Lord moves us we will become a "grown up" ministry and file a 501C3 *grin*.  


Now for the next few weeks...... On Thursday I'm going to post some thoughts about Halloween. I usually always repost my Halloween article. But I want to share something different this year. To read that article, click here

Next week I will be writing about the reasons God heals and why some times He doesn't. And I still have an entire series brimming in my head regarding some demonic spirits that plague believers. It's gonna be good. Many will find healing and you will bring healing to others through this series. 

And I'm already thinking about a New Year series that will change a lot of us... My friends, we are moving quickly now... From glory to glory. Hang on because the ride is just getting better and better. 

 Click on the dropdown menu to add a donation. THANK YOU! Lynn & Dineen

Update  -October 21, 2014. Thanks for your support. Hankies are on their way. Watch for them next week. 


I pray you are filled with the Holy Spirit this week and that you witness the outrageous, vibrant, passionate love of our Savior in wave after wave. Hugs, Lynn

God’s Moving the Millers!

MoveMapMy friends, in just five weeks my hubby and I will be moving to Florida. Kind of…

Let me take you to the beginning of this story, where this all began—Christmas 2010. We’d driven to Florida to spend Christmas with our family there that year. One day I was at my mother’s with my daughter Leslie and the subject of moving back (to Sarasota, Florida) came up again. Mike and I moved away back in 1990 when our oldest daughter Rachel was a baby and we haven’t been back except for visits here and there.

I missed my mom, for sure, and missed Mike’s family as much too, so this was already the desire of my heart. Yet I knew Mike wanted to stay in Silicon Valley and didn’t want to live in Florida again. He’d told me that in the past.

So I said, let’s pray about it. My mother agreed and then I did something I’d never done before. I said let’s pray about it now. We joined hands and prayed for God to change Mike’s heart about moving back to Florida. That was the first time I’d prayed with mother like that, so I knew at the very least, God had moved in a special way there.

Three days later and still in Florida, Mike and I ran a quick errand, just the two of us. He had said he wanted to have a little alone time, but he seemed lost in thought. I just enjoyed the ride, figuring we’d talk eventually. Then he said he wanted to ask me something.

“Okay.” I haven’t a clue what this might be, but life is never dull with this guy of mine.

“How would you feel about moving back to Florida?”

Stunned…I’m absolutely stunned. I try to speak but only stuttering noises are coming out of my mouth. I’m trying to say I’m all for it, but I’m so shocked at how fast God had moved and that God had MOVED. You know what I mean?

But the story doesn’t end there. Each year, for the next three years, we tried to move to Florida. And each year it fell through. Financial reasons, family complications. A wedding… No matter what we did, things would come up or happen that would make it impossible.

Our affirmative statements of “we’re moving back” began to sound more like “we hope to move back.” By the end of 2013 I’d begun to wonder if I’d misunderstood God and began to embrace the idea of staying in San Jose for good. After all, I was more plugged into my church than ever and other things here just seemed to be falling into place—here...

My friends, I will share the rest of this story on Wednesday and what I have learned through this process—key points I now am learning to apply to my daily walk with Jesus. I'm excited to share those with you too!

And I will explain what I mean by kind of...

Love you dearly!


Who Were The Pray-ers?

From Monday’s post…….However, before we leave I want to go and give a hug and thank you to each of the trio of the prayer team. I start looking all over. I can’t find them. 

Ahhhhhhh, now that is an interesting story in itself. I haven’t been able to stop considering the trio of pray-ers since I arrived home a week ago…………… 

HR2Let me pick up the story from Monday. The girls and I has sufficiently wiped our faces and we are still all smiles from ear-to-ear and remain pretty-much in shock by what has just transpired. However, we must make our way to the airport shortly. We stand and start toward the exit of the main room where there are still tons of people. 

And as I stand I’m compelled to want to say thank you one more time to the praying trio before we leave. After all, it’s not every day three people pray with you and miracles break out. So, I start looking. And looking. Head turning left to right. I turn around. I look all throughout the crowded room as I expect they are now praying with another person. 

“Where did they go? I want to say thank you again?” I ask Caitie and Gina. “I don’t see them anywhere. Do you?

“No,” Gina replies. 

“Mom, they just left.” 

“What, all three of them?” 

“Yes, I saw them go out the side door into the hallway.” 

“What? That can’t be.” 


I’m in shock and puzzled. I proceed to explain to the girls, “It doesn’t make sense. I’ve worked in healing rooms myself. You volunteer. It’s only for an hour and a half. You pray and move on to the next group.” 

“Well, they probably needed to go to the bathroom.” 

“All three of them at the same time?” I respond as the preposterousness of the thought rises in me. Remember, two young men and an older, pristine white-haired woman. Would they go to the potty together???? Seriously????? 

“Well, maybe they took a break.” 

