God Has Heard Our Prayers For Our Spouse
NOW... That's a GOOD Word!

Trade in Your Yoke

My friends, as Lynn shared on Monday, Abba so overwhelmed us that last day at the conference. For the spiritually mismatched to be called out and recognized in this way was deeply humbling and amazing! It brought me to tears as my heart burst for all of us here. And to be prayed for like this, ALL of us, was as if the very heavens had opened up and Jesus' light shined on every one of us.

After Stacey's prayer and another man began to pray over us and he spoke of Jesus' yoke. I heard his words, but it was Jesus' heart that spoke the loudest in my mind at that moment. This is what I heard:

"It is time for you to exchange your unequal yoke for My yoke."

Then on Monday morning, I spent a long time in prayer with my journal open and my pen in hand, seeking Jesus for more understanding of what He wanted us to know and understand. I asked Him to share His heart. This is what I heard:

"The time for striving in prayers is over. Now is the time to rest in trust in Me. I have heard every prayer and seen every tear. Trust Me. Rest in My unending love that extends not just to you but to your spouse too. Just as I have held you in My hand, I hold them as well. Trust, trust, trust Me. Now more than ever."

SUMites, I asked The Lord to help me understand what He meant about the striving in prayers to be over. Did He mean to stop praying? And what I got was this strong sense that it was now time to believe what we have asked. We are to speak it as truth over our pre-believers.

Then I went to that verse that we have all heard so many times about Jesus' yoke:

"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." —Matthew 11:29-30

I knew "rest" was a key word here between what I'd heard and this verse so I compared the Greek words used in other places for "rest" and discovered the one used in Matthew is different than the others. This one means to give rest, give intermission from labor, refresh."

Dear friends, I was so blown away at how all the pieces of this fell together. And based upon some of your comments on Monday's post, I believe many of you are hearing the same thing from our great King.

The other key word in this Scripture is learn. So don't worry that you don't quite understand what Jesus is asking us to do. He will teach us. That is His intention here, to teach us about His yoke, but first we have to give Him our unequal yokes.

So do this as a symbolic gesture and pray in your own words something like this:

Jesus, today I am handing you my unequal yoke and all my broken expectations and tears as a result of it. And in it's place, I take your yoke and wear it proudly. Teach me what all this means and show me how to walk forward in my marriage from this day forward NOT as someone who is unequally yoked, but as someone who is EQUALLY YOKED with YOU. In Your Powerful and Mighty Name, Jesus, amen.

I am so excited to see what the future—the near future—holds for all of us, my dear friends. We are on a mighty journey together.

Love you!

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