Weekend Worship — The Post I Didn’t Expect to Write
A Letter From Heaven

Take The Key To The Door

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Good Monday morning SUMites, 

It looks like our 2014, fast is gonna be the biggest one yet. Thank you everyone for adding your prayer requests and your “I’m in” comments to my post on Friday. 

***If you know someone who needs to be part of this fast, email them, message them, send fire signals, whatever it takes, right now and invite them to join us. I’m contending that God is positioned to answer prayer like never before. I believe we are going to see the unexpected, the miraculous and we are going to experience His love at a heart level that will change everything. AWESOMENESS!!  So send that email now. *grin* 

Today, I keep hearing the Lord just pound into my head, over and over….. 

Fire falls on sacrifice. 

It’s as if God is on the edge of His throne (seat), crossing His fingers, hoping that we, His children, will just take a step of faith and see if He proves true to His word…. He’s asking us to sacrifice food and in response to our gesture of refraining from food, He will send His Holy fire to bring about the very thing(s) we need most. 

I truly believe this. I am convinced that my week long fast will jettison my faith walk up a level. I’m expecting to hear His voice. I’m expecting to see angels. I’m expecting my healing anointing to grow in power and effectiveness. I’m expecting to be given His heart. That is what I want from this fast. More of Him. 

The fire of “favor” falls on sacrifice. 

So as we move into this time of fasting, I want to share a letter that Judy Gordon Morrow received from the Father. It’s from her book, The Listening Heart. I asked Judy if I could share it with the SUMites. She said, “I would be absolutely honored if you were to use anything you like from The Listening Heart. The book has been God's from the beginning, and I pray it will reach every heart he has in mind.” 

Please read it… All the way through. It’s the key for the door of fasting and prayer. If you take this letter into your heart, you will be ready for what God has prepared for you. 

January 24, 2011 

It’s easier to dismiss Me than to obey Me. Thus, My children are ambivalent about hearing Me. It’s easier not to listen than to pay attention. It’s easier to question if it is Me talking than to be receptive to My voice. For if they should allow themselves to actually hear Me and acknowledge Me, then their hearing of Me would require a response -a response of faith, a response of belief, a response of surrender -each one being a response of obedience. 

It is easier not to listen and instead shroud the beauty of commuting with Me under the clouds of doubt and mystery. To acknowledge Me and My voice requires the next step: obedience. It is easier to ignore Me and claim that My voice can’t really be known. This saddens Me, My child, when all I long to do is to convey My best to My children. 

Yet fear of obedience becomes the very obstacle to their obtaining My best. Instead, they follow their plans and then wonder why things didn’t turn out better. I desire first place, not last- when I am only sought in the midst of an emergency or crisis. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. 

Give Me, your Father, your first fruits, and I will multiply your harvest. The very first fruit is a heart surrendered to Me for My purposes. Every other first follows that one.


If you need some guidance on prayer and fasting, please visit this post from our fasting season last year:

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See you on Friday with a Word that will help launch us into a week of power, love and intimacy. Hugs, Lynn

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