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My friends, I want to share a comment from one of our SUMite sisters. Heather Passuello has been a long time reader here at SUM and when she first landed on our site, she was unsure of what life held for her and her marriage, let alone what God might have in mind for her. 

We have watched her grow in her faith in and love for Jesus, and now she is blooming like a prized rose of rarest varieties. I'm astounded, blessed and beyond "tickled" to see her walk this path. Heather's journey is so encouraging, because she has endured through much difficulty and many set-backs. Somehow she knew God wouldn't give up on her, so she couldn't give up on Him. That's my take anyway. 

Heather left this beautiful comment on my post last week about God's Preparation: The Cross:

Heather with her daughter.

Yes, I NEED and WANT to live in FRONT of the cross! As I was reading this a couple thoughts went through my head. 1. I am not the most intelligent person nor do I really want to be, but when I say something profound, that really is all Jesus. I could never come up with stuff like that on my own. 2. I was born for this. For serving Jesus. I have gone to college for something I wasn't even interested in because I didn't know what I wanted to to. The only thing that has ever made sense was Jesus. I love him more than I realize and that should be my focus. Listening to Him guiding my path, even when it's scary or I stand alone. I am a disciple and I am grateful for His death and love for me. Wow. My heart is wide open.

Lord Jesus, draw me into closer relationship with you so that whatever flows in me will flow right back out. I don't want a single flame in my heart, but a wildfire that cannot be contained. Help me to realize the love that you have for me so that I can love others as you do. I repent of selfishness, gossip, ill thoughts of others, and even pride. Remove these things from me so that I can be fully effective for you. I thank you Lord Jesus and I praise your name! I am NOT ashamed of you or the cross! In Jesus precious and powerful name I pray, Amen.

I love this community and regardless of where you are in your marriage, Jesus loves you and your spouse. He is and will always be the ONLY constant in your life so cling to that with EVERYTHING you have. Don't let go and don't give up.

Thank you, Heather, for sharing your life and your heart with us. You are and will be an inspiration to many. 

My friends, many of you have "bloomed" and inspired us here at SUM. I want to affirm each of you for enduring, persevering and clinging to Jesus even in the toughest times. Know that He sees your faithfulness and will return that ten-fold. I believe that. I believe our faithfulness to Him and to our marriage covenants gives Abba great delight.

And if you're sitting there thinking this doesn't apply to you, because your life is a mess, let me be a voice that points to the truth. If you are here reading and looking for answers, if you are reading your Bible searching for truth, if you are praying and calling out to our Most High God to know Him and  ask for what you need, then you are on this path of seeking. You are looking for the "more" and that delights God even more. Trust Him with all your heart (even the broken and hurting parts), don't keep trying to figure it all out on your own (even when you are desperate for answers), keep seeking Him in everything and He will lead you and keep you safe and on track (Proverbs 3:5-6).

So today, I want to celebrate each of you, my SUMite sisters and brothers, and cheer each of you on. 

Love you all dearly with the love of Jesus,

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