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Thankful to be Thankful

ThanksgivingGraphicMy friends, I know we get a lot of stuff this time of year about thankfulness, but I have to share a story with you. I hadn’t even planned to post this week with the holiday, but this seemed the perfect time to share it.

The last week or so has been tough. In all honesty, I’ve been struggling with feeling down and melancholy. I couldn’t figure out why and the more I prayed about it, the worse it seemed to get.

Then late Sunday I read the devotional in Jesus Calling by Sarah Young for that day (Nov. 24th) and the pieces started to fit together. Here’s a snippet from that day, though I highly recommend you read the entire passage as well as the entries from the day before and the days after as they carry a theme of thankfulness. And if you don’t have this book, I highly recommend it.

“There is an element of mystery in this transaction: You give Me thanks (regardless of your feelings), and I give you Joy (regardless of your circumstances). . . Thankfulness opens your heart to My Presence and your mind to My thoughts.”

As I read it again Monday morning I realized I hadn’t been thankful much at all lately. I can’t even tell you how and when it happened, but there I say with a thankless heart and no joy. My focus had shifted somewhere to seeing only the challenges of late and a melancholy had settled in.

I wanted my joy back. Had been praying for it for days. Like Paul, I thought I’d learned to be content in my circumstances. Obviously not. Plus a good friend gave me some great words of wisdom on how the enemy comes in to distract us from what we’re doing, but not in the way we’d expect. He’ll hit a completely different area just to pull our attention away from what we’re doing to please and serve God.

Sometimes Abba answers us in pretty clear ways. Other times I think He likes to see if we can come to an understanding with a few nudges and connect the dots ourselves. Makes the “lesson” more memorable that way, I think.

Well, the pieces had come together and I had found my solution. I spent that morning thanking Abba, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for everything I could think of, mostly for Him. It took some effort at first (had to ignore the feelings), but as I continued, my joy began to flow back and grow! And I felt reconnected and closer to Jesus once again.

This was a big lesson for me, dear friends. In light of what we endured through my daughter’s cancer, I thought of myself as a thankful person, even took some pride in it, and that is where I let the enemy in—I was confident in myself, not Abba (2 Corinthians 3:4-5

Pride always gives the enemy an entrance. But thankfulness is one of the quickest ways to shut those doors. If I feel my joy ebbing away again, you better believe I’m going to check my thankfulness meter first.

I want to give you one more snippet from Jesus Calling to bring this point home:

“To protect your thankfulness, you must remember that you reside in a fallen world, where blessings and sorrows intermingle freely. A constant focus on adversity defeats many Christians. They walk through a day that is brimming with beauty and brightness, seeing only the grayness of their thoughts. Neglecting the practice of giving thanks has darkened their minds. How precious are My children who remember to thank Me at all times. They can walk through the darkest days with Joy in their hearts because they know that the Light of My Presence is still shining on them.”

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13). Happy Thanksgiving, my precious friends!



Psalm 100 - Happy Thanksgiving

Hello My Friends,

Well, I'm bummed. Dineen and I had recorded a Thanksgiving video earlier in the month for today. However, the sound didn't come through. Anyhoo, we want to say, "Happy Thanksgiving."

Since the video was a fail, let's turn that around and let our praises open the gates of heaven over our homes for this week. 

We as believers have such a great opportunity to bring our love for God to the table on Thursday. Start praying now that God will open the door to allow you to pray over dinner, to share sweet moments of love with your family and to allow you some quite time with Jesus early on Thanksgiving morning. I've found early Thanksgiving Day, sitting with my coffee and Bible before a fire, writing my blessings into my prayer journal, make for a very special time and set the atmosphere for the rest of the day.

And let's bring honor to our Lord and change the atmosphere here today. Let's write two or three things you are thankful for this year in the comments. Let's celebrate the faithfulness of God in our lives. Hugs, Lynn

Dineen and Lynn would like to take a minute to thank the SUMites who have given a financial donation to our ministry this past year.Every dollar donated is us is strickly for ministry. Web hosting, design, maintenance runs in the thousands of dollars every year. In addition, donations cover free resources that we use when we speak at retreats and a host of other stuff. So thank you:

Vera, Jody, Christine, Pam, Elizabeth, Alaina, Cynthia, Teresa. 

We would also like to thank all of you who donated to Rosheeda's flowers. And finally, thank you to the many of you who are part of our ministry team this year:

Teresa, Lynette, Sue, Adrianna, Joanne, Martha Rosheeda (posthumously)

Mostly, thank you to each of you who has prayed for a SUMite. Who has left a word in the comments to encourage, others or Dineen and me. Thank you for your love for your spouse, your children and our Lord, His son Jesus and the Spirit.

We love you and truly give thanks that we are traveling this road toward heaven with you. Hugs, Lynn

Turkey Eat Pizza 2

Psalm 100

A psalm. For giving grateful praise.

1 Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.
2     Worship the Lord with gladness;
    come before him with joyful songs.
3 Know that the Lord is God.
    It is he who made us, and we are his;
    we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.

4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving
    and his courts with praise;
    give thanks to him and praise his name.
5 For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
    his faithfulness continues through all generations.

Weekend Worship — Dreams, Prophecies and Magi

“Behold, the virgin shall be with child and shall bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which translated means, “ God with us. — Matthew 1:23


Hello dear friends! I hope you’re enjoying this series about Joseph and Mary. Some of you left comments on Wednesday’s post with some great insights. Go check them out if you can—it’s great stuff! I’ve been looking forward to sharing all week what I felt the Holy Spirit wanted me to take notice of in Matthew 1 and 2.

Five Dreams
Joseph had a total of four dreams. The first when the angel of the Lord told him to not be afraid to take Mary as his wife (1:20). Joseph still could have walked away but it seems his desire to obey God was stronger than his fear of the imposed shame from others he most likely would face (both of them would face). I wonder if they told their parents the truth of what was really happening and if they were believed. Definitely one of those times in the Bible that I wish we knew more.

The second dream warned Joseph to escape to Egypt (2:13). The third dream told him to flee Egypt and go to Israel (2:19). And the fourth dream rerouted him to Galilee (2:22). And even the Magi were warned in a dream to not go back to Herod (2:12). They returned to their own country by another route. (I’m not sure how we wound up with three wise men because it doesn’t say how many in the Bible, but they were from the same country.)