“Well, maybe but when you volunteer in the Healing Rooms with this many people waiting for prayer, you don’t break, especially since the Rooms just opened. You pray.” 

My puzzlement begins to turn to something else in my heart as if the dawn of the sunrise is happening in that moment. 

We emerge into the hallway to head to class and they aren’t there. They’re gone. 

Just like that. We never saw them again. 

Now I’m convinced that this amazing trio might be something more than three ordinary people. My daughter remains skeptical. 

But even now, I hold the possibility, the astonishing possibility, in my heart. And like Mary, the mother of Jesus, this is another treasure I will store and ponder in my heart for the rest of my life.

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Gang, on Monday on want to visit the reasons why God does not heal. And my suprise will have to wait another week as I'm not quite ready. Hugs.


Dream List Update

Hi My Friends, 

DSC00001I want to give you an update about the letters and Dream Lists. I have read through all of them now -twice. I have been encouraged by your words of love. I didn’t expect that happy blessing to come with this experiment, but Papa, thank you for your children. I thank all of you for the words of encouragement. I was teary several times. 

I was also teary several times reading your letters for other reasons. Can I say, “THANK YOU” again for trusting me with some of your most intimate and at times painful parts of your lives. I have grieved with the Lord for some of you as you face incredibly difficult situations. I want you to know that Dineen and I are trustworthy. Nothing you shared brought a single thought of judgment into our minds. In fact, I was incredibly moved by God with a fresh anointing of compassion. 

Many of you were also so FILLED UP with hope. You have dreams and you wrote them out in the most beautiful love offering to our Lord. The words of your hopes and dreams were not lost for once second on the heart of Jesus. And Dineen and I carry your heart with us as well. 

I have begun to address the return envelopes and hope to get them posted by Monday, October 27. So watch for them. 

Now this is the important part. When they arrive don’t open them up until you are in a quiet place where you can read them uninterrupted. Open the envelope, place the anointed Dream List in your hands, on your lap, hold it. Let the glory of the Lord come upon you. Then read the list over and let your dreams come to life once again. 


Ask God again for His blessing and favor upon your dreams. Ask Him to show you where and when to move into some of your hopes and dreams. Many of you will be prompted immediately to do something in pursuit of your dreams and creativity. Don’t ignore the Holy Spirit prompting but follow through. Others may find God starts to open doors or speak to you about your dreams in the coming days. Listen. Write stuff down. It’s critical to remember what God is telling you to do. 


Keep this dream list in your Bible, underwear drawer, or in someplace safe. Go back to it and read it every now and then. Let the glory flood your soul every time you read it. 


As I am typing just now, I feel the great love of our Father for you. I feel a sense of peace that comes from knowing God has all of our dreams in His capable and good hands. So ask for the impossible. And let our Papa astonish you. 

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I have one favor, as you begin to see God move you into these dreams, please write to me. Tell me about it. When a person, or perhaps it’s just me, prays with fervor and takes letters on trains, cars, and airplanes. When a blonde girl loves people and truly cares about their hearts, let her know when God answers. I will rejoice with you. Hugs.

Jesus Heals! In Front of My Eyes!

If you missed Friday’s post, go back and read it now. Here is the link. Now let’s pick up the story. 

Okay, remember my daughter who is 19 just received word that Jesus launched her into a new journey. And my friends, already so much has happened to her as she returned to her college campus. But, let’s not get sidetracked. Oh and I should mention, Dineen was not with us as she had to return to San Jose early that morning for a family get together. Bummer! 


Gina Caitie LynnThe trio of pray-ers move on to Gina as Caitie is sitting next to me telling me about what she just experienced. We are both teary-eyed and overwhelmed. If you stop for a minute and think about what we are experiencing, it’s a Holy Mind-blow. I mean really. Angels are in the room. Jesus is launching teens into His Kingdom, people are being healed. My head still wants to explode today just writing about it all. 

Well as my daughter and I are talking, all of a sudden Gina starts shouting, “It’s loud in here. It’s loud in here.” The two young men have even broader smiles, if that is possible. They are laughing and jumping. Gina is practically dancing. I shoot out of my chair again screaming, “You’re healed. You’re healed.” 

We have become a public spectacle in the giant room packed with people but who cares? Gina’s hearing has been restored because Jesus loves her. AMEN! 

I run to her and practically break her neck hugging her so hard. Caitie runs at the same time. She’s almost tackled right there in the prayer room. The young men are clapping. I’m clapping, Caitie and Gina are teary and all smiles at the same time. 

Wait!     Did you hear me? She can hear!!!  I can’t hardly even now grasp what I experienced. She is healed and her ears were opened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Joyce is somewhere writing on a paper. 

“Gina, what happened?” I ask. 

