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Weekend Worship — The Post I Didn’t Expect to Write

2014 Community Fast

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Good Friday morning to you, SUMites! 

I sure do enjoy Christmas. It’s a gentle time of year, filled with hope, peace and family. And as I write this post today, I’ve just said goodbye to my husband’s family and they are headed home. December is a neat month where people seem to be just a little less hard and a little more kind. Our random act of kindness -miracle project in this month was amazing. I have received stories from you that I will share here or on Facebook in the future. There are some amazing believers that are part of this community. I’m undone by your love for God and for people and the generosity that flows from your heart. 

But just as much as I like Christmas, I love the New Year. I’m actually feeling pumped up about all that this body, this community of SUMites, can accomplish as we pray together in the New Year. 

If you are new to our community this year, we welcome you to join us as we fast pray the first week of January, We fast and pray the first full week of every January. This year we will be fasting from January 6-10. This is a Monday through Friday fast. And I encourage you, if at all possible to commit to some kind of a food fast where you refrain from eating food in some way such as from one meal a day, or fast the entire day or fast through the whole week. (I’m committed to fasting completely, only liquids the entire week. I am EXPECTING  a giant breakthrough.) 

God’s Word is filled with instructions regarding fasting. And I haven’t quite figured it out yet but fasting profoundly affects our prayer life and it draws us closer to God. So today, I want you to ask God about how you should participate in this fast. More than anything I truly want every SUMite to experience a breakthrough in their life in 2014. I also want every one of us to grow into a deeper, more intimate, relationship with Jesus. 

Beginning Monday, I will share some information about how to fast and how to do it successfully. For today, just leave me a note in the comments that you are “in.” Also, add in the comments what breakthrough you need because Dineen and I will pray and contend with you for your breakthrough along with our own. 

I’m truly expecting the God of the universe to show up and do amazing things in our lives. Astonishing, life-altering, miracles in our lives personally and those of our family. Let’s truly put this fasting thing before God, and watch him honor his word as it relates to fasting and prayer. 

Are you IN? 

I love you. Get ready for a week of change that will redirect your future. And following the week of fasting, I’m burning to start writing about spiritual warfare. I already have a few articles written about how to help our children fight in the unseen realm. It’s going to be soooo good. I can’t wait to see how ordinary, humble men and women, kick the devils butt out of our lives, away from our children, and how our prayers help to set our spouses free. SO GOOD!!! 

Get ready because I’m convinced 2014 is going to be OUR Year of the Lord! Woo Hoo. I love you. I love Jesus. Let’s bring His Kingdom to earth this next year. WOO HOOOOOOO! Love and hugs, Lynn


Matthew 6:25 “I tell you, do not worry. Don’t worry about your life and what you will eat or drink. And don’t worry about your body and what you will wear. Isn’t there more to life than eating?

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