Five Prophecies
A total of five prophecies were fulfilled in just these two chapters of Matthew alone.

  1. Matthew 1:22-23 — “Now all this took place to fulfill what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet: “Behold, the virgin shall be with child and shall bear A Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which translated means, “God with us.” This was prophesied in Isaiah 7:14.
  2. Matthew 2:6 — ‘And you, Bethlehem, land of Judah, are by no means least among the leaders of Judah; for out of you shall come forth a Ruler Who will shepherd MY people Israel.” This was prophesied in Micah 5:2.
  3. Matthew 2:15 — He remained there until the death of Herod. This was to fulfill what had been spoken by the Lord through the prophet:“ Out of Egypt I called MY Son. This was prophesied in Hosea 11:1.
  4. Matthew 2:18 — “A voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children; and she refused to be comforted, because they were no more.” This was prophesied in Jeremiah 31:15.
  5. Matthew 2:23 — “…and came and lived in a city called Nazareth. This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophets:“He shall be called a Nazarene.” This one doesn’t seem to have a direct mention in the Old Testament. My commentary said it may have been unrecorded or a reference to Isaiah 11:1.

Gifts of the Magi
Finally, I have always found the gifts the Magi brought so fascinating. I believe the gold represented who Jesus was—royalty. Gold is often a major part of the descriptions of heaven and Daniel 10:5 describes a man dressed in linen with a belt of the finest gold, and this man is most likely Christ in Daniel’s vision.

The frankincense represents the incense offered by the priests in the temple and over sacrifices. I believe also that this is two fold: one, of Jesus being the highest priest as in the order of Melchizedek (Hebrew 6:20) and two, that He would be the final sacrifice, the Lamb. And the myrrh seems to me to be a prophetic gift that foretells His death and what’s to come.

So, my friends, those are my observations. In two weeks (December 2) we will talk about Luke 1 and 2. So have fun reading and exploring Abba’s word for more tid bits about Jesus’ birth as we leave Matthew’s perspective from his Jewish heritage and enter Luke’s from his Gentile perspective. Fascinating stuff!

In the meantime, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am so thankful for each and every one of you! Love you dearly, SUMites!

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I Would Sign Up Again - Unequally Yoked

Hello SUMites, 

Today I have a question for you. How many times have you set down in church and looked around the sanctuary at the couples seated together, husband and wife, and felt defeated, disappointed, and pain? 

I know this place of pain existed in my life for many years. And I really didn’t understand why God was ignoring my prayers and my pleas for the salvation of my husband. And why He didn’t see my pain and longing for a “normal” Christian home. 

That was until about two years ago and I heard a woman share her personal story and as I listened it changed everything. Today, I’m sharing this story with you so that you might understand a little more, about the heart of our Father, and His love for us, the unequally yoked. 

Two years ago I was part of the leadership team for our church’s annual women’s retreat. Prior to the retreat, the leadership team would meet once a week for eight weeks on a Wednesday evening and have Bible study together. Every other week, the team welcomed a guest speaker, an ordinary woman from our congregation. 

Well on this particular night, we welcomed Carol Mahaney. And Carol proceeded to tell her story. And it’s likely the rest of the women in the room were moved a bit by her story, but I was leveled to the ground, in my spirit. 

You see, Carol married her high school sweetheart. He was a believer. She was a believer. They attended church together every Sunday. They tithed, they studied the Bible, they prayed together, they were everything I dreamed and hoped and wanted for my own life. They raised two girls to adulthood as Christians. Carol said she had a wonderful life and she leaned on her husband for everything and she utterly adored him. She said she loved her church family she felt absolutely blessed by God. 

But in 2008, Carol’s husband unexpectedly died. She was devastated. Additionally this was the year that the economy crashed and as Carol had never managed her finances before, she was overwhelmed as her finances were in chaos. Devastated by grief and lost in a maze of paperwork, banking decisions and taxes, she hit bottom and there was no longer a husband to save her. 

Carol looked up and said, “That’s when I met Jesus.” 

I looked at Carol astonished. And I sat in my chair as my head reeled. Carol was 63 years old and she admits in front of all of us that she lived the Christian life with a believing husband for 63 years but at age 63 for the first time she met Jesus. 

What is so compelling about Carol story for me is that she had the life I thought I always wanted. She attended church with her husband, raising her kids in church, tithing, all things Christianeese but she really didn’t meet the King of Kings until she turned 63 years of age. She merely “played” church and her husband’s faith was enough for her…….. 

For 63 years….. 

Instantly, God moved my spirit. He made me realize that I could have lived a Christian life with a very shallow faith thinking I was doing all the right things but never truly “knowing” Christ. 

I know walking this unequally yoked journey is very difficult. I still have very difficult days. I struggle with my husband’s media choices, I still miss him by my side at church, etc. BUT I would choose this journey again over the life Carol had until age 63 because I truly know Jesus. 

I grieved for Carol because for 63 years she “lived” the Christian life or so it seemed. But it wasn’t until the death of her spouse on a personal crisis that brought her into of living vibrant relationship with Jesus. 

My friends, our difficulties are what God has given us to push us, pull us, help us to surrender and to seek Him out for rescue, and then to live in His Presence. As I think about Carol’s life and marriage, it isn’t worth it to have a marriage that is easy if it means that I live most of my life without truly knowing Jesus. 

I would sign up again for this unequally yoked thing, over 63 years of playing “church.” 

Now that is the love of our Father. And I’m convinced we will truly see that our challenging marriage is singularly, a divine assignment with generational ramifications, for not only us but our entire family and more people than we know. 

1 John 3:1  See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

I love you so much my friends. Today, don't doubt God loves you and that He has your life in His hands. Ask Him where you need to surrender and ask Him how to love Him more.

God is good and His ways are always best for His children. Hugs, Lynn

Let's Walk in Mary and Joseph's Sandals

“Behold, the virgin shall be with child and shall bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which translated means, “ God with us. — Matthew 1:23

15540148_sMy friends, can you believe Christmas is just five weeks away?!?! Right now I'm doing a series with my life group at church in preparation of Christmas this year. We're not following a book or script—we're just letting the Holy Spirit walk us through the story of Christ's birth and I'm discovering stunning details in the process. What a great way to walk into this blessed season with hearts focused on and full of the story of our Savior's expected and revelational arrival so long ago.

