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MoveMapMy friends, in just five weeks my hubby and I will be moving to Florida. Kind of…

Let me take you to the beginning of this story, where this all began—Christmas 2010. We’d driven to Florida to spend Christmas with our family there that year. One day I was at my mother’s with my daughter Leslie and the subject of moving back (to Sarasota, Florida) came up again. Mike and I moved away back in 1990 when our oldest daughter Rachel was a baby and we haven’t been back except for visits here and there.

I missed my mom, for sure, and missed Mike’s family as much too, so this was already the desire of my heart. Yet I knew Mike wanted to stay in Silicon Valley and didn’t want to live in Florida again. He’d told me that in the past.

So I said, let’s pray about it. My mother agreed and then I did something I’d never done before. I said let’s pray about it now. We joined hands and prayed for God to change Mike’s heart about moving back to Florida. That was the first time I’d prayed with mother like that, so I knew at the very least, God had moved in a special way there.

Three days later and still in Florida, Mike and I ran a quick errand, just the two of us. He had said he wanted to have a little alone time, but he seemed lost in thought. I just enjoyed the ride, figuring we’d talk eventually. Then he said he wanted to ask me something.

“Okay.” I haven’t a clue what this might be, but life is never dull with this guy of mine.

“How would you feel about moving back to Florida?”

Stunned…I’m absolutely stunned. I try to speak but only stuttering noises are coming out of my mouth. I’m trying to say I’m all for it, but I’m so shocked at how fast God had moved and that God had MOVED. You know what I mean?

But the story doesn’t end there. Each year, for the next three years, we tried to move to Florida. And each year it fell through. Financial reasons, family complications. A wedding… No matter what we did, things would come up or happen that would make it impossible.

Our affirmative statements of “we’re moving back” began to sound more like “we hope to move back.” By the end of 2013 I’d begun to wonder if I’d misunderstood God and began to embrace the idea of staying in San Jose for good. After all, I was more plugged into my church than ever and other things here just seemed to be falling into place—here...

My friends, I will share the rest of this story on Wednesday and what I have learned through this process—key points I now am learning to apply to my daily walk with Jesus. I'm excited to share those with you too!

And I will explain what I mean by kind of...

Love you dearly!



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Lynn has wonderfully mapped out the steps we all need to walk through to develop and grow this vital relationship with Him. This was the Lord’s intent for her transformation journey all along, and His intent for you too. Here she has spelled out the spiritual truths behind the principles and talked us through how she applied them. These truths are universally applicable to us all, though as the details of our lives, situations and hearts will be different, we will apply them differently. - Reader Review from Barnes & Noble.

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