“They began to pray and ask Jesus for healing. After a few minutes I felt heat and then heard pop, pop, pop. My sinuses drained and then everything got very loud.” 

Andrew grabs Gina and takes her to the stage and places her up next to give a testimony on the microphone to the room. Right before her is a woman also giving a testimony. And get this. She also just had her hearing restored. Whoa! 

Gina approaches the mic. Gives her testimony. I’m still a blathering woman in search of Kleenex as we watch. All I can mutter over and over is, “Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.” 

She finishes her testimony and returns to us. I see Andrew once again and hug his poor skinny neck. I practically want to throw myself on him in giant hugs of gratitude for his faith and prayers. He then goes to hug the girls. 

The three of us sit back down to wipe our faces and talk some more. If you have seen deer in headlights, but happy dear, that would be us three *grin*. We sat there for a few moments in the atmosphere. Finally, I say, “We should head over to the after class as we need to get to the airport soon.” So off we went. 

However, before we leave I want to go and give a hug and thank you to each of the trio of the prayer team. I start looking all over. I can’t find them. 

Ahhhhhhh, now that is an interesting story in itself. I haven’t been able to stop considering the trio of pray-ers since I arrived home a week ago. I will tell you about that on Friday my friends.


Woo Hoo!!!  It’s a blast living the believer’s life!  Pray BIG. Dream BIG. Our God is all about answering faith-filled prayers. 

Oh and on Friday, I have something special to share with you. Have an amazing week in His Presence. Hugs, Lynn

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The Legacy of Divine Appointments

My friends, this is an astounding testimony to how far a divine appointment can reach. Our dear friend, Rosheeda, is still impacting lives through her legacy of intentional love and service to God. It is because of Rosheeda's love for us that we carry the name of "SUMites." Sometimes, perhaps more often than we realize, we discount how the smallest of opportunities to love on someone can ripple out beyond our own lives. Thank you, Kindra, for sharing this with our community! As you were blessed by this, we are too. Thank you! ~ Dineen & Lynn

Hello Ladies!

I just returned from the Designed For Life Women's Conference in Springfield, MO. There were over 7,000 women gathered to worship and praise God! The Holy Spirit was working full force and many lives were transformed. PTL! I am writing to you because I have a story from the conference that I know you will want to hear. Priscilla Shirer spoke at the conference. Priscilla is a dynamic speaker who is eager to share God's Word with her audience.

She shared a story with us about a young woman that she met at her church. The woman felt she had been called by God to quit her job in the "corporate world". Without knowing God's plan for her, the woman stepped out in obedience and did just that. While waiting for God's leading, the woman began babysitting for families at her church in order to make some money. After a year of waiting and still not knowing what God wanted her to do with her life, the woman began to get very frustrated. She shared with Priscilla that she did not understand why God would call for her to quit her job and seemingly not have a "grander" plan for her. She was still babysitting, but was desiring more from God. Then one particular evening, she went to a families home to babysit the children for the evening while the parents went out for a much needed night away. As the worn out, frazzled, hard-working mother answered the door that night and expressed her appreciation for being able to get away for the evening, the woman knew that she had been blind to God's plan for her. She realized that His plan for this season in her life was for her to be a blessing to children and their families. Her eyes were opened to God's purpose. The Holy Spirit's leading told her that she in fact had been "chosen" not "cheated" in her assignment!

Through this story Priscilla shared, we were blessed with the understanding that God has divine appointment's for all of us. In God's kingdom, no job is more important than another. God leads us where he needs us and we must be open to wherever that may be!

Now the part that gave me goosebumps....As Priscilla wrapped up her story about this faithful woman she told us that sadly she died in a car wreck last year. She also shared that her name was Rosheeda. I knew immediately that this was the sweet Rosheeda from the SUMite community. Rosheeda was a blessing to me when she was a guest writer on your site. Today, she once again blessed me and thousands of other women through the story shared by Priscilla!

Rosheeda's legacy lives on. Isn't God amazing!?

Blessings! ~Kindra

Does Jesus Heal Today?


Where to begin. Let me ask you a question. Do you believe God still heals? Can He cure cancer, heal the blind restore hearing in the deaf? 

Revelation 12 11 Fall backgroudIf you are a SUMite, I know you said yes. I know you said that because we MUST believe in great miracles of God’s love and kindness. If we had little faith, we could not walk this unique walk of the unequally yoked. 

Today, I’m going to step out and share with you what transpired on Saturday. I may stumble through the story as I’m still processing it all. Get a cup of coffee or tea. Pull up a chair and I pray, I pray with all that I am, that you feel chills run all over your body as the Holy Spirit confirms His power and love for God’s people. 

You met Gina, right? We prayed for her several years ago when she was facing a melanoma diagnosis. And since that time she has recovered as is in remission. Hallelujah! Can I get a hallelujah? 

