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Weekend Worship — Fish and Loaves

NotAloneImage6My friends, here I am again, most likely on the road again as you read this, taking Lynn back to the airport and then heading home. I'm sure my mind, spirit and heart are full and overflowing from the Open Heavens conference, and I look forward to sharing details! But for now I want to share what I'm learning in stunning clarity.

Here's another graphic we've created so if you would kindly repin or share however you feel led. And thank you again for your prayers and support for Lynn and I, our new book, this ministry and especially for each other! The SUMite community is a beautiful representation of how Jesus wanted the church to function for His name and glory.

You know, we talk easily about God's faithfulness and we believe it. But lately, I'm am stunned by it. Yes, I use that word twice in a row (a writing no-no), because there just isn't another word that fits right now.

I'm stunned. (Call the word police. I'm a gonner.)

With the smallest step of faithfulness on our part, God rushes in with His all-out and HUGE faithfulness. I struggle to comprehend it at times, because it is SO generous and so BIG.

He takes our small offerings of obedience, our prayers and even our dreams, and, like the fish and loaves Jesus used to feed the multitudes, He expands and multiplies them. He doesn't do this out of duty either. He does it out of His desire to delight us! To show us who He is in ALL His glory.

So, take a moment and let that sink in. Believe that your obedience is noticed and will be rewarded. Believe that your prayers have shot directly into our Savior's heart and He is moving as your intercessor right now. Believe that Abba is preparing and polishing your dreams so He can hand them back to you like sparkling jewels.

He's that good. He's that vast. He's that able.

I love you, my friends!

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