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Reader Question: My Friends Want To Save My Husband

Subject: What to do when your friends want to save your husband

Dear Lynn:

I have an interesting concern; one I have yet to hear about in the comments and posts throughout the SUM Nation community. 

I have a community of Christian friends who are "Jesus with skin on." These women (and men) have taken a particular interest in my husband’s unbelief.  Several times they have said to me "I invited so and so from my church to such and such event so they might have an influence on your husband." Or "I have taken Robert (my husband’s name) on as my personal salvation project." I wonder how I, as Roberts wife, have never thought of him as "my personal salvation project." 

I don't purposefully invite Christians into my home just so they might have an impact on Robert.  I am very much alright with handing Robert to God.  In fact, several times God has told me to "let go." (I have interpreted this to mean God has Robert...He has everything taken care of).  My goal right now is learning how to thrive in our mismatched marriage.  I am practicing powerful prayer and fully trusting God to help me respect Robert, and to keep my eyes focused on Jesus when they want to focus on something else.  

I am concerned for my friends and don't know what to say when the tell me these things without sounding condescending.  

Words of advice? Have you been in a similar situation? 

I appreciate my friends concerns and love, love their prayers and sweet spirits.  I just want them to know that, as with everything, God has it taken care of! If I can let go, why can't they? 

Your loving friend and fellow SUM, 


Answer: Lynn 

Hi Stacey, 

Let me tell you that I KNOW exactly how you feel. I think you have exactly the right perspective and are living out what God has asked you to in your marriage. Often well-meaning Christian friends say and do stupid stuff. It's hurtful and they truly don't understand what we are living through. It's difficult to tell them not to take your husband on as a personal salvation project. They won't understand. What you should do is pray that God let's those kinds of words just roll off your back and not become offended. 

I think it's beautiful how you are protective of your husband and how you are sold-out believing God's promises for him. Wow.... Girl, you are way ahead in this crazy journey. 

Pray for wisdom from the Lord to know how and when to talk with your friends. Ask God to open doors for conversation to talk with your friends about how their intentions are good yet sometimes not always helpful. Keep praying and praying for your husband. Mostly Stacey, you just press into the love of our Father. He has you in the very palm of your hand. Love you my friend. BIG hugs... (and well done girl) Lynn

I'm so glad you are part of our amazing community. Love you my friend. 

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