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God’s Moving the Millers! (Part 2)

On Saturday I shared the news of our impending "kind of" move. Before I continue this story, let me be clear that this is a geogrpahical move and in no way is moving me away from this beatuful, precious, amazing, outrageously loved by God community. In fact, I look forward to sharing more about our family antics in Florida with you, my dear SUMite family. Now, for the rest of the story...

MoveMapIn April of this year, my husband flew back to Florida to surprise his parents for their 50th wedding anniversary (can I get a hallelujah for 50 years!). When he returned he surprise me with the news that it looked like we might be able to rent his cousin’s house in Florida, thus giving us time to decide where we wanted to buy or build. Seemed like a long shot, but it might work out.

By Easter weekend, all the pieces fell into place so fast that I about fell over, stunned again. Things continued to fall into place, and now it’s actually going to happen, in five weeks.

I will say the way this move would look has shifted and changed as those details fell into place. Like my daughter Leslie deciding she wanted to stay in San Jose since all the pieces of her life had come into place with her job, her studies and the great guy she’s dating. Time to really let go of my baby girl…

So what’s the “kind of” part? We’re going to be “bi-coastal dwellers,” spending our time living in both San Jose and Sarasota. Again, not what I expected but what God has put into place. And He has affirmed this over and over again, my friends, even in a dream. Something new is waiting for us in Sarasota and God is continually reminding me to let go and trust Him. I can only tell you that it will not only be significant in the natural realm as we are reunited with family and are blessed with more time with our parents, but it will also be significant some way in spiritual realm. I will keep you posted.

What have I learned so far through this journey?

  • God’s timing is completely His. Just because we get a word that this something is going to happen or change, that doesn’t mean it will be immediate. Sometimes it is, but more often than not the first purpose of the word we receive is to bring us into partnership with God for the preparation to come in order to bring this shift into place.
  • God is faithful. He does what He says He will do. Period.
  • Waiting can be difficult, but it’s worth the cost when it comes to walking fully in our divine destiny.
  • Trust God so much that you’re willing to release your own expectations in order to wait expectantly for Him to move! (Psalm 37:7) Without fail, I find His ways often exceed what I had expected and I never want my expectations to limit Him.
  • Dare to believe in the “more.” I confess this is where I still struggle. Sometime our disappointments become the backdrop we measure by, which ultimately diminishes our hope bit by bit. I don’t have a clear answer for this one yet except that I cling to God everyday and the truth of what His Word says. His promises will not fail.

And as I know this precious community’s heart, I am thanking you now for your prayers, because I know you will be praying for me and my family. It will be an adventure full of challenging adjustments (especially driving cross country with two dogs several times a year!). So, thank you, my friends, from the depths of my heart to yours for your care and prayers.

As a new dream is giving birth in my heart, I’m expecting God to MOVE in amazing ways and trying not to have expectations of what that will look like. Or to be afraid of it. 

But I am hoping…I am hoping...

Love you all so much!


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