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A RAK Rejection, Opens My Heart

Hi Lynn! 

Kindra RAKI just wanted to share my "God encounter" from today.  I am taking you up on your challenge to perform random acts of kindness during December. I am a teacher at an elementary school.  I decided my first act would be in my school's teacher workroom.  Earlier this week, I taped a baggie containing $1.25 and the following note on the soda machine: "This soda is on me.  Enjoy!"  

The baggie has been there for two days and was still taped to the machine when I left school today.  As I drove home today, I began to think about my co-workers and their unwillingness to embrace this small blessing. It made me sad for them.  As I prayed, God made it clear to me that many of these ladies, most of which are Christians who attend church regularly, are holding back in their relationship with Him.  They have not completely surrendered their lives to the One who can bring them everlasting peace and joy.  There is a great amount of pride, unforgiveness, and even anger that many of them need to deal with. These emotions are keeping them from accepting even the smallest blessing in their lives.   

Today my eyes have been opened a little more too how God must feel when we refuse to accept the blessings He has for us each and every day.  We get caught up in our own selfish emotions.  Over and over we reject Him.  But, God does not give up on us!  He is always loving, always forgiving.  

I pray that my co-workers will come to know the abundance of blessings God has waiting for them each and every day.  As I am feeling a small amount of "rejection" from this experience, I know that God is using this as an opportunity to increase my awareness of the many blessings He has for me each and every day! 

This has not discouraged me.  I will continue to seek out opportunities to be a blessing to others.  I can't wait to see what else God wants to teach me! 

Kindra profile photoOne more thing.  When I get home from school each day, my routine is to read several devotionals and of course check-out the SUM website. ;)  I am attaching a link to a devotional that was waiting for me today.  It reinforced the exact things God was telling me as I drove home today!  WOW! 


Be blessed!
Kindra Szarka

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