And I believe on Friday night she was further delivered from that nasty cancer right before my very eyes. That’s a story for another day. OHHHHHHHH, and it’s a good one. Stay tuned. 

Back to Saturday. Myself, my daughter, Caitie and her best friend, Gina, went to the church to receive prayer for healing. For myself, healing of my injury to my right wrist. I injured it rototilling the garden in March. Caitie wanted prayer for more of God. And as for Gina, she was complaining in the car on our way there that she couldn’t hear as my daughter was talking. She said, “Caitie, you know I can’t hear very well so talk louder.” 

I chime in from the back seat, “You know Gina, you should ask for healing of your hearing while we are here.” I didn’t think another thing about it. 

Yep, I bet you know where this is going. But let me share how this happened. 

We arrived in the sanctuary and there are people all over the place. People praying and being prayed for and those waiting for prayer. For some reason, I didn’t follow the crowd into the seating area but took myself and the two teens down toward the front of the room. We waited for only a short time and then a prayer team moved over to talk with me. I was seated, Caitie was next to me and Gina next to her. 

The prayer team approached and I stood. Before me were two young men who I think were in their mid-twenties, Andrew and Chris. With them was an older, round woman with pure white hair, Joyce. The young men made introductions. Joyce said nothing. (Remind me later to share my thoughts about their names) I explained I wanted prayer for my wrist. Christ began to share a story of a man healed of a broken arm right in front of him. I grow completely excited and shove my hand, writs, arm out to Chris and practically scream, “Oh, please pray for me.” Poor guy couldn’t even finish his story because I’m already on board and can’t wait for a touch from God. 

Chris places a hand over my wrist and a hand under. The three pray. I FEEL HEAT. At that moment, I feel a fire come over my whole body and I burst into a sweat and right behind that I burst into tears like a blathering baby girl. I’m so overwhelmed. Crying and sweating all over the boys who are now likely uncomfortable because I’m practically sobbing a river on their sleeves. Sheesh! They hand me off to Joyce. Then Chris asks me, “How does it feel?” 

Gang, I begin to move my wrist in full motion and with—out—pain. A first since March of this year. 

I start screaming. People are watching. The young men have a face full of gleeful smiles. Joyce is writing on a paper. I don’t think I ever heard her say a word. Hmmmmmm 

“No pain. No pain. Look I can move it and no pain.” More snot sobs. Andrew asks if I would give a testimony over at the testimony table. So my snot nose, healed wrist and I cross the crowed room and speak with a sweet girl who records my testimony. 

The trio leaves me and moves on to my daughter, Caitie. She is holding out her hands in front of her like you do when you want to receive something when I return from the testimony table. She is teary. I’m still freaked out and watching. Thankfully the snot subsided. I see them praying “more” for Caitie and then the four of them break. 

All smiles. Hugs all around and Caitie walks over to me. 

“What happened?” 

The trio moved to Gina and are praying with her. 

“Mom, I felt heat on my hands when Chris touched me. And as they prayed, Chris asked me again what I felt on my hands, as my eyes were closed. I told him more heat from his hands. He said to me, “I’m not touching your hands now.” 

“What? Oh my goodness, you had an angel touching your hands. Caitie, this is so amazing.” More tears now from the both of us. Where’s the Kleenex? 

“Mom, Chris said that as he prayed for me he saw Jesus. And Jesus was holding a bottle of wine and christening a ship. He was christening a ship because I was being launched onto a journey.” I looked into her eyes and she into mine. After what happened to her the night before we had a knowing that this was in fact — true. More on that story later. 

Oh good grief. I’m already way long on this story and I haven’t gotten to the good part yet. So, tune in on Monday as I tell you what happens next. 

My friends, I know Jesus. He is the healer and it is His purpose in our lives to give us healing in every area, health, soul, body. I give Jesus all the honor, glory and worship because He still heals His people today. 

So I have a question for you today? Do you believe? 

See you in the comments. I love you SUMites. I really love you and am praying for your full healing.

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The Unexpected Divine Appointments

11134039_sDear friends, as I walked and prayed Tuesday morning, I asked Abba for the words to share with you what I experienced at Bethel. I really wasn’t sure if I had anything definitive as God kept this visit very personal, which makes sense for this year of intimacy He’s called me to.

But as I walked the memories and words began to flow (thank You, Abba, You are so good), like a kaleidoscope of images and colors that stood unique but together created the complete story of God’s intentions.

Where to start? At the beginning of the journey. I was a bit anxious about making this trip on my own (I love road trips when hubby is in charge) and my car had been acting up a little. (I should share with you that I call my little VW Bug by the name of Gracie as she is a gift from God and never lets me down. Why did I doubt?)

