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Open Heavens


It's Lynn & Dineen. We are currently at the Open Heaven's Conference at Bethel in Redding, California today. It was one year ago that we attended this conference for the first time. It was at this conference on Friday that lil ol' Lynn Donovan had an encounter with the God of the Universe that totally changed everything in my life. (read that story here)

It was also the same time that Dineen experienced life-transforming healing and received a prophetic calling on her life.

Over the past year I have shared stories of how God has imparted His healing power through prayers and how I feel His fire of healing flow through my hands. Dineen has taught all of us how to find healing for our brokenness and marriages through her great wisdom and vision.

So, pray with us as we are expecting God to show up and bring even more to us. And you know what happens then? We bring it all home with us and give it away to all of you. So expect some new things when we get back.

I will remind you of a few things that we brought home last year. Do you remember the bracelets and the Re-sign campaign? Do you remember my stories of healing prayers for Willie? Do you recall how the two little verses, Luke 9:1-2 change the way I pray forever?

God has so much for us, The SUMites, as we are the harvesters (Read Dineen's post about that here). We have a Kingdom Legacy and a destiny ahead of us. We are determined this next season to pull the gold out of each of us. To encourage everyone to step fully into your Kingdom calling and to enjoy ALL that God is desperate to give His children. Abundance, release from shame, worry, guilt. Release of new areas of finances. Gifts. Laughter, delight and adventure.

So hold on.... The journey is just getting started and we are all on the adventure of a lifetime. 

We love you so much our family. We have taken each of you with us to Bethel (The House of God). So get ready to receive signs, wonders, and miracles. Hugs Lynn & Dineen.

Powerful Thing Love

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