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Standing on God’s Promises

STA_0993My friends as I sit here and write this post, my family and I are facing some pretty tall mountains. If you read the blog Saturday, you know I wound up in the ER Friday morning due to a bad reaction to a medication (thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement!). I’m grateful to be okay, but still face this challenge to find what my body needs to get back in balance.

And what I haven’t shared as of yet is that Tuesday afternoon we will see a cardiologist to get a better picture of what is going on with my youngest daughter’s heart. I share this because so many of you prayed for us when Leslie was diagnosed with a cancer in 2008. As of last month she has been cancer free for five years, praise God! So now I’m trusting Abba again with this new challenge in her health.

Sometimes the mountains in front of us can seem so large, insurmountable and impossible to climb over. Our challenges in our mismatched marriage may seem impossible to overcome (or even endless), especially when we’ve been praying and waiting for God’s promises to come for a long time. Or we fret and worry about raising our children to know Jesus in our mismatch along with a world that seems to come against us at every angle.

The thing about mountains is we see only the uphill climb we face, but we know there is another side that will take us back down to safety, normal, or whatever we are praying and hoping for. Yet God sees the whole thing. He knows the best route for us to overcome (as we are designed to be overcomers!) and He is constantly by our side to lead the way. And His promises are like that mountain. We may not see them yet. but they’re there. We can walk in that truth and believe itI know that may be hard at times to believe, because we get caught up in whether or not we feel it. But I’m learning that it’s not about whether we feel it, but whether we believe God. Two things Jesus says so often are “I tell you the truth” and “believe.”

It’s about trusting Jesus and believing His promises even when we can’t make sense of it all. In fact, the Word even tells us not to lean on our own understanding but to trust God instead. And it’s okay to have doubts. It’s what we do with them that matters. When we bring them to Jesus He is quick to respond in whatever way we need. I will share an example of how this happened a couple weeks ago.

I was walking my dog and praying to Abba about all the challenges that seem to have cropped up all at once and crying out to Him to help me understand. My nature is to analyze—even to over analyze—to find the reason and then identify a solution. There must be a solution somewhere, right? An action to take and fix it?

So far my answers had come in a simple, “Trust Me.” But I was desperate for more this particular day. I continued down a sidewalk I’d walked on hundreds of times and no longer noticed the nuances and words left in the cement from years past.

As I walked and cried out to Jesus for answers and reassurances, I heard Him again but a little more this time.

“This will end soon. I promise.”

And as I heard His those last two words, I looked down where I stood and in the cement were the words, “I promise.” (I took this picture of it and taped a copy of it in my journal.)


Even when we don’t have all the answers, when we don’t understand the whys, when we can’t see the solutions, God’s promises stand stronger and taller than those mountains we face. And I’m learning what we feel (doubt, discouragement, etc.) does not diminish His promises either. Or His love and favor for us. They stand no matter what because that is who our God is.

So when you are struggling to find answers, ask Abba for His promises instead. Reach for your Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to show them to you. There are so many about His love for us, His heart for us, His care for us. I’ve been filling the pages of my journal with the ones that speak to me each day and to go back and read them reaffirms each truth and plants them deep in my spirit.

Mountains come and go, but God promises stand forever.

Love you dearly, my friends!

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