The Vastness of Our God
I Meet Prince Jesus- Who Am I?

Weekend Worship — The Presence of God

IStock_000004628405XSmallMy friends, so much happened during our time at Bethel at the Open Heavens conference. I will share some of the highlights starting today and continue next week.

The moment walked into the church you could feel a change in the atmosphere. I don't think I've ever felt it quite so strongly. We followed the signs to registration and got in line. Two or three women were greeting people as we walked in and speaking blessings over each one. Sometimes they would stop someone, because God had given them a specific word to pass on to them—always encouraging and uplifting. This is truly how the body of Christ is intended to operate and it is stunning!

As I stepped up to the table, the woman sitting behind the table looked at me and started to speak. She blinked and seemed to stumble over her words. I leaned forward to ask if she was okay, concerned for her. She reached out and took my hand, and my friends, I am not exaggerating when I say I was speechless. I couldn't move. We just stared at each other. God's presence and power came down and just us there for a good 30 seconds.

Then she began to speak into my life, telling me to be steadfast and immovable. Then she stood and had me put my bag down and stand with my arms to my sides and said she was going to push on my shoulders and that I was to stand firm. I followed her directions and stood firm and still when she pushed.

I know, crazy, right? But what if I told you that the next day during one of our worship sessions, I heard Jesus speak this:

"Dineen, will you stand for Me?"

I think I went to my knees in total submission, saying yes, yes, yes! So powerful and so overwhelming.

My friends, it is absolutely stunning how God sets things in place to prepare us for what's coming and helps us connect the dots. What this dear woman did was prepare me for the words I would hear later and gave me a deeper affirmation and confirmation of what Jesus was asking from me.

Then as we waited that first day to enter the sanctuary for the first session, I got zapped by Lynn's roaring lady, Deborah! Totally surprised by it too, because I didn't feel it at first and then WHAM! I began to shake and could barely catch my breath. God's presence was so strong. It was like a surge of power ran through me like electricity and the after affect I can only describe as feeling a heightened sense of awareness almost as if I were floating. Wow!

Then after the evening session I went up for prayer for healing for my ribs (still had some discomfort from that inflammation started from a cole back in May) from a young man named Tyler, who rocked my world! I will finish that story next week along with our encounter with Mathew and Mark!

Until then, I pray each of you are filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit and experience the overwhelming love and power of The Lord God Almighty! There is nothing like His presence!

Hugging you with JOY!

My precious friends, pick a time and place where you can be alone and play this song loud. Hear the lyrics and make them the prayer of your heart. When he sings "fill this place" think of that place as you. You are a temple, a holy place intended to house the Spirit of the Living God—the Holy Spirit sent to us by Jesus. I love you, and I am praying for His Presence to fill and overwhelm each and every one of you!

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