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Lord, Do It Again!

Psalms91-4Last week I shared a Word of Encouragement that God impressed upon me about how He’s about to turn things around. Today I want to add a little more to that message—something else God showed me this last week, but first I want to share a powerful tool.

This last week I’ve noticed Psalm 91 showing up a lot. I’m not sure why, but I know this Psalm is important right now. Read the whole thing and pray it over yourself and your family. Put your name and your loved ones’ names in verses 14-16 and claim God’s promises of protection and salvation. Here’s how I do it:

The LORD says, “I will rescue Dineen who loves me. I will protect her because she trusts in my name. When she calls on me, I will answer her; I will be with her in trouble. I will rescue and honor her. I will reward her with a long life and give her my salvation.


This Psalm is powerful through and through and is full of God’s promises. This verse in particular is one I hold dear:

He will cover you with his feathers.
He will shelter you with his wings.
His faithful promises are your armor and protection. — Psalms 91:4

I know we say it a lot here, but I’ll say it again. God is faithful! He really and truly is. And I have learned these last few months that His promises truly are our armor and protection. Thus it’s important that we know them and to know them means reading the Bible and asking the Holy Spirit to show them to us.

Now for the rest of that Word of Encouragement. As I read the book of John last week, the Holy Spirit stopped me at this verse:

I tell you the truth, you will weep and mourn over what is going to happen to me, but the world will rejoice. You will grieve, but your grief will suddenly turn to wonderful joy. — John 16:20

Jesus was preparing (see? there’s that preparation thing again…) the disciples for His death AND was giving them a promise—that their grief would turn to wonderful joy.

He was telling the disciples He was about to turn things around! He did it then, and He’ll do it now.

My friends, as I read this, my heart soared and this is what started going through my mind:

Do it again, Lord! Do it again!

So, my dear friends, join me in praying:

LORD, DO IT AGAIN! Turn things around as You have done before so many times and have said You will do. You are the God of endless possibilities. We love You, Lord, and we put our trust in You, because You are our God.* In Jesus’ mighty name, amen!

Pressing in to Jesus,
*Psalm 31:14

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