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Another Adventure

Good Monday Morning SUMites! 

Today is a fun and crazy day! Dineen and I will actually be in a recording studio in Los Angeles today and tomorrow. We will be narrating both of our books, Winning Him Without Words and Not Alone, creating an audio book. 

Say WHAT??? 

Who would ever guess us two wacky and ordinary gals would be doing such a thing. Who knew? 

No one is more surprised than the two of us. And how this came about was such a wonder. I remember receiving an email from our Editor, Kim Bangs, the Best Editor in the world, she wrote: 

More Awesome news!  In the mail today we received three audio contracts from Oasis Audio for the creation of audio books from some Regal titles.

TWO of those titles are yours! Both Winning Him Without Words and Not Alone!


Happy, praising Jesus dance…


Since then and after our heads stopped spinning, we have been working with the owner of the audio company, Steve. This guy is a hoot. He has been extraordinarily generous with us, gracious, and we are going to have a blast working with him. 

But, you know what the best part of this story is? Steve’s personal story about his mom, Louise. Steve was raised by a hardworking, single mother who was relentless to provide for Steve and his sister and she was an amazing woman of faith. 

Let me explain that Steve works with stars. He happened to mention to me that they just completed a narration of the New Testament with James Earl Jones narrating.


He likely could make a ton more money spending his efforts on other famous authors, but the economy of the Kingdom is so different than the world. Steve’s heart is for moms just like his mother, Louise. He is investing in the Kingdom to provide this resource to those who are visually impaired or mother's who need to listen on their way to work. He is investing in this community and resources for moms and wives just like his mother, us the SUMites. 

Wow Just WOW! 

For Dineen and I, we are praying our voices hold out because we will both be in booths recording all day Monday and Tuesday. What a sweet gift from the Lord. And what a neat thing to be allowed to narrate our own books. I can’t wait till you hear me read from page 45 of Not Alone:

God has a strange sense of humor.

I am quirky and I love it that Regal Books allows me to write and now speak in my wacky voice. 

My friends, thank you for traveling this crazy, mixed up, and astonishing journey with us. We are all in this together and everything we do, (including you, me and Dineen), is for the Kingdom of our Great God. 

Watch for photos on our Facebook page. Hugs, Lynn & Dineen 

Oasis Audio

Oh and you can preorder your audio copies now at book retailers.

Not Alone

Winning Him Without Words.

Both books

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