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A Feast During Our Fast

Prayer & Fasting - A Day of Reflection

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FastingstartDid you start the fast today? I usually find that day one or two is the most difficult. If you forgot about it over the weekend, I invite you to join us starting tomorrow. Read more about our SUMite community fast here.

The beginning of the year and the beginning of our week-long fast is a good time for some reflection. Think and consider where you are. 

This time of reflection will take you deeper into My plans and purposes for you and will reveal the places where you got off course.  You will see yourself more clearly in relationship to Me and your level of dedication in establishing My kingdom in your place on the earth.  You can now make decisions that will have far-reaching consequences, says the Lord.   

Proverbs 27:19 As in water face reflects face, so a man's heart reveals the man. 

  • Ponder an aspect of God. What is one specific characteristic of Him that you love? How do you experience Him in your life? To have a relationship with Him, we have to get to know Him personally. Pause and spend some time thinking about and praising Him. Go beyond “God is great.” How specifically is He great?
  • Ponder an aspect of yourself. Is there a strength that you would like to develop further? Is there a rough edge that you would like to soften? Is there a specific aspect of your life in which you hope God will work? Instead of making a resolution this year, consider choosing one area to concentrate upon in 2014. Choose one single word that you would like to focus upon for the year. Or listen and allow God to reveal His Word for you. When you have your word, make yourself notes and reminders that you will see often. Focus on this word throughout the year. You may be tempted to work on many things, but pray for a single word upon which you can truly focus. Expect mighty changes.
    • To learn more about this approach, I recommend the book, “My One Word: Change Your Life With Just One Word” Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen

While we are reflecting, I thought you would enjoy this short video that highlights of our journey in 2013. 

Turn on the sound.



In the comments below, please share an attribute of God. If you are willing, share an appropriate verse and let us know how you personally experience this attribute.

Also let us know how you are feeling. Was today difficult for you? How did you overcome any challenges?


Lord, you are almighty. We love you. Thank You for revealing yourself to us in Your word and in our lives. We raise our hands in praise and celebrate You. Thanks for adopting us and making us holy. If I have strengths, talents, or experiences that I should use in your service, lead me to do so. If I am holding on to a sinful practice, help me to overcome it. Thank You for your grace and patience with us. As we enter this new  year, let us rededicate ourselves to serving You. Let us share Your love with those around us. Amen.


{Lynn} Thank you Teresa for a great video. Dineen and I were teary-eyed. We love you and we love every SUMite.


{Lynn} On Monday afternoon Pacific Time I will be leading us through a spiritual exercise on our Facebook Page. I have an actual activation I want to release into our community. Please stop in there to be part of that. I expect what we do together will have signifcant impact on our spirit. SUM Facebook.

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