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This Experiment Can't Get Any Better Than This...

If you have been a reader here for any time now, you likely know that this five-foot-four, blonde-haired woman has an ornery side to her “delightful” personality. Hee Hee. 

And now that my daughter is away at college, my unsuspecting husband is the recipient of my gentle but ornery teasing. (I remind you that it's my dad’s side of the family has this faulty teasing gene – sheesh). 

But sometimes I think the sense of humor and the mirth of our God far surpasses my silliness. Let me explain. 

If you recall a week ago, Friday, I initiated this grand experiment. I determined to plant seeds of God’s Word in my husband. I absolutely believe this passage of scripture:

 Isaiah 55:11 It is the same with my word.
    I send it out, and it always produces fruit.
It will accomplish all I want it to,
    and it will prosper everywhere I send it. 

I want to see the results of crossing scripture verses with my prebeliever. It’s been a fantastic experiment so far. Read Monday’s results. But today, I can barely contain myself because on Wednesday, the most astonishing thing happened. I think both God and me were in a teasing mood and this is what happened. 

It’s Wednesday, late in the afternoon, and I’m taping up a box for the post office. In the box is a bunch of stuff for my daughter who started college a month and a half ago. It’s our first care package we are sending her way. I finish addressing the box and casually ask my husband, “Hey, I have to run this to the post office, why don’t you ride along with me.” 

(On a side note: This empty nest thing…. It’s filled with these ordinary moments that are tender and sweet.) 

“I don’t want to go to the post office.” 

“Ya, but come with me anyway,” I bat my eyelashes playfully at him. 

That’s it. He knows I’m in a playful mood and he says, “Okay, I guess I’ll go.” 

I grab the box, my purse and the keys and head straight to the car before he changes his mind. While he’s putting on shoes, I jog out to the mailbox and pick up the mail, then get into the car and start the engine. He emerges from the house and sits in the passenger seat. I throw the car in reverse, casually toss the stack of mail in his lap, and off we go. 

I say to him, “Hey, I noticed that there is a postcard from Caitie’s college in the stack of mail. I didn’t have my glasses on me, so can you read it to me?” 

This is a photo of the postcard:


So my husband begins to read this card ….. OUT LOUD…. while I’m motoring down the road. As he proceeds to read it I hear scripture coming from his lips. The card has a verse from 2 Corinthians printed on it. He finishes reading it to me. 

“Wait, wait, what did it say? I inquire. “I couldn’t understand you.” 

He reads the entire card to me again. At this point I am grinning so big that the light glistening from my broad smile is blinding other drivers. I’m sitting in my seat, driving, and now get this….. Listening to my husband read scripture verses to me. 


And now God and I become ornery. I say to my man in the passenger seat, “ Can you read it one more time to me? I’m not sure I understand that passage.” 

Okay, I’ll admit. I just wanted him to read it again… Yep, I’m ornery at times. And what I love about my sweet man is that he is patient and long suffering with his zany wife. So he begins to read it for a third time. 

At this point, I’m literally laughing in my throat, biting my tongue as to not laugh out loud because the outlandishness of this entire scenario is blowing my mind. I’m giggling and giggling inside. A smile as broadly as the sun and I’m just thanking God that He is "in on" this wacky experiment. 

Lord, My Papa, You ARE a blast.


Have a fantastic weekend my friends and let our Daddy make you smile as broad as the sun!! 

See you Monday, our book launches that day and there is a ton of stuff going on for this amazing community. I love you so much my friends. I pray for you every….. single…… day… With a heart full of love and an ornery sense of humor, Lynn

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