So, my heart is to share this with you too. It's a great way to set our sights on what really matters in the midst of all the preparations and celebrations, and I believe we will feel more like we've appreciated the truest meaning behind it all, along with valuable time with our loved ones.

Let's start with Matthew 1-2. Set aside some time and read through these two chapters and take notice of the people present and what they are doing. Who seems to be more in the forefront of the unfolding events? What is the turmoil surrounding them? How is God putting people and things into place? How is He communicating with the people involved?

As I read these chapters, I was stuck by how this time of anticipation over two thousand years ago seems so reflective of this time of anticipation that we are living in right now.

For hundreds of years, Jews had anticipated the coming of the Messiah. Their culture, rituals and the Pentateuch all pointed to this impending event. Then comes Mary and Joseph's generation and it actually happens. Take a moment and imagine what they may have felt.

Along with what I can imagine was a fair amount of doubt and wonderment, these two young people stood right in the middle of the biggest revelation of all time. All that they'd heard from their ancestors was now unfolding right in their very own lives.

The Messiah was coming?

Their anticipation was about to become a reality. Maybe not as they had imagined it—who but God would bring the Savior of the world into that same world as an infant first? Have the generations before who'd imagined His coming even contemplated this possibility? Did they assume He would arrive in full form more in a blaze of glory like Elijah left this world?

Now, bring those thoughts full swing to the here and now. This present generation stands in a time of acceleration. More things are being revealed and more signs and wonders are happening than ever before. It is entirely possible that just like Mary, Joseph and those who went before them anticipated the Messiah's coming and then witnessed it, that this generation in similar manner is anticipating the Messiah's return and could wind up witnessing that as well.

Unbelievable? Is it? I say astonishing for sure.

My friends, we stand in anticipation just as Mary and Joseph did. Who knows when Jesus will return—only Abba knows—but I find such striking resemblance right now between us and Mary. Many of us are carrying our hopes and dreams in gestation, waiting for Abba to bring them to term and birth. So let’s walk in Mary and Joseph’s sandals and stand in wonder of what this miraculous birth brought us and praise God for this and the many things He’s birthing in our lives too.

Now, go read the first two chapters of Matthew and take notes. Then come back here and share what stands out most to you. On Saturday, I’ll share some of my own insights as well. I can’t wait to read what you share! I know this will bless all of us too.

Holy Spirit, I ask for a deeper revelation of God’s Word for our community as we seek to draw nearer to Jesus during this time of remembrance and celebration of His birth. Also bring a fresh awareness and appreciation of Christmas to our hearts and inspire us with ways to share this with those around us. We love You so much, Jesus. You are truly the greatest gift we will ever receive. Amen!

Love being on this journey with you, my friends!

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Prepare to Be Made Whole!

Vanessa has been part of our SUMite community for a long time. She has read our most recent book and shared with us her thoughts. Thank you Vanessa. We adore you and are praying for the full salvation of your home. 

***Prepare to Be Made Whole!  Life and Healing Jumps Off These Pages from Two Moms Who are Proof That We Were NEVER alone!!!!***  

My name is Vanessa and I am mother to a sweet 7-year-old girl and a wonderful 18-month-old boy and am proud wife to a man who will do whatever it takes for us. I love teaching my children to know God and to make Him known with our Classical Conversations homeschool group, helping others improve their health, and traveling. I am passionate about enjoying Jesus, who has made the broken pieces of my life whole. I love seeing the big picture and how all our lives connect to make The Whole Deel. ~Vanessa Tang, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you, or someone you know, is living a spiritually mismatched life with their spouse, read this!!!!  Especially if you have been the primary spiritual parent in the family and have young kids, like I do, you will read and re-read this book!  If there is someone in your family in this situation and you want to know how to pray for them or how their hearts are daily before the throne of Abba Father, read this book.  Even if you are the parent of an adult prodigal son or daughter or are divorced and want to know how to press on, read this book.  


***You Have a Place in The Church*** 

In the very first chapter, I cried healing tears!  For so long I felt that churches stopped seeing me as a leader in the church because of the different spiritual spectrums in my home.  I felt lost for several years not knowing how to serve in the church.  But both Lynn and Dineen's testimonies made it clear to me that I DO have a place in the church.  I am NOT ALONE.  I have much to offer the brokenhearted around me.  God is not finished with me yet.  Not only does He have a plan for me, as Jeremiah 29:11 states - my spouse and my children "ARE INCLUDED in the spiritual purposes of God!" (1 Cor. 7:12-14)  This book showed me clearly how I believed this lie for too long and re-opened my eyes on the vast amount of opportunity there is for me to serve others. 

***Do Not Worry for Your Kids!****

There was never a dull moment in the book where I felt bored.  I could not put this book down!  After the first chapter empowered me, the next one reminded me *why* there is no need to worry for my children!  God loves them more than we do!  He IS the Perfect Parent we long for our children to have.  He will be by their side always.  He WILL reveal himself to both us and our children - together. 

*The Authors Genuinely Care About You**

Lynn will take you into real life road-blocks most every mismatched parenting marriage will encounter.  Dineen really hit home to me how the buck doesn't stop at praying for our children.  We can pray 9 generations down into our descendents and speak blessings over them! 

And if you are wondering how the authors so easily seem like they mean it when they shout "I love you" to you, the reader - it is because they do!  These authors are not distant.  They will pray for you.  They have become some of my closest friends in praying for my family.  They truly have a heart for each of us. 

***Buy a Hard Copy!  E-Book is not enough.***

I would highly recommend buying the actual book.  The Kindle or e-book versions make it difficult to really answer the questions at the end of each chapter.  

***You will want to do your homework immediately - It is that Good!***

If you are like me, you may detest "homework."  I was sad I only had the Kindle version and now happily await my hard copy to go back and answer the questions so that I can lead a study in my own home. 

***Whether you already pray for your kids or it is difficult to know how, use this book!*** 

Have you ever felt like me and in a roadblock that you forgot how to pray for your kids?  Do you ever feel so tired just surviving that you don't know how to pray?  You will LOVE the "Prayer" section at the end of each chapter.  Lynn and Dineen have literally reached right into heaven to claim over your children, your husband, and your home.   What peace and healing and change came over my house because of their prayer that was so easily transferred from my lips. 

