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IStock_000000221558SmallHappy Wednesday, SUMites! It's so good to be back! Special thanks again to Teresa T. for her amazing posts and all she shared with us.

I have a story for you today, one that happened while Lynn and I were at the prophetic conference the end of January. I've been looking forward to telling you about this one, because it was a huge moment in my faith journey.

It was Friday evening and the last speaker was Chuck Pierce. This was the first time I'd heard the man I'd heard much about speak and I was not disappointed. He spoke with great authority and power, using Scripture constantly. But what stood (and still stands out) was the call for an offering at the end of this speech. I can't even remember what the cause was, but I know it was something I wanted to help with and had something to do with children.

I pulled out my wallet and bit my lip. I had brought enough cash for food for the week and had come with the understanding that I could buy any books. Not an easy feat! I estimated quickly what I would need for the last couple days of my trip and pulled out the three one dollar bills. I would do what I could...

But as I listened to Chuck Pierce speak about trusting God and that this was what he believed to be a pivotal time to walk in that trust, I thought about the dollar bills clutched in my hand. We'd heard stories all week about how God had not only provided but even exceeded expectation. Kris Vallotton shared one story of how he gave the last $200 he had to feed his family that week to a couple who needed rent money. Later that day a man walked in his office and put $200 on his desk and explained that God told him to bring it to Kris. Wow!

I knew in my heart, I wanted to experience that kind of faith, but more importantly, I didn't want to look back at this moment and wonder if I had trusted God or myself. I didn't want any regrets. I snatched my wallet back out and exchanged the ones for a twenty, reasoning I could do without a meal or just make do with a snack. Not a problem. I would trust God. When the bucket came around, I dropped that twenty in and enjoyed a sense of peace and confidence that I'd stepped out in faith and Abba would take care of the rest.

The next morning we listened to Che Ahn. He shared amazing stories of how God provided for him, his family and the beginnings of this powerhouse of a church (HRock). He shared one of the books he wrote about breaking the spirit of poverty off of your family and I so wanted to know more. This man even generously offered it as a gift we couldn't afford to buy it.

When we came back from our lunch break I heard that Che Ahn had put many books out as gifts for attendees. I rushed over but the book I wanted wasn't there. A woman at the table said they still had it in audio book on the other table. I told her I couldn't spend the money right now and had only what I needed for meals.

I walked back toward the sanctuary. Before I got inside I felt a hand on my arm. I turned around. The woman I just spoken to smiled at me and pressed money into my hand. She said she felt she was supposed to bless me with this. I looked down and it was a twenty dollar bill!

I burst into tears. Here I held proof of God's provision. But it spoke even louder to my hungry heart of Abba's great love for me. And later that day, I this verse was specifically spoken over and to me:

And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. — Philippians 4:19

My friends, you know what's so amazing in addition to these amazing ways God wants to work in our lives? The meaning behind His Holy Word. Just a week ago I was studying the names of Jesus and started with "Almighty, with a reference to a Scripture in Revelations.

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “ who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” — Revelation 1:8

The word "Almighty" comes from two Greek words. The first part (Al-) is "pas" and is the same exact word used in Phil 4:19 for "all."

In other words, all means ALL in the Bible (the list of definitions alone is extensive and all encompassing) and connects to our Almighty, Jesus. That's huge!

So today, my friends, I want you to think about what ALL means for you. Speak to your Abba about your needs and ask Him to help you trust Him at a new level for whatever that need may be—financially, like mine was, or anything else that is burdening you.

As you pray, consider writing it down in a journal and dating it, and write down whatever you feel Abba impresses upon you. He keeps His word and His Word says He will supply ALL our needs according to His riches (love for us), not our limited expectations or humanly defined supply of possibilities.

That is Good News indeed! Love you dearly, my friends!

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