I had five hours of road ahead of me each way (thankfully Lynn road with me from Sacramento to Redding on the way up) and knew I would wind up stopping frequently for breaks out of necessity. I kid you not, both up to Redding and on my way home on Saturday every place I stopped had Christian music playing. In California?!?!?

As I walked into each place, I noticed it right away! And smiled…God uses music frequently to minister to my heart. I was never alone. My Gracie carried both me and Him on this trip.

At Bethel the first evening I noticed a woman near us. Not sure why but she just stood out to me so I took notice. The next day we were introduced by a mutual friend. That seemed significant too, so I ask Abba if there was a reason, did I need to know something. I heard the name “Amanda” over and over again. Wasn’t sure why, maybe that name meant something to her. I asked Abba who this Amanda was. He said “her sister.”

Well…I wasn’t sure what to do with that, but I have seen God do this enough times to trust Him to put it into motion. I wouldn’t track this dear woman down. If I was supposed to share what I heard, I’d leave it to Him to bring her to me at the right time (just like my new friend at the ACFW conference).

The next day I was sitting on a bench and there she stood. I waved her over and asked her if the name Amanda meant anything to her. She said no, but then shared how someone else had told her she looked like someone they met in Montreal, almost identical. What stunned me is what she shared next. She’s been searching for her twin sister. They were separated and given up for adoption when they were very young.

I gave her my business card and asked her to email me when this all falls into place as I had no doubts God was hearing her heart and leading her to her sister. When that story unfolds, I will sharing it with you, my friends. God is so amazing, so good!

On the last day, Friday, I found this verse waiting for me in my inbox:

Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act. — Psalm 37:7

Later that afternoon, I wound up in the prayer room. It’s a small octagon shaped building that stands part from the rest of the campus and has the most stunning view of the surrounding hills and mountains, including Mount Shasta.

Immediately I felt the peace of Jesus in that room. About a dozen or so people were there either sitting by the fountain or in chairs or on the floor by the windows. I wanted to stay in this place forever. Remembering the Scripture I received that morning, I rested by the fountain for a while.

And then it happened. Words, words, and more words. It was like my creativity had suddenly been unleashed. I couldn’t stop writing in my journal. Page after page. I wasn’t sure what it all meant though.

Not until I finished. I realized I had written the ending of the book I’m going to be working on. It was not at all what I expected, but it was very much the heart of God—tender, powerful, full of love and purpose.

God had told me He had something at Bethel this time. He told Lynn too. What He gave me was His heart. So unexpected, so gentle, so quiet.

So, my friends, God was my divine appointment this trip. What’s so amazing is that He longs for us to meet with Him each day. He has so much for us. For you.

Which brings me to the end of this story. My final “divine appointment” was with you, dear SUMites. This is the prayer God lead me to pray for our community as I sat outside and looked over the hillside.

BethelBased on Psalm 67:

Lord, be gracious to Your SUMites and bless us and make Your face shine upon us so that Your ways may be known in our homes, that your salvation will rest upon our pre-believers.

Let all those in our home praise You, God; that our pre-belivers would praise You. Let us, your SUMites, be glad and sing for joy! For You shall judge righteously and govern our hearts and homes.

Let us, Your SUMites, praise You, O God, let every single one of us praise You and bring You glory. Then our homes shall yield increase. God shall bless us and our loved ones. God shall bless us, and all those in our home shall fear Him.

In Your mighty name, Jesus, amen!

Rest in His promises, SUMites!


What Does Open Heaven Mean?

Lord's PrayerMy Precious Friends, Lynn here. 

What is an Open Heaven? 

Simply, it’s the Lord’s prayer in full reality. 

From Matthew 6: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.   

This is what our Father has always wanted. Since Adam and Eve and for as long as there are people on earth, God’s will, His purposes, His love, power and authority, manifest here on earth, through His children. That’s us! We bring heaven to earth. 

This past week, Dineen, myself, my daughter Caitie, and her best friend Gina, caught a glimpse of what that looks like. We not only caught a glimpse but we participated in an Open Heaven. 

What does that mean? 

Luke 9:1-2 Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases. And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick. 

Power and authority were displayed.

Demons were cast out. (That’s a freaky story for later in the week.)

Diseases, conditions, stage 4 cancer, ruptured discs, pacemakers disappear, metal rods melted and much, much more. 


The Kingdom of God came. The heavens opened. And we were touched personally. 

I have arrived home and am still wiped out. I have been wrecked in every good way. My daughter changed forever, Dineen touched and walking in her spiritual gifts. And Gina, oh my friends, wait until I tell you about Gina. (Sumites, we may remember that we prayed for Gina several years ago. Click here to read her story.) My friends, God answers prayer. Your words were not wasted! 

