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Weekend Worship — The Presence of God

The Vastness of Our God

Revelations 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. 

As I mentioned on Monday, I’m convinced God cracked the Universe open over me last week. And today, I’m bearing witness to what happened. When a believer shares a testimony it releases power in the spiritual realm. So it is in faith that I tell this story with the belief that when you read it, this testimony becomes Your testimony. 

A shift in the universe happened last Saturday. 

Following three days at the Open Heavens Conference, Saturday morning arrived and I was feeling filled by the Holy Spirit and yet tired. It had been a full week and I woke exhausted. Dineen and I were planning to go to Bethel, to their Healing Rooms, that morning and then leave from there to drive to the airport. Well, as I woke that morning I had an attitude. I wanted to sleep in. I wasn’t really all that jazzed up about attending the healing rooms. There wasn’t a specific physical healing that I was seeking. However, Dineen has shared here at SUM that she is battling a couple of different physical issues, so I reluctantly crawled out of bed to go with her. 

I thought to myself, “Well, they can pray for me to receive the gift of fasting if they must pray bout something for me.” Geeze, it sounds so smug when I type this. Forgive me. And in all honesty, I do struggle in this area of fasting and my stomach is my last remaining idol of my life. I would like to rid myself of overeating.

 So, off we went. Little did I know that God was waiting for me, little ole’ me to show up. 

We completed our paperwork, waited to be called, attended the pre-class in preparation and then finally, we walked into the main room where people from Bethel were praying, musicians were playing, and there were chairs and cushions and people all over the place. For some reason, I made my way toward the stage and sat down in a chair. Dineen followed and sat down next to me. 

I waited only a few minutes and a woman approached. She was a few years older than me and as she sat down and looked into my eyes I read her name tag, “Sherry.” 

Thinking I knew what I was doing, I began to ask her for healing over this idol of my stomach and then went on to explain how I struggle in this area and how I truly desired the gift of fasting. Sherry listened and her gentle gaze held my eyes as I spoke. When I finished speaking, Sherry, still looking deeply into my eyes said, “I am going to pray for you but I’m NOT going to pray for that.” 

Say what? 

Sherry immediately began to speak and all I could do was to sit in my chair and receive what was about to happen. She said, “I’m not going to pray for that but I am going to pray that you receive the wine of God from heaven.” So, I listen and receive and am a bit confused. But then she moves forward, never letting her gaze leave my eyes and she says something so out of left field that I’m shocked. 

“Prince Jesus is going to date you.” 

“He is going to pursue you and woo you.” 

“Prince Jesus is going to come to you in your dreams in the morning hours and speak His love for you. Isaiah 50:4b (He wakens me morning by morning..) 

At this point my head is reeling. What is happening here? This isn’t what I wanted prayer for. But as I sit in the chair and Sherry is speaking words to me about a Royal Prince. 

Sherry continues, “He is going to sweep you off your feet.” Prince Jesus, the Strong One, The Warrior is going to ride in on his white horse for you, Lynn, the bride.” 

At this point I’m not sure what is going on. I start to have what I describe and out of body experience. I’m completely unable to talk and Sherry is finished speaking and praying over me. She stands and moves over to sit with Dineen and they both have their backs turned to me. THAT IS WHEN IT HAPPENS. 

Sitting in the chair I have a vision open up before me. (I’ve never had this happen before). And what opens up before me is a vast, AND I MEAN VAST, empty and dark universe. It opens up on my left side. (I don’t know how to describe this) And instantaneously several things happen. I will try to describe them to my best ability but remember all this happens in an instant. 

The Universe cracks open on my left. I see a vast empty black, utterly black dark cavern. Simultaneously I am hit with searing pain in the middle of my chest. The pain is so searing, so enormous, that I’m doubled over. And in that precise instant I have immediate understand of the darkness I’m seeing and the pain. 

They are one and the same. 

It’s loneliness. 

It’s a vast need to be pursued. It’s a bottomless cavern to be adored, cherished, protected. This dark place is filled with so much pain I physically can feel it in the center of my chest. I think I’m having a heart attack. 

Now hear me in this. I absolutely DID NOT know this place existed in me. Truly. I completely believed I have been healed of the loneliness of my marriage. But in one instant the God of the universe reveals I’m carrying enough pain to fill this vast dark place that looks like it is endless in its boundaries. What I also want you to hear is that this great need to be filled is impossible for my human husband to fill. 

Somewhere so deep inside of me is a need to be pursued, to be weak, thus protected, to be wooed, dated, and treasured. This need was created in me because God wanted to fill it. And through my many years of living, I have wanted a man, a husband, to fill this place. 

In a single second, God reveal this pain, this need, this emptiness and you know why? 

Because in the very next instant the healing came. 

In this vision I then saw Prince Jesus, the Warrior King, The Glorified Christ, on His white horse galloping through this dark emptiness. The brilliance of His white horse and the white robe illuminated and diminished this darkness. My Prince, the Warrior King was galloping through this place to rescue me. 

Say what? 

Now get this. I can hear, literally hear the horse hooves making the clompety, clomp noise as He rode closer and closer. In fact, I heard horse hooves galloping all the way to the airport in the car. You can ask Dineen because out of the blue in the car I shout out, “Okay, I hear you. I hear you.” I turned to look at Dineen as she was startled by my outburst and thought I was nuts. 

It’s true. Every word. 

As I’m having this vision, pain searing my chest, I’m doubled over and absolutely bawling uncontrolled, yet trying to control it because I don’t want anyone to see me having a snot bawl. And I was completely incapable of speaking to assure people I’m not dying and need an ambulance. 

So, I try to cry discretely… Ya right. 

I’m having a vision of Prince Jesus and I’m trying not to be emotional. Sometimes I’m an idiot. 

Okay, I just noticed this post is already way too long. And I haven’t even gotten to the good part. Okay, Jesus showing up , riding in to save me is the good part. But there is so much more. I need to tell you why He showed up that way. Who He says that I am. And also about all the crazy stuff that has happened since then. 

My friends, it’s only been a week. And so, so much has happened. 

So on Monday I will continue this real life encounter with Prince Jesus. Join me then when you find out who I am in this vision. Who YOU are in this. I love you. I love this Prince Jesus. See you Monday. Hugs, Lynn


White Horse II
Can you hear the horses hooves? I still can.


******And for the men readers, God gave me a vision of what it looks like for a man in this scenario. It's one of the most honorable and regal discriptions of a man of God. I can't wait to share that. Will likely be a post just for men at the end of this series, so just hang in the guys. Lynn


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