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I Faced a Pack of Dogs and God Showed Up!

Our pursuit of God is the key to thriving in our marriage, our home, and in life. Join me today for a most unusual adventure and I pray the words ignite within you a fresh fire for more of God. 

3dogssittingThis is a crazy story.. I seem to have a lot of these lately and it occurs to me that at the core of the lessons is one word. Courage

I shared with you on Friday that I walk-n-pray every morning. I walk out in the wine country on a big loop that covers almost four miles. I pass by pastures, fields, ranch homes. I will stop to pet the horses, take photos of tiny delights God’s sends my way, receive mylar balloons that often are left by the Lord. (I have many mylar balloon encounters in the wilderness. But again, stories for another day.) 

But on Wednesday of this past week I was out on the road enjoying a brisk pace as I topped the big hill in the circle and started down the other side. And as I looked down the road I spied them….. 

Four dogs. Ugh! 

Now these particular dogs are not confined behind fences like all the other dogs in the area. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know the reason. On this morning the dogs are positioned on the road at the entrance to the long driveway to the house. Most of the time when I pass by, the dogs are nowhere to be seen. They are either up at the house or sleeping somewhere else but on occasion they contend for ownership of the road and are prepared to take on any passersby. 

Gulp… That would be me. 

I’ve walked by this motley pack before and have endured with a pounding heart of fear as they growled, barked, chased me and came way too close to nipping at my heels. But thankfully I’ve got my Moses Stick aka PVC pipe in hand giving me courage and I escape without incident with the exception of raised blood pressure and a thumping pulse. 

Well on Wednesday I stop dead in my tracks. I don’t want to turn back because the best part of the trail is ahead of me and I’m determined to finish my loop. So what is a girl of God to do? I pray. “Lord, I ask you to move these dogs of the road so I may pass. Father, please send angels to distract these dogs and have them return up the driveway to their home. Lord, I ask you to move these dogs from the road ahead that I may pass.” 

I literally stand frozen in place praying for 15 minutes like this. Now I’ve prayed like this before and low and behold, an owner at the house will make a noise or call the dogs and they take off. However, NOT TODAY. 

No. Today, not only do the dogs not leave, two of them lay down smack in the middle of the road as if to say, “We aren’t leaving!” I kid you not. For 15 minutes I’m having a stare down with these dogs as I pray. 

Now at this point in the story you may wonder why I didn’t just give up and turn around. Well I’m wondering the same thing but I’m compelled to move forward because the best part of the walk is FORWARD not back (so like our faith walk). So, I decide to take a step forward. And then another. And I begin to walk straight for the pack that is blocking the entire road. I’m fully expecting a barrage of barking and heart pounding and Moses stick waving to ensue with every step. 

I approach. 

They watch. 

I keep a close watch. 

They keep a close watch. 

We eye-ball each other as I’m almost upon them. And somewhere inside me I decide to talk to these mongrels, “Well, good morning. God bless you. Have a good morning. God bless you.” 

I walk right past the first dog, then the next and the next. 


No barking, no growling, they didn’t even get up from the pavement as I passed them. 

They didn’t move and I walked by the entire bunch. I gained distance on down the road and it was then that the voice of God became impressed upon my mind. “Lynn, I AM always with you. I hear your prayers but I don’t always answer as you would want or as you are expecting. I want you to understand that there are times that you must take that first step of faith. The one tiny step of faith that activates your faith and releases my provision.” 

My friends, I can’t being to understand all the ways of God but this is Joshua Chapter 3 in a modern day setting. Remember with me, the Israelites encountered the power of God and His provision through the Exodus miracles, the parting of the Red Sea, Manna, and a multitude of other supernatural experiences while in the wilderness. But now it was time for the people to cross over into the Promised Land. And on this day in Joshua 3 the people must take a step of faith “before” the miracle. 

The Israelites packed up and left camp. The priests carrying the chest walked in front, 15 until they came to the Jordan River. The water in the river had risen over its banks, as it often does in springtime.But as soon as the feet of the priests touched the water, 16-17 the river stopped flowing, and the water started piling up at the town of Adam near Zarethan. No water flowed toward the Dead Sea, and the priests stood in the middle of the dry riverbed near Jericho while everyone else crossed over. 

Today I experienced that scary but astonishing moment when I watched God calm the beasts around me a make a safe passage for me when I took the first step.

Who knew? It’s wasn’t a river but a bunch of dogs. 

What are you praying for? Could God be waiting for you to take the first step of faith?


Have an amazing week and I hope all of you can get out for a walk this week – minus the pack of dogs. Love and hugs, Lynn

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