Expect stories in the next few days. And I’m going to start a new series shortly that has been bouncing around in my spirit desperate to get out. I’m want to have a discussion about several demonic spirit realms that cause great difficulty for us. The first four I want to handle are:

Spirit of confusion
The critical spirit
Contemptuous spirit
Spirit of Hopelessness

Thank you for your prayers. Dineen and I have been so touched by your love, your comments, the letters. And your letters are so anointed. When they arrive home, EXPECT MIRACLES!! 

Love you my friends. 

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Gina, Bill Johnson, Caitie
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Caitie, Gina, Lynn Dineen (Thursday Evening Session)
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Dineen Reading, praying and writing on SUMite letters
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Lynn & Caitie
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Lynn, Gina, Bill Johnson, Caitie
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Friends from Temecula and Colorado 
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Dineen & Lynn with letters

Divine Appointments, Part 2


I’m so glad you came back to hear the rest of this story. And I know Lynn and I will come back with more stories too. It’s the last day of the Open Heavens conference. As I write this I haven’t a clue of what God has in store for us, but I know it will be good, because He is GOOD!

Now back to the ACFW conference and the divine appointments God had planned for me. As I said, I knew there was more to hear from my new friend. I didn’t even ask God to orchestrate another meeting. I knew He would and told Him as much. This was really fun!

The next day I had an appointment with an editor. After my appointment, I took a shortcut down the hallway to get back to the registration area. This hallway can get pretty busy when people are moving between appointments, but this time it was quiet, mostly empty.

Except for one person. Yep. You guessed it. There she stood. I smiled and headed toward her. Again we laughed and hugged. Then I knew what it was I was suppose to know.

So I asked, “You are a deep woman of faith and are on the path ahead of me. What advice would you give to someone like me, coming up behind you?”

Her face grew serious and she began to share such amazing words of truth and faith. Words that confirmed things God had shown me this year and great wisdom for where I was headed. I realized this dear woman had already walked the path I was on right now in greater detail than I could have imagine. I remember standing there feeling so surreal as I grasped more full how well God had planned this.

The piece of her wisdom that stood out the most was not to live the life you think you are supposed to but to live the life God is leading you too. She done it the first way for too many years and had learned the difference.

I asked this dear woman and new friend if she minded if I kept in touch with her. I’d prayed for a long time for mentors in my life, and maybe, just maybe, God had lead me to one. To her. She told me she’d mind if I didn’t.

Our divine appointment had turned into a divine connection. My friends, I’m still in awe of how God does these things. How His timing is so significant and precise for His plans and purposes. I delight in Him so much in these moments as I stand in awe of Him.

And more came through the week. The Holy Spirit led me to sit in front of an older couple. I turned around and asked what their story was. They shared their precious lives with me, then realized they were in the wrong room. But I knew I was meant to hear their stories and God confirmed it again when I “ran” into them again the next day. We shared our hearts to spread God’s love and goodness in our stories and this sweet man had me sign his tie!

And connecting with so many hearts and hearing their stories. One of my last nights there, God brought a woman front and center to me whose husband had walked away from his faith. Such heartache. I was able to share this beautiful SUMite community with her (yes, I bragged about you!) and invited her to come and visit and let us love on her.

So you see, my SUMite family, you were part of my adventures that week. I bring you everywhere I go and boast about you all often as I praise and point to God for doing what He’s done right here in this community.

And now I’m hooked. Everywhere I go I pray for divine appointments. I know so many more are coming, for all of us. Just ask Him.

Then come and share yours. I want to hear your story.

Love you, my precious SUMite family!





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Divine Appointments, Part 1

11134039_sMy friends, as you read this, Lynn and I are making our way to the Open Heavens Conference at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. This will be our third year going and I’m already praying for diving appointments. (Please pray with us on this and for our protection and safety as we travel. Thank you!)

I prayed for this before the writers conference (American Christian Fiction Writers) I attended a couple weeks ago. And I told God it didn’t matter if they had anything to do with me or writing, I just wanted to see Him in action.

Well, my week was packed with these appointments and it was the most fun I’ve had at one of these conferences to date. And I’ve been going for ten years now! My head is still spinning to think of them all but a few stand out, and today I’m going to share just a few of them.

As head of registration I get to serve a great body of writers and authors, along side a great team of volunteers. I’m the “go-to-girl” for all the complicated questions, etc. The first day I was blessed to pray for a dear woman in distress. Loved watching how God calmed and comforted her as we prayed.

Then a little while later, an older woman humbly asked if she could still have an author ribbon (we have these label ribbons that attach to our name badges). She forgot about her book coming out in December.

“Of course!” I said and went to fetch her one. The sheer delight on her face to receive it warmed my heart beyond measure, as did her hug. Really, truly, I love doing the little things for people.

The next morning, very early and bleary eyed, God reminded me of these two women. He highlighted the woman I’d fetched the ribbon for and said, “She has a story. Listen to her story.” He whispered (probably because I hadn’t had my coffee yet) to me, “Listen to their stories.” I knew He didn’t mean what they were writing but the stories of their heart, their lives.

