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Vanessa has been part of our SUMite community for a long time. She has read our most recent book and shared with us her thoughts. Thank you Vanessa. We adore you and are praying for the full salvation of your home. 

***Prepare to Be Made Whole!  Life and Healing Jumps Off These Pages from Two Moms Who are Proof That We Were NEVER alone!!!!***  

My name is Vanessa and I am mother to a sweet 7-year-old girl and a wonderful 18-month-old boy and am proud wife to a man who will do whatever it takes for us. I love teaching my children to know God and to make Him known with our Classical Conversations homeschool group, helping others improve their health, and traveling. I am passionate about enjoying Jesus, who has made the broken pieces of my life whole. I love seeing the big picture and how all our lives connect to make The Whole Deel. ~Vanessa Tang, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you, or someone you know, is living a spiritually mismatched life with their spouse, read this!!!!  Especially if you have been the primary spiritual parent in the family and have young kids, like I do, you will read and re-read this book!  If there is someone in your family in this situation and you want to know how to pray for them or how their hearts are daily before the throne of Abba Father, read this book.  Even if you are the parent of an adult prodigal son or daughter or are divorced and want to know how to press on, read this book.  


***You Have a Place in The Church*** 

In the very first chapter, I cried healing tears!  For so long I felt that churches stopped seeing me as a leader in the church because of the different spiritual spectrums in my home.  I felt lost for several years not knowing how to serve in the church.  But both Lynn and Dineen's testimonies made it clear to me that I DO have a place in the church.  I am NOT ALONE.  I have much to offer the brokenhearted around me.  God is not finished with me yet.  Not only does He have a plan for me, as Jeremiah 29:11 states - my spouse and my children "ARE INCLUDED in the spiritual purposes of God!" (1 Cor. 7:12-14)  This book showed me clearly how I believed this lie for too long and re-opened my eyes on the vast amount of opportunity there is for me to serve others. 

***Do Not Worry for Your Kids!****

There was never a dull moment in the book where I felt bored.  I could not put this book down!  After the first chapter empowered me, the next one reminded me *why* there is no need to worry for my children!  God loves them more than we do!  He IS the Perfect Parent we long for our children to have.  He will be by their side always.  He WILL reveal himself to both us and our children - together. 

*The Authors Genuinely Care About You**

Lynn will take you into real life road-blocks most every mismatched parenting marriage will encounter.  Dineen really hit home to me how the buck doesn't stop at praying for our children.  We can pray 9 generations down into our descendents and speak blessings over them! 

And if you are wondering how the authors so easily seem like they mean it when they shout "I love you" to you, the reader - it is because they do!  These authors are not distant.  They will pray for you.  They have become some of my closest friends in praying for my family.  They truly have a heart for each of us. 

***Buy a Hard Copy!  E-Book is not enough.***

I would highly recommend buying the actual book.  The Kindle or e-book versions make it difficult to really answer the questions at the end of each chapter.  

***You will want to do your homework immediately - It is that Good!***

If you are like me, you may detest "homework."  I was sad I only had the Kindle version and now happily await my hard copy to go back and answer the questions so that I can lead a study in my own home. 

***Whether you already pray for your kids or it is difficult to know how, use this book!*** 

Have you ever felt like me and in a roadblock that you forgot how to pray for your kids?  Do you ever feel so tired just surviving that you don't know how to pray?  You will LOVE the "Prayer" section at the end of each chapter.  Lynn and Dineen have literally reached right into heaven to claim over your children, your husband, and your home.   What peace and healing and change came over my house because of their prayer that was so easily transferred from my lips. 

***A Book You can Feel Comfortable Reading Next to your Spouse***

This is not a book you will be embarrassed to leave on your nightstand or ashamed of your husband to know you are reading.  One of the most critical parts of the book is the advice given in the "Respecting Dad" portions after the prayer of the book. 

I will have this book close by me for years.  It gave me new resolve to BE the example for my household.  My kids are 7 and 1 years old.  I feel the courage to now roll up my sleeves and live my life with the tips from this book and joy to open my Bible every morning.  Whereas before, there were days I felt so alone on being the only source of spiritual teaching. Often I found it overwhelming just to go into the Word on these days.  Now, I feel incredibly charged up that God will make each day known to me.  I am not enough.  But He is.  

And He is all I need - and my friends in this book!   It is like they are crouching over my shoulder, giving me a hug I could lean into, and then patting me on the back, pointing my way to the finish line - all the while cheering for me that I can do it and I was NEVER alone!

Visit Vanessa at The Whole Deel.

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