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Children At Recess Saving 10-Year-Olds - A MUST READ

My friends, Lynn here. It's been a crazy few days. I will pick up on our Joshua and The Walls story on Monday. But today I have an exciting, amazing story.

I'm about to share a story with you that is another Holy Mind-blow. Some of you may recognize Olga a sister SUMite. She contributed to our book, Not Alone. Olga, found SUM in the very darkest days of living in the Ukraine and in a horrendous and abusive marriage. 

Olga found healing and moved to Canada a year or so ago.

Olga and her daughter have been through much but they are now experiencing the love of the Father. And this story is THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER READ... Jesus to you we give all honor, praise, glory and thanks. AMEN 

Hi there Lynn and Dineen, 

I felt I needed to write you a note just sharing about what God's been doing in our lives. I am reading all of the posts and stories you share and I am always encouraged and feel very connected. May God continue to bless you and anoint your ministry as you are walking in obedience and conquering the promise land:-) 

My biggest blessing this year has been to watch my 10 year old daughter grow in her faith. As I mentioned in my previous emails, I am very close friends with another lady who is a widow and she raises 3 kids. So we always encourage each other that our kid’s Heavenly Father is more real to them and more close to them and reveals Himself to our kids in very special ways. So both our daughters are in grade 4. 

During March break we went to see the Son of God movie with them. Seeing the crucifixion and the beatings and the pain of Jesus, my daughter was weeping and sobbing and I had to take her out of the movie theater. But she did not want to stay outside, even though she was weeping, she wanted to go back in and watch the rest of the movie. I felt very touched and worried for her, but at the same time I felt God was telling me, "its ok, I am taking care of her". So I hugged her and held her head as we watched the rest of the movie and kept sobbing.

Few weeks later she asked me in a car, "Mom, when Mary saw an angel, was she supposed to tell anyone or not?", I said, "Well, sometimes, God gives us messages that he wants us to share with other people, and sometimes it's just for ourselves. Why are you asking?" So she replied, "The night after we saw the Son of God movie, I saw a big man in white. He told me to go tell the people about God" I was so shocked and in awe and almost in tears how our Heavenly Father does indeed reveal Himself to her, even though her earthly dad is who knows where...Not only that, but God seems to have a very special mission for her too. 

I shared with my widow friend and she has many amazing stories to share too. Her daughter has prayed for healing and received it, has prayed spiritual warfare prayers and God has won and was praying for the salvation of one girl in her glass for over a year and has been weeping for her as she did not want the girl to go into the fiery lake... 

Oh well... Neither does the Lord want the girl to go into the fiery lake:-) as we found out later, the girl's step dad had been reading the New Testament to the girl, and I bet he was praying for her too. So few days pass and our daughters come home with the great news, "Ally has accepted Jesus!" They lead her to Christ at school:-) During recess...can you imagine? 10 year olds:-) 

This is not the end of the story yet...The next day, they come home, and say Daniella has accepted Jesus...And the following day, their faces are glowing and you should see their holy grins, "Haley has accepted Jesus!" 

My friend and I are in awe and so blessed:-) I am curious too, I ask my daughter, "How do you do that? What do you say?" She said, "It's simple: you ask them "Are you a Christian?" - "No" - "Do you want to become one?" - "Yes" - "Ok, meet me at recess!"  and then "Repeat after me!" and you pray with them.

WOW. God has used them to save 3 girls in 3 days. I sent them little Bibles and we have been praying for them each night with my daughter. 

I can't even begin to comprehend God's faithfulness to us, and I do not complain, being a single mom, having Him as my husband and my daughter's father has been an amazing journey day after day. To Him be the glory. 

I have also been asked to consider leading a BSF group in our area. I am in prayer about it and very excited. 

So that's it. Praise the Lord. Love you much! 


Isaiah 11 6
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