I told God He’d have to orchestrate that meeting if I was to hear more of her story as there was a good 500 people attending this conference in a large hotel. Later that day I turned around and there she was! Just her. I hugged her and said, “God told me you have a story. What’s your story?”

Her eyes grew wide and moist, and she smiled. She told me that just touched her heart so deeply that God had told me that about her. She then explained that she is a two time cancer survivor and battling heart disease.

Me? I’m standing there stunned, because even though I KNOW God does this stuff, I’m still floored by it.

Time ran out and she had to go. We hugged, each knowing that God had linked us together for a reason, then off she went to her next workshop. But I knew there was more. God whispered to my heart again that there was more for me to hear.

The next day during a break, I ran up to my hotel room to get something. I started to head back out but realized I needed one more thing. Then I headed out the door. Standing at the door across the hall stood this dear woman. I kid you not. We laughed, hugged and marveled at how God kept putting us together. She shared a little more and I shared a little about my daughter’s cancer miracles, but then I had to get back to my post. Even as I walked down the hall, I knew there was more and that God would put us together yet again. He’d already linked out hearts together.

But, He wasn’t done…

Dear Friends, that’s enough for today, but please come back Friday for the rest of this story. There’s more to tell, more to hear, I’m not done… ;-)

And I’m looking forward to what God has planned for Lynn and I at Bethel. I know He won’t disappoint. He’s the best divine appointment of all!

Love you!





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My Bible Story

My first Bible. You can see my maiden name in the corner. :-)

On Friday, Lynn shared what God showed her happens when we read our Bibles. When she called me and told me what she’d seen, this stunning image sent me right back to my four year old self. I was just baptized (more like christened or dedicated by sprinkling of water) and loved flipping parchment pages of the Bible I’d been given, yet couldn’t even read.

These are pictures of this Bible I have kept all through the years (friends and family wrote messages in the inside cover and first pages). As a child would spend night after night, turning the pages of this Bible because somehow I knew it was very special (I share this story in my testimony in our books). Even then, I longed to connect with God and knew that book—the Bible—was key. I am so touched that even then, God was pursuing and protecting a little girl who’s life was often filled with chaos and fear.

In this year of intimacy with God, His Word has become life and breath to me, my friends. It has soothed my soul, lifted my spirit from the depths and brought healing to places in my heart I didn’t even realize needed healing. His Word is LIFE!

The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. — John 1:4

Today I study the Scriptures mostly on my iPad Mini as I like to go to several translations to study and get the full meaning, and to study the Greek and Hebrew words as well. I delight in His Word and love to dig out the treasures—His promises.

This precious parchment pages...
I rejoice in your word like one who discovers a great treasure. — Psalm 119:162

I want to share with you that Lynn and I even talked about paper verses digital, and we agree that in today’s day and age it makes sense to use both. We have more resources and ability now to access God’s Word and read and study it than ever before. No longer are we completely dependent on scholars and pastors to bring understanding to God’s Living Word. (Just wanted to clarify that so you didn’t think we contradicted each other. God continues to blow both of us away in how He keeps Lynn and I on the same page. It is a beautiful adventure of faith and friendship! Thank You, Abba Father, for giving such a precious friend and sister to walk this journey with!)


My personal touch as a young teenager. I found a church near the apartments we lived in and walked to it, carrying my little Bible.

This year I’ve become a big fan of journaling. There is something powerful that happens as we study His promises, write them down. then read them again and again. Want to remember Scriptures more? Write them down. Bring God’s Word from the page, to your heart, to your pen and paper, and then notice how it embeds even deeper into your heart, soul, mind and spirit.


And there are times that I use my paper Bibles too. There is something about turning those pages, isn’t there? In fact, I’m hunting for a new “paper” Bible, but can’t settle on a single translation yet. Praying for God to show me my next translation to purchase as I peruse my gifted copy of The Voice, New Testament (a paraphrase by Thomas Nelson).

My friends, I believe what God showed Lynn is about the POWER of His Holy Word to transform us (Romans 12:2) and about His Promises leaping from the page to settle upon us when seek Him and claim them.

By his divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life. We have received all of this by coming to know him, the one who called us to himself by means of his marvelous glory and excellence. And because of his glory and excellence, he has given us great and precious promises. These are the promises that enable you to share his divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires. — 2 Peter1:3-4

His Word holds His promises, therefore as we read, claim and believe them, they become part of us and enable us to share in His diving nature! Wow!

He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. — Psalms 91:4

And His promises arm and protect us!

