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Weekend Worship — Letting Go

IStock_000006770536XSmallI had a day last week where I so desperately needed to hear from God. So much was going on and there was so much I wanted to get done and do that I felt overwhelmed by all of it. I’m sure you can relate. I really hate that feeling and I don’t use the word “hate” very easily. And sometimes I can be my own worst enemy. Now that I bet resonates with someone here.

So I prayed and contended for clarity and peace. (I love that word, “contend.” It’s an important word in the spiritual realms right now.)

As I prayed I heard Abba say, “Let go.”

Really? I guess I thought He’d answer me with something more profound. (Insert a laugh here please.) But I needed more. I wanted to understand HOW to let go. I went on my walk and pray with my worship music and began to ask Abba to help me understand how to “let go.”

And then this song by Bethel Music (Tides) started playing. Here are the first few lines:

You've brought me to the end of myself
And this has been the longest road
Just when my hallelujah was tired
You gave me a new song
I'm letting go, I'm letting go
I'm letting go, and falling into You

(I’ve attached the song at the end of this post so you can listen to it too.)

My friends, I kid you not. I stopped walking and started to laugh! Not only did He bring home His “let go” message to me, but He did it with a song singing about a new song whose words are “I’m letting go.” I hope that makes sense because the irony of it made me laugh.

Yes, Abba, message received. I’m singing my new song. I’m letting go.

And trusting Him to show me what really matters each day, to guide me in all I do, to make up for where I fall short. I can’t do it all but He can.

And that includes letting go of my spiritual growth too and trusting Him for the timing of it all too. I get so impatient in this area when I think things are happening or opening up to me fast enough. I’ll even battle feeling of being left behind.

The danger is comparison. The antidote is trust. Trust God to bring you along in your faith, in your spiritual gifts, and in walking in all of this according to His timing. I’m finally grasping this truth for myself, and I’m realizing His wants all of this for me in His way and timing, which is uniquely designed for me.

And that’s true for you too, my friends. Above all, God has a plan for everything in your life, especially how you walk and grow in your faith. Trust Him for that too. Even if the journey seems to be slow at the moment, perhaps that’s Abba’s way of telling you, “Smell the flowers. Enjoy the ride. I have so much for you.”

Have an amazing weekend filled with His presence!




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