***A Book You can Feel Comfortable Reading Next to your Spouse***

This is not a book you will be embarrassed to leave on your nightstand or ashamed of your husband to know you are reading.  One of the most critical parts of the book is the advice given in the "Respecting Dad" portions after the prayer of the book. 

I will have this book close by me for years.  It gave me new resolve to BE the example for my household.  My kids are 7 and 1 years old.  I feel the courage to now roll up my sleeves and live my life with the tips from this book and joy to open my Bible every morning.  Whereas before, there were days I felt so alone on being the only source of spiritual teaching. Often I found it overwhelming just to go into the Word on these days.  Now, I feel incredibly charged up that God will make each day known to me.  I am not enough.  But He is.  

And He is all I need - and my friends in this book!   It is like they are crouching over my shoulder, giving me a hug I could lean into, and then patting me on the back, pointing my way to the finish line - all the while cheering for me that I can do it and I was NEVER alone!

Visit Vanessa at The Whole Deel.

Weekend Worship — Stand Strong in Jesus

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. — Ephesians 6:10-12

My friends, today I  want to encourage to continue to stand strong in your faith, marriage and family; to be patient with how God is leading and moving you forward in your spiritual gifts and trust Him in that process; and to desire above all else His presence and to rest in Him.

Right now I'm reading Daniel and Revelations side by side and see more and more how our battles really are in the spiritual realm more than we realize. Thus why we must stand firm in Jesus. He is our strength, our rest and our unending source of hope. And hope is crucial to perseverance. Amen? Amen!

Cynthia-Ruchti_green_couch-150x150Over at our Mismatched & Thriving site, author Cynthia Ruchti shares an encouraging word about hope for those surviving the fallout of people's choices. She has graciously offered two copies of her book, Ragged Hope, to our SUM community. Leave a comment over at her post, HOPE RUSH, to enter the drawing for a copy (leaving one here doesn't count. LOL!) 

Mismatched-marriageAlso, Lynn and I are blogging once a month with ChooseNOW Ministries. Click HERE to read our first post there.

And finally, dear friends, I pray your weekend is full of love and hope, I pray that the extreme GOODNESS of our Lord manifests constantly in your lives, and I pray that the Holy Spirit fills you to overflowing and floods your home with His constant presence. I love this community so much and am praying for each of you.

Be shiney for Jesus!


Where We Discover The Power For Our Lives

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comBack in October, I asked you to jon me for a journey. I took you with me through the vision and the implications of all that I saw in the spiritual realm when I went to receive prayer in the Healing Rooms at Bethel. GOD CRACKED THE UNIVERSE open for me!

But do you remember the original prayer request?

Here is the excerpt from October 18, 2013: The Vastness of Our God.

I thought to myself, “Well, they can pray for me to receive the gift of fasting if they must pray bout something for me.” Geeze, it sounds so smug when I type this. Forgive me. And in all honesty, I do struggle in this area of fasting and my stomach is my last remaining idol of my life. I would like to rid myself of overeating. 

So today we are ending this journey and I have one final miracle to share:

That original prayer request to gain control over my last remaining idol, my stomach. Well I came home and my desire for a glass or two of wine at night  -- GONE--. I’m healed and I’ve already lost weight. My body will be a living testimony to the power that comes from the fear of the Lord. 

Psalms 33:8
Let all the earth fear the LORD; Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him.

The journey to the supernatural is one of maturity and purity. 

I’m healed and whole by the power of the King of Kings. That is my testimony. 

This entire story is my testimony and now I anoint it and pass it along to you that you may partake of it, receive it and may it manifest in your life. 

Revelations 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

To read the entire story, here are the links:

The Vastness of Our God

I Met Prince Jesus - Who Am I?

The Bride - Becoming

Balm For My Pain

Prince Jesus Sings

This Is For The Men


And if you want to receive this gift of anointing to rid yourself of idols from your life, please tell me what you need deliverance from or what gift you are earnestly seeking from the Lord and I WILL pray for your deliverance and anointing to take a giant step further into the power and the glory of Prince Jesus' Kingdom. I love you my SUMites. So very much. Lynn

Moments in a Storm: A SUMite Testimony

My friends, today I want to share a wonderful story from one of our readers. Many of you know Dawn from the comments on our posts and see her heart's pursuit of Abba and His peace and hope as she walks through a storm right now. She mentioned a wonderful story about one of her children in a comment recently, and I knew it was a story to be shared. So, here is Dawn telling us this beautiful story about her daughter's growing faith in the middle of a storm. 


9d75ed1220210301607672080bd6200a-bpfullIn the last 15 months, God has placed me square in the middle of a class five hurricane storm – Hurricane Separation with pain gusts of 100 mph.  While yours may not be the storm of separation, many of you can relate to a storm of this magnitude. 

Even on my darkest, cloudiest, windiest days, God shines rays of blessings through the clouds.  The biggest blessing that has come from this has been watching my children’s faith grow.  I’m talking seeds to oak trees, indescribable faith that I believe only a child can have.  I was raised going to church every Sunday, but prior to our separation I did not bring my children to church.  In fact, outside of nightly prayers, Jesus wasn’t a common subject at our house.  My husband is a non-believer and I never wanted to rock the boat.  Not a good excuse, but it was my poor reasoning.

Fast forward to our separation after 10 years of marriage and the first place I turned was back to Jesus, who had never left my side even when I had left His.  In fact, He was right there waiting with open arms and nothing but grace and forgiveness.  This was also a turning point for my girls, 8 and 10 at the time.

The three of us rallied together for support.  We began going to church again and submerged ourselves in The Word of God and His promises.  We began praying for and continue to pray for their dad’s heart of stone to be turned into a heart of flesh.  Ezekiel 36:26.

The amazing thing is that my kids who had not been raised in an openly Christian household embraced all of it immediately.  Their faith alone makes this storm worth every minute.

One of my favorite examples of this comes from my oldest daughter, Lily, who is now 11 and in the 6th grade.  One day, Lily got in the car after school and announced how excited she was because someone at school had finally been rude to her.  I was very confused and asked why that made her so happy.  She said it was because she had been praying for God to send her an enemy that she could be nice to.  Talk about make a mama’s heart soar.  In dealing with their dad, we talk a lot about loving people because God calls us to and not because of how they treat us or what they do or don’t do.