It’s all right there in His Word, my dear friends, but it’s up to us to use this powerful tool God has given us to guide us in life and faith, to learn and know more and more about our Creator. Want God to change your life? Read the Bible. Ask Holy Spirit to reveal it’s truths and treasures to you. And have a pen ready because you’ll want to write them down.

Read your Bible and let God rock your world!

Day of Atonement

Isaiah 66 2 Day of AtonementSUMites this is a day of fasting. Sunrise to sunset.

Humble and contrite. Humble and contrite. Humble and Contrite.

What does this mean to you today?

Psalm 51:17  My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.

Isaiah 66:2 Has not my hand made all these things, and so they came into being?” declares the Lord. “These are the ones I look on with favor: those who are humble and contrite in spirit, and who tremble at my word.

James 4:10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

There are a multitue of scripture verses on humility, Visit here.

May the Lord blesS you and keep you my friends. Great is our God and great are His mercies, grace and promises. 

Lord, let us be your people who respresent you well. In the name of your Son, Jesus, we pray. Amen


 There is someone who needs to hear this song today. May it change your life. 

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God Spoke. The Angels Sing Over The SUMites!

Isaiah 66 2 Day of AtonementWow Oh Wow… The heavens opened this morning. 

On my walk n pray this morning God just started talking. And talking. And talking…. I was so overwhelmed by all He was sharing that I had to call Dineen while I was on the trail. 

What was He saying? I’m so glad you asked because it was all about you, Sumites. 

I’m going to write out what I heard. 

First I kept hearing over and over, humble and contrite. Humble and contrite. Humble and contrite

Then He explained. 

Lynn, I know you have talked to me a lot about these letters and lists. You have brought the people who wrote them before me. But I want to tell you how I feel about these men and women. 

My heart is moved with joy and great pleasure for these, my children. 

“Why Lord?” 

Because they have given me a sacrifice of great significance. 

“How did we do this, Lord?” 

In your culture today the devil has created a frenzied pace in life. The demands on people’s time and energy are beyond what I ever intended. Culture dictates, a do, do, do mentality and shouts that you are not valuable if not busy and productive every minute of your life. I hate it. 

It is a lie, Lynn. 

But these. These precious children of mine, they have taken time to sit down with me. They talked with me and then handcrafted a letter, a list of their dreams. They made an effort. An effort to stop and think about Me and what we, together might do in this world. Do you know how that thrills my heart? 

As they sat writing out their dreams in their precious and unique handwriting style, they were with me. I was with them. I watched their faces as they wrote the words and formed the sentences. I felt the stirring in their hearts as they dared to bring me into their lives to help them accomplish and see their dreams come to life. 

Lynn, I see this very act of writing these dream lists as I saw the very first sacrifice that was given to me. You know who gave me that precious sacrifice? It was Able. His gift was a gift of love, his first fruits, a willing gift of love. 

These dream lists are so much more to me than words penned on paper; they are a gift of great love. They are a gift from children who love me. They are a message that I have priority. That I am their Lord. That I am loved by them. They are birthed of a humble and contrite heart of which I find great, great pleasure. 

Lynn, today the angels sing! They sing because I have watched this SUMite Nation and I approve. I thrill over all of you. I adore you. I am Your God and Your King. I am your Father who loves you. And Lynn, you know when a Daddy loves His children, do you know what He does? 

“Tell me Papa.” 

He moves heaven and earth to give them the Kingdom.


Good grief SUMites. I have a lump in my throat. 

SUMites, God went on to tell me some other amazing things. He told me that He has something for Dineen at the conference. —Can’t wait to see what that is. 

Then God showed me something. I saw a picture of a Bible open and there was a person reading it. I could only see the hands as the right hand reached up to turn the page. Now this next part astonished me. When the page was turned I saw gold shimmering dust, glory dust, float from the page and onto the person who was reading. 

Again God said to me, “See Lynn, when you spend time with me reading from the Bible, My glory comes upon you.” 

Say what? I was immediately impressed how God takes great pleasure when we simply sit down with a “paper” Bible. Literally gold dust fell on the hands and arms of the reader. 


Approaching The Most Holy Day in God’s calendar tomorrow, I hear a calling to understand what God sees as humble and contrite. So as we fast tomorrow, look up these scriptures in a paper Bible and let His glory dust upon you. Let His great pleasure flow and give the angels even more reasons to sing over the SUmite Nation. 

I love you all so much. I love our God, His Son, Jesus and the Spirit that empowers us and makes us one. 

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Isaiah 66:2 Has not my hand made all these things, and so they came into being?” declares the Lord. “These are the ones I look on with favor: those who are humble and contrite in spirit, and who tremble at my word. 


My friends, God told me that it’s not too late. You can still sit down and handwrite your dream list. You can still mail it to me if you want to but it’s not about getting it to me. This is a sacrifice of love that is between you and our Papa. Make time to dream with Him. You won’t regret it.