It's About A Wedding. It's About Covenant
Two Powerful and Practical Words To Thrive In A Spiritual Mismatch

Weekend Worship

Hey Gang,

So our Dineen had a reaction yesterday to some medication and ended up in the ER. She is fine now. Just really, really tired. So, I'm filling in the gap today.

I want to share a really quick story with you. My daughter, Caitie, who is attending BIOLA University, a Christian college in LA, is this week at the university they are having Missionary Week. The students hear from many different missions and missionaries.

One speaker in particular stood out to my daughter. Not because of her mission but because of a single sentence. 

"Mom, she said that comparison steals our joy."

"Caitie, that is absolutely right. Comparison, competition and condemnation.They are the deadly. Three- C's in women's lives."

So True! 

Have an amazing weekend my friends. This weekend the Donovan Clan is celebrating our 22 year wedding anniversary and our little Elise-e-bears first birthday. Woo. Hoo.

Love you my friends. Spend time in worship and don't let the devil steal your joy today. Hugs, Lynn


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