These trials are so hard, but there are so many teachable moments in them.  Opportunities to teach our children things that they can’t learn from smooth sailing.  My kids have learned more about the love and faithfulness of Our Father and about the love He calls us to show each other than I could have ever taught them when the sun is shining.  Never forget that our kids are watching us in these situations and God is using these trials to show these sweet babies HIS amazing love.

God alone has given me the strength to endure this storm with grace, love and forgiveness (most of the time.)  To Him all the Glory for not only, every teachable moment that He gives me, but for the wisdom He gives me in that moment.  It is through nothing in me that I am able to attain these things.

I regret not wanting to rock the boat all those years, but I am forever grateful for the second chance God has given me to give my children the gift of faith.  It’s never too late to give them that gift.


Another Adventure

Good Monday Morning SUMites! 

Today is a fun and crazy day! Dineen and I will actually be in a recording studio in Los Angeles today and tomorrow. We will be narrating both of our books, Winning Him Without Words and Not Alone, creating an audio book. 

Say WHAT??? 

Who would ever guess us two wacky and ordinary gals would be doing such a thing. Who knew? 

No one is more surprised than the two of us. And how this came about was such a wonder. I remember receiving an email from our Editor, Kim Bangs, the Best Editor in the world, she wrote: 

More Awesome news!  In the mail today we received three audio contracts from Oasis Audio for the creation of audio books from some Regal titles.

TWO of those titles are yours! Both Winning Him Without Words and Not Alone!


Happy, praising Jesus dance…


Since then and after our heads stopped spinning, we have been working with the owner of the audio company, Steve. This guy is a hoot. He has been extraordinarily generous with us, gracious, and we are going to have a blast working with him. 

But, you know what the best part of this story is? Steve’s personal story about his mom, Louise. Steve was raised by a hardworking, single mother who was relentless to provide for Steve and his sister and she was an amazing woman of faith. 

Let me explain that Steve works with stars. He happened to mention to me that they just completed a narration of the New Testament with James Earl Jones narrating.


He likely could make a ton more money spending his efforts on other famous authors, but the economy of the Kingdom is so different than the world. Steve’s heart is for moms just like his mother, Louise. He is investing in the Kingdom to provide this resource to those who are visually impaired or mother's who need to listen on their way to work. He is investing in this community and resources for moms and wives just like his mother, us the SUMites. 

Wow Just WOW! 

For Dineen and I, we are praying our voices hold out because we will both be in booths recording all day Monday and Tuesday. What a sweet gift from the Lord. And what a neat thing to be allowed to narrate our own books. I can’t wait till you hear me read from page 45 of Not Alone:

God has a strange sense of humor.

I am quirky and I love it that Regal Books allows me to write and now speak in my wacky voice. 

My friends, thank you for traveling this crazy, mixed up, and astonishing journey with us. We are all in this together and everything we do, (including you, me and Dineen), is for the Kingdom of our Great God. 

Watch for photos on our Facebook page. Hugs, Lynn & Dineen 

Oasis Audio

Oh and you can preorder your audio copies now at book retailers.

Not Alone

Winning Him Without Words.

Both books

Weekend Worship — Letting Go

IStock_000006770536XSmallI had a day last week where I so desperately needed to hear from God. So much was going on and there was so much I wanted to get done and do that I felt overwhelmed by all of it. I’m sure you can relate. I really hate that feeling and I don’t use the word “hate” very easily. And sometimes I can be my own worst enemy. Now that I bet resonates with someone here.

So I prayed and contended for clarity and peace. (I love that word, “contend.” It’s an important word in the spiritual realms right now.)

As I prayed I heard Abba say, “Let go.”

Really? I guess I thought He’d answer me with something more profound. (Insert a laugh here please.) But I needed more. I wanted to understand HOW to let go. I went on my walk and pray with my worship music and began to ask Abba to help me understand how to “let go.”

And then this song by Bethel Music (Tides) started playing. Here are the first few lines:

You've brought me to the end of myself
And this has been the longest road
Just when my hallelujah was tired
You gave me a new song
I'm letting go, I'm letting go
I'm letting go, and falling into You

(I’ve attached the song at the end of this post so you can listen to it too.)

My friends, I kid you not. I stopped walking and started to laugh! Not only did He bring home His “let go” message to me, but He did it with a song singing about a new song whose words are “I’m letting go.” I hope that makes sense because the irony of it made me laugh.

Yes, Abba, message received. I’m singing my new song. I’m letting go.

And trusting Him to show me what really matters each day, to guide me in all I do, to make up for where I fall short. I can’t do it all but He can.

And that includes letting go of my spiritual growth too and trusting Him for the timing of it all too. I get so impatient in this area when I think things are happening or opening up to me fast enough. I’ll even battle feeling of being left behind.

The danger is comparison. The antidote is trust. Trust God to bring you along in your faith, in your spiritual gifts, and in walking in all of this according to His timing. I’m finally grasping this truth for myself, and I’m realizing His wants all of this for me in His way and timing, which is uniquely designed for me.

And that’s true for you too, my friends. Above all, God has a plan for everything in your life, especially how you walk and grow in your faith. Trust Him for that too. Even if the journey seems to be slow at the moment, perhaps that’s Abba’s way of telling you, “Smell the flowers. Enjoy the ride. I have so much for you.”

Have an amazing weekend filled with His presence!




This Is For The MEN - Men of Valor

image from
My friends, today this post is for the men. There are actually more men that are readers here than you might think. And let me assure you that they are men who love Jesus and who also love their pre-believer wife. They also struggle with many of the same issues that women wrangle with in their marriages. But they often have even less support for their faith journey than we do as women. 

My heart is full for these strong men of faith. I love you and I offer all of my prayers and encouraging words of love and support for you. 

So, today, it’s time to share with you what I saw during my vision of the King of Kings, Jesus in pursuit of men. I hate to even breathe the word, Bride of Christ in context with men and their relationship with Jesus but what I’m about to describe is the bride of Christ as Jesus sees it. How He views men that are being pursued by Him. I’m sharing this visual because when I was having my vision of becoming the Bride of Christ (read that story here), I asked God, “What does this look like for men.” And God gave me a picture. So now I share it with you. 

