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A Tribute To Rosheeda Lee

One year ago today our beloved, Rosheeda Lee passed on to glory. Ro was a Pillar of this community and we all love and miss her so much. (Visit her Legacy Page her on SUM)

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comRecently I received an email from one of our SUMite members, Sonya. (Ro named us the SUMites). It's a beautiful and encouraging word from Ro's heart. Today let's honor her memory. I know, without doubt, Ro is on the edge of her chair in glory. She is cheering for us, praying over us, loving on us. She will be one of the first to meet us at the gates when we cross over.  (I love you Rosheeda Lee, Hugs, Lynn)

SUMites Sonya:

Sonya has been part of our community for a long time and several years ago she when through hell. She has held the very hand of God through it and we have loved on her and her girls. During that time Rosheeda Lee reached out to Sonya. 

Recently Sonya shared with me an old email from January 2011. It will encourage us all. Thank you Sonya for offering this love to Rosheeda. So today on the anniversary of Rosheeda Lee, one of our writers and one of the most beautiful daughters of God, we share her great words of love and wisdom. 

Rosheeda Lee:

Job was righteous and the Lord allowed him to be tested by allowing satan to attack each area of His life. The Lord DOES allow bad things to happen in the lives of those who love Him and truly do follow Him 1) to grow that person 2) to grow others and 3) to mature us spiritually and naturally. Job is the perfect place to be. It answers your question completely. 

Lucifer had to petition the Lord to attack Job; he wasn’t free to simply go out find somebody and tear their life to shreds. God decided who, when, how much and for how long. And He decided when it was done. God's decision to allow Job's testing was rooted in His sovereignty and His plan for Job's life, not sent because Job had somehow failed and needed to be punished (which is the implication made by Job's friends and the people who have spoken to you). God simply knew what Job did not: no matter what, Job would stand and allow the full glory of God to be seen in His life. What we go through is most times not really about us at all but about what God wants to do through us FOR others... 

Whatever God allows in our lives, He allows for His ultimate glory and our good - and that process is most often not easy. His word says that we will face trials of many kinds but to let perseverance have its perfect work in us so that we will lack in no good thing. The pain is to build, not to destroy. 

I will be praying for you and will give you any verses God lays on my heart for your situation. 


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