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Good morning SUMites: 

I have a few things to share today.  

Girls beads
Girls are preparing beaded bracelets as an outreach tool.

First, I hope you were able to read the posts by Olga this past week. The Lord has lit Olga’s heart on fire and she and some of her friends were inspired by our Walmart Prayer Day so Tomorrow, Sunday, they are having a prayer day as well. 

Olga emailed me and wrote: I feel that the will of God was for us to go to the children's festival instead anyways on July 27th. We have a good group of friends fired up to go out on the 27th to give out tracts, new testaments, kids tracts, candy, pray for people and share the name of Jesus.

God bless,



So please pray for her event. I’m hopeful she will have photos and we will share them here.Links to her articles:

Abijah - Godly Mother of Hezekiah (Part 1)
Abijah - Godly Mother of Hezekiah (Part 2)

Walmart Prayer Day Video for any who missed it:

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Have a great weekend and I will see you Monday where we return to our Summer Bible Study: Line by Line, Precept Upon Precept, Unequally Yoked.

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