In this picture I saw men standing in a line, shoulder to shoulder. They were being honored before a great crowd of witnesses by the Prince. They were battle weary and worn, yet filled with a vigor and vitality that caused them to be raised up, fully filled with energy, purpose, power and determination. As I looked at these men they were wearing pins and badges and ribbons upon the chest of their uniforms yet the uniforms were their everyday clothing. They were men wearing slacks, I can see a blue checkered shirt and men in jeans and shirts. Short men and tall men, men who were humble on earth and yet enormously powerful and brave in the realms of God’s Kingdom. On earth they were ordinary men. Men who held down jobs, played with their kids, mowed the lawn, who thought often about God and His ways and purposes while mowing the lawn or driving the car. 

They were men who PRAYED. 

They prayed with power and things happened on this earth because they were wise and courageous and even they dared to ask God to do the impossible. They were men who loved God and were declared destined to be Kingdom fighters. They may be perceived in the world as anything but warriors but they ARE the true warriors. 

As I watched I saw the Prince, The MIGHTY King Jesus approach this line and He passed out awards for their service. These awards were more metals for their garments. These awards were of great value and they represented words: Such as: Men of valor. Men of purposes. Men of wisdom. Men of courage and boldness. Men who were the representation of the fruits of the Spirit. 

I keep hearing the words: Men of valor. 

And then the picture changed and I was allowed to see Jesus standing up at a large table. Seated at the table were these ordinary guys about 10-12, now fully clothed in uniforms that were adorned with their metals of honor. This room, this table,…. It is the war room. 

Again, an analogy that came to me, These men had been invited into a room of great power, much like if they were invited into the situation room with the President. But, this war room was so much more. It was a position of great honor. To be invited into this room was to bestow the highest trust in these men. Because Jesus was asking these men to make decisions for Him. Jesus trusted them so highly He was placing His kingdom control, fortune and existence into their hands. 

The awe, respect, confidence and power given to these men by Jesus was something that I don’t fully understand nor do I provide a sufficient description. But, somehow I knew that Jesus had walked with these men through so much on earth, through their everyday lives, watching them remain faithful to the Kingdom and because of that Jesus is filled with love and thanks. He counts it a great honor to invite them into the most highly valued place of prominence in His dominion. 

Wow…… Just WOW!! 

Now like me perceiving myself to be the Bride (singular), it’s difficult to see yourself, SUMite men, as one of the few men in this room but you have been so highly esteemed for your love and faithfulness here on earth that Jesus has selected you to sit with Him in the war room. And this is a virile Jesus. Strong, forceful, willful and valiant. He is the King of a vast kingdom. I watched as Christ asked for these men’s opinions as they viewed maps on the table and I saw in my mind’s eye, Jesus fist-bump the guys when victories were achieved. Jesus is your best friend. You and Christ face, discern and handle everything together and He consults you for your wise advice. 

Say What???? 

After the fist-bump, the picture faded. I was left with awe. Once again awe. We are in a season of grasping the awe of God, His Son and the Spirit. 

It’s the Victorious King who holds the keys. And we are His. 

My friends, we are the body of Christ. Lynn

Psalms 33:8
Let all the earth fear the LORD; Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him.

A Tale of Prosperity

GodisFaithfulMy friends, I have some news to share and I’m so happy I can share it with you, especially since so many of you prayed for me and my family over our financial situation.

But let me start at the beginning of this God-filled story.

At the end of each year I begin praying for words and Scriptures for each of my family members. Then during our week of fasting here at SUM, I set time aside to pray specifically for each one and listen to what He tells me.

So, last January as I prayed for my husband, I heard the word “prosperity.” This is a word that can mean many things but in light of our financial struggles, which was part of my prayers, I felt this related to that. I kept an open mind though, because above all, I am seeking my husband’s spiritual prosperity, and I believe all of this is interrelated.

But even then, I questioned how this would be possible in light of my husband’s continued unbelief. Abba told me, “I bless him through you.”

And He didn’t stop there. He spoke to me about integrity through these Scriptures:

I will conduct the affairs of my house with a blameless heart. — Psalm 101:2b

As for you, if you walk before me faithfully with integrity of heart and uprightness, as David your father did, and do all I command and observe my decrees and laws, — 1Kings 9:4

I knew Abba wanted me to walk in this place of accountability and integrity as well, even though I hadn’t a clue what that would look like. But on that day on January 4, 2013, I prayed this:

Lord, I will walk in my home, in my life with integrity of heart and uprighteness. Let my heart be as Yours, Jesus, and my strength to be upright from You as well, Holy Spirit. In Your Holy Name, Jesus, amen.

Then just three days later, Abba led me to this verse:

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. — Proverbs 11:25

Little did I know how much worse our financial situation would become when we faced the loss of my husband’s job (A blessing since it wasn’t a place of integrity, and Abba opened a new door for him at a small start-up.), a wedding to pay for, and an unexpected ER visit that would bring us nearly to the breaking point. Perfect ground for Abba to come in and do miracles, right?

Well, yes, but not what I expected. I wanted Abba to come in with a big swoop and set everything right. He wanted to do things His own way so that His will would be accomplished as He planned and saw best. I can honestly tell you that though I’ve no doubt things were accomplished, as of today I only have a partial picture, because this story is still playing out.

And there were many days I wondered if I had misunderstood, days where I wondered how I would be able to pay for needed medications, pay bills, or keep food on the table. I’m still in awe as to how He did that, just enough to provide but not undo what our perseverance was accomplishing.

The waiting and the wondering have been the most challenging, as I’m sure you know. Many of us are in this place somewhere in our lives where we are waiting for God’s promise to materialize and save the day. And when conditions get worse, we find it harder to persevere and stand in place, because we wonder if we heard wrong or had we done something to mess things up. I’ve bought into that last lie a lot in the past.

And that’s what it is, a lie. Abba is not fickle with His favor, and from experience, I can truthfully say that sometimes the worst of a situation must be exposed before restoration can begin. Like an infected wound, the puss must be cleansed in order for healing to begin.

Now back to the good news. The start-up my hubby works for has been acquired by a large company and that is good for all concerned. This will enable us to recover slowly and even reach for a particular dream we have in our minds and hearts in about a year or so.

I love that Abba is doing this slowly so that we can continue to grow and be good stewards through all this as He continues to work in my hubby’s heart. I sense this is still a crucial time for growth and preparation for what’s coming down the road.

So, my friends, I hope this encourages you to continue to persevere and keep trusting God. If you feel your promise is delayed, ask Abba why. Above all remember that He does not withhold His good from us and if there’s something we’re asking for and not getting, He’s most likely protecting us or wanting to give us something better.

“Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” — Matthew 7:9-11

Abba, I pray that You would stir our hearts and our spirits with wisdom to pray for your good gifts and give us the patience, endurance and perseverance we need in the time between our request, our thanks and our receipt of Your good and perfect gifts. Give us supernatural eyes and ears to see and hear Your presence every day. We love and praise You, King Jesus, and give You all the glory. Amen!

Love you all so much, my friends. If you have a prayer that you have been are carrying alone, share it and let’s pray for each other. Where two or three gather in His name...


Tablecloth Of Thanks 2013

I started a Thanksgiving family tradition a few years ago quite by accident. This tradition has become my absolute favorite. I'm sharing it today, as I do every year, so that our new readers can begin this tradition in their home. This is also a Family Faith Tradition I share in our new book, Not Alone.

Enjoy.....A Tablecloth of Thanks

It’s never too late to start a new tradition in your home, especially one which brings honor to the Lord. I have a story to share and a photo. I also want to give you a chance to share some of your holiday traditions or giggles.

Join in today and share a Thanksgiving holiday tradition from your home or share a funny holiday hiccup.

I will share with you that like many newly married young women, I didn’t realize the turkey was stuffed with bagged giblets. Yep, I cook the turkey with the plastic bag and the giblets still inside. We ate it anyway.

Also, three years ago, I set the oven on fire when I moved the giant bird around. I freaked out. My husband came running. The house was crazy, people were yelling, crying and freaking… Perhaps it was only me doing the yelling, crying and freaking. My calm man put the flames out and to this day, I don’t know how he did it because we didn’t own a fire extinguisher.

The next morning I rose before dawn and went shopping at The Home Depot. NO NOT FOR CHRISTMAS… For a fire extinguisher. And now, every year BEFORE I bake the turkey, I check to make sure the extinguisher is charged and ready.


Today, I'm sharing one of my most favorite family traditions. Here is a post I wrote five years ago for the Internet Cafe. Hope you start a family tradition this year. It's NEVER too late to have a Tablecloth of Thanks.

Tablecloth of Thanks 

Many of you know that I am married to an unbeliever. This past May we celebrated 15 years of marriage. Our unequally yoked marriage has had its challenges to say the least. Over the years, however, our ingenious God has maneuvered us through many touchy issues. 

Our disparity becomes more apparent during the holidays. Giving thanks to our Lord in November is a treasured time for me. I name my blessings one-by-one in prayer, thanking God for His lavish abundance poured into our lives. 

Like most wives living in an unequally yoked marriage, I long for my spouse to understand there is a God. To know He is intricately involved in our lives and everything we have is provision of our creator. I have also learned that forcing God upon my husband is a surefire way to push him away. I am careful to respect my husband and simply trust Jesus to reach him in his perfect timing. 

In spite of my husband’s unbelief, I discovered a unique way to draw him into the celebration of thanks, besides through his stomach. He loves turkey. 

Four years ago, I threw a new, pristine-white tablecloth across our dinning room table two weeks prior to Thanksgiving. I purchased several colored pens and placed them on top. A new tradition was born, a Tablecloth of Thanks. It began with my daughter. I told her, “I WANT you to write on this tablecloth.” She looked at me with skepticism in her eyes, wondering if her mother had lost her mind. 

“Really,” my smiled reassured. “Write down what you are most thankful for this year. Then write the year, 2004, near your name.” 

She grinned and began to write using several different colors. I joined in and wrote my thanks directly on the beautiful tablecloth. 

Later that evening my husband noticed the scribbles on the tablecloth. I watched as he walked over to read our words. I walked to his side and took his hand. I subtly asked him if he would also write down his thanks. He smiled and said maybe later. 

Finally on the evening of Thanksgiving Day, my husband picked up a pen and wrote; I am thankful for my wonderful family, great friends, and a very happy life. 

Wow! Was he giving thanks to our Lord? I am not sure. However, every year since he has continued to write a thankful list. Last year’s entry reads; I am thankful for all of my blessings…family, friends, and the dogs. 

Imported Photos 00001What? Did he use the word blessings? Small steps such as these lead to the Savior. I can’t wait to read his thankful list this year. 

The Thankful Tablecloth is one of my most prized possessions. Everyone who visits our home during the Thanksgiving holiday contributes to this permanent memorial of thanks. It is a visible praise to the King displayed in our unequally yoked home each November. 

One of my favorite thanks is this: 

I am thankful
to be able to sit
on the couch and have
my people pet me.

Hmmmm, I wonder how the dog grew fingers and learned to write???? 

Psalm 69:30 (NIV)
I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.


Lord God, I will name my blessings one-by-one….. Jesus… eternal life…. clean water to drink…..capacity to love…..empowerment to forgive….. just for a start….. 

It is never too late to start a new tradition. If you want to start your Tablecloth of Thanks, I have a few helpful hints.

  1. Place a sheet of butcher paper under your tablecloth. (I have a permanent smiley face on my dinning room table from the year 2005)
  2. Use colorfast fabric pens.
  3. Store your tablecloth in an airtight Ziploc bag. 

Thank you my friends for sharing this Holiday treasure with me. I wish you were with me today and could share your thankful heart on the Tablecloth of Thanks.

(My friends, if you could, share this post on Facebook and Twitter. It's truly a wonderful tradition and I want so much for families to have an opportunity to share faith in this way. Thanks, Lynn  - click on the buttons below to share. Hugs)

Weekend Worship — Puppy Love

IMG_2436Let me tell you a story about a dog named Riley.

Except that wasn't his name when we first met him. This wayward pup followed my husband and I one day as we walked the park. When we attempted to get a closer look and see if he had a collar, he dashed away.

My husband and I finished our walk around the park and headed home. As we came closer to our house, we saw this pooch standing right in front of our house. I kid you not.

Our new furry friend still evaded us as we drew closer, hightailing it down the street to what we hoped was his home. The next day my youngest daughter spotted a dog hiding under some bushes in a yard across the street. She finally coaxed him out and brought him home.

Same dog. No collar. No chip. We made signs and hung them all over the neiborhood and park. We posted about him on Facebook. We listed him on our neiborhood site. No one claimed this little guy who seemed so eager just to be loved.

A few days later, I told my daughter, "God has put this dog in our lives for a reason and I'm wondering if it might have something to do with you. Pray and ask God what that's about."

