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God Has Heard Our Prayers For Our Spouse

Hello My SUM Family, 

I’m overwhelmed with all that happened at the conference. But specifically overwhelmed that God saw all of us, the Unequally Yoked. And on Saturday God burdened the heart of one of the speakers, Stacey Campbell. She prayed for all of us and she laid hands on me specifically and prophesied over me. Her prayer was a prophetic prayer for us as a whole and me personally. 

Below I’m sharing the words she spoke for us. She asked all of us who were married to unbelievers to stand and then the Lord spoke through her to us. 

So please receive this prayer with an anointing of love and power behind the words because God is moving in our SUMite Nation. We have so much to share about that in the weeks ahead. But for now, listen with your heart and be loved by our Father. Hugs, Lynn 

Stacey Campbell February 1, 2014 

I would like to start by praying for wives and husbands who have spouses who aren’t saved yet. My heart is just broken for you. So if there is any you are praying for an unbelieving spouse could you stand please. 

Lord, I just want to pray for all of these believers who are waiting… waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting,  Lord, for the promises of God to be fulfilled. And praying in faith. And I just hear the Lord say that what you’ve sewn in tears… I see tears… tears, tears, tears. Many tears and in silence. And in silence.

I feel like you have born this pain in very, very much silence. Because you hit a point where you knew that actions had to speak louder than your words. Like the unbelieving spouse would be won without a word and God began to give you that revelation. 

And so many times it’s just been agony, agony, agony, piercing agony for you. Just like Mary. Mary’s heart was pierced when she saw Jesus. I feel like your heart is often pierced, but you’ve kept believing. 

And the Lord wants you to know that there is a turning coming that there are circumstances that the Lord is working behind the scenes in your husband’s life, that there is a turning coming. And I feel like the Lord says, “It won’t’ be long. It won’t be long. IT WON’T BE LONG. Don’t be weary in well doing because it won’t be long. Those prayers are ascending and what you’ve sewn in tears you will reap with joy. And it will bless you and it will bless your children.” 

Lord, we just thank you for what you are doing. In Jesus name.


I wept.

We are heard by God, my friends. In every way I felt this week God said, “I hear you. I see you. I love you.” 

I have so much more to share with you. I love you deeply, with a holy and compassionate love, my friends. Lynn

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