Long story short, Riley—as we have dubbed him—has now come to stay with us for good. He's the most cuddlicious pooch I've had the pleasure to know. And he has the most interesting settling and peaceful effect on my husband. Very interesting...perhaps my assessment of "whom" this dog was for may have been a tad bit off. 

I've no idea what Abba is doing with this little guy, but I'm positive something's going on here. I've seen God do this before with my daughter's dog Shasta and how this pooch saved her life. I watch my husband and Riley interact with great anticipation. God's ways are so much fun!

My friends, I pray that from this day forth through this festive time of the year that Abba would put people, pets, or particulars in your life that will astound, delight you and bring great joy and peace. Let's call them "Rileys." See a "Riley" in your life already?

Keep your eyes open. Look for the "rileys" Abba is placing in your life to speak His love, care and attention to you. Especially right now as we enter a season of busy preparations. I wonder how many of these delights we miss on a daily basis. I'm praying for open eyes and ears and respective hearts to percieve more for each and every one of us. 

I love you, my friends, and truly appreciate each of you. This community is part of my joy and delight each and every day. Thank you, Abba. You give me such sweet blessings!


Prince Jesus Sings

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comMy friends, we are drawing to a close of this story. Although I’m feeling like I’m just getting started. It’s as if a bright door with brilliant light has opened before me and it beckons. It’s so bright that I can’t see past the door frame but I know something warm, good and holy waits inside. I’m filled with trepidation and yet my soul is compelled, drawn to allow this Prince Jesus to summon me further into His Kingdom. 

It’s been three weeks tomorrow since I met this Prince and our new and different love affair is only beginning. I remain in awe. I'm filled with a holy fear and reverence and also I know I'm in over my head with this King who loves tenderly and woos me unto Himself. 

And what does that look like? 

Well right now I can only give you a simple story.

On the Monday following my experience in the healing rooms, I’m at home and I wake early. I shuffle out to the coffee maker, scoop up my Bible like every other morning and sit in the family room to read and pray. It’s moments like this that life returns to normal and it’s routine and you fear that you will lose what God gave you over the past four days. Because I’m back in my home and I’m still married to an unbelieving man. I have dishes to do. Errands to run and the dog wants his breakfast. Nominal, ordinary, everyday stuff. 

Yes, two days ago I had a life-altering encounter with the Most High, The Prince of Peace. 

How do I move forward? How can I proceed with such a change in my heart and soul? I know most of us have lived in this very place. We return home from a retreat, a mountain top experience, and as much as we experienced and changed, “real” life awaits. The enemy is prowling just waiting for a moment to destroy our newly found hope and joy. Can anyone relate? 

Well, I have more to say about that later but let me take you back to this Monday morning. I’m sitting in the family room. I am so hungry for God that I just remember praying, “I’m hungry for you Dad. I just want your heart. I want more of you. I want all of you Prince Jesus. Fill me with your Spirit. And Dad, give me more love. More love to give you and more love to give to people.” 

I close my Bible. I shuffle back to the kitchen, feed the dog, the fish and head to the bedroom. I change into my walking clothes and I drive out to my walk-n-pray wilderness. I turn on my music and begin to walk still marveling over all that has transpired. And also asking Jesus to come and woo me, all the while wondering what in the world will that look like. What does that even mean? 

I had walked about 20 minutes and as an old familiar song, one of my favorite worship songs ended, I stopped singing out loud, waiting for the next song to queue. It was a fairly new song in my playlist. It was Your Voice by Kim Walker-Smith & Skyler Smith. I began to sing along as I walked briskly down the vineyard-lined, country road. I sang the lyrics in worship while thinking about this Prince who galloped into my life two days earlier. And as I mulled the words of this song over in my head, THAT IS WHEN IT HAPPENED. 

I was singing:

There is no greater need
You make my life complete
You set me free

Your voice alive in me
The sound of victory
You speak to me

Your voice is the light 
Shining through the doorway
Of my heart and comes alive
When You speak into me

You're my life
You're my life
You're my life
You're my life

And as I hit the chorus of, “You’re my life. You’re my life.” I heard distinctly the voice of Jesus speak to me and he said, “No Lynn. You are not singing these words to me. (Don’t you get it) I’m the one singing these words to you.” 

Yes, you guessed it. Blubbering ensued. Again!

Wait a minute. Jesus is singing to me….. Your voice is the light shining through the doorway of my heart and comes alive when you speak into me.  You’re my life. You’re my life....... 

Gulp. I’m still emotional typing this three weeks later. 

Well to say a certain 5’4” blonde girl was astonished is an understatement. I don’t think I could do anything else the rest of the walk but just receive this love that Jesus poured upon me whether I was ready or not. 

I arrived home. And what is a girl to do when she is being pursued? She calls her girlfriend, her BFF. Yep, Thank God Dineen is on speed dial. I explained to her what had just happened to me on the walk and she replies: 

“Oh Lynn, your being wooed.” 

Double gulp! I didn’t even realize. Thank goodness for girlfriends who help dull ones like me, figure things out! Sheesh!!! 

More crying. Sniffle, sniffle. More awe. More love….. More. 

I just want more. 

As I leave this post today, I just can’t get out of my mind what was said at the conference: Bobby Conner said that God is wanting His people to embrace THE AWE OF GOD. So I’m certainly on this path. I’ve never understood the awe of God, His Son, Prince Jesus, of the Holy Spirit as I do today. 

And as I leave you today, I’m asking that every single person who reads this will receive an encounter with the Prince and that you will fully experience the awe of being the bride of the Most High King. 

Prince Jesus, woo my friends, this SUMite family. The Bride adores you. Reveal Yourself to all of us in supernatural encounters that leave us wrecked, changed forever. We ask to help us embrace the awe of your power and love. Teach us, grant us wisdom and understanding. Make in us a people that are worthy, a people of maturity and purity. Fill us with your love. Prince, we want more. We want more. We want you. We want your heart. This is our plea for all of our lives. Amen. 

See you next time as I have two remaining posts that are part of this series. However, there is so much more going on in this community that I will likely have other stuff interspersed. 

I love you my friends… my family. I carry you in my heart. 

This entire story is my testimony and now I anoint it and pass it along to you that you may partake of it, receive it and may it manifest in your life.

Revelations 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.


White Open Door
Will you walk through this door with me?

"Image courtesy of ponsulak,".