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The Aftermath

IMG_2433My friends, today I will finish my Bethel story but I want you to know that this adventure is far from over. Our journey with God is an ongoing adventure that unfolds on a daily basis. I’m stunned at times to go back and read in my journal what I’ve written down and then forgotten! I’m so glad I can go back and be reminded of these things because sometimes those little moments wind up being key to understanding what a big one means.

As I will share today. I had a small moment before the conference where I found a dime and penny on the ground during one of my walks. God has me picking up pennies a lot this last year as part of my growing faith and trust in Him to provide for us during these financially trying times. I’ve shared much of that with you in the past. (I have an update on that to share with you soon too!)

That day when I picked up not just a penny but a dime too, Abba whispered to me, “I will increase in you tenfold.” When I got home I placed that dime and penny in front of my keyboard as a constant reminder of what God had spoken to me.

So, on this particular day now after the conference I was walking around the park yet again. Each time I circle the spot where I found the dime and penny, I am reminded again of what God spoke to me that day. I believe the things that happened at Bethel are all part of that.

That morning I had spoken to Lynn on the phone about my hubby. She’d been praying for him and felt that God showed her that when he does come to Jesus, it will be very emotional for him. She even said he’d cry for a week! My guy doesn’t like to show it, but I know he’s a deep feeler when it comes to his emotions. I think he tends to guard himself in this area too.

Back to my walk and pray that morning. I began to pray for my husband and about what Lynn has shared with me. Then, wham! A slew of emotions that I can only describe as not my own brought me to tears. Intense grief and a series of emotional flashes of all the things my husband had missed and would one day mourn that he had.

Key events like our daughters accepting Jesus, baptisms, reading the Bible to them and more cerebral, our ongoing faith walks and growth. Dealing with our youngest daughter’s cancer and how God worked so miraculously even in the small things. Then it stopped as quick as it hit. My friends, I kid you not. This was not my grief. I don’t even know if I could have believed such a thing possible had I not experienced it myself!

As I continue to walk (and sniffle), I prayed over my husband for all of this. First in my heart and mind and then out loud. Thankfully there weren’t many people around at the moment or I might have gone back to being silent for what happened next. And what I spoke—prophesied—had to be spoken out loud.

I believe the Holy Spirit had risen up in me and was fueling my passion and my prayer, and He was giving me the words, because they stopped me in my tracks. I had to literally stop and consider what had just been spoken aloud over my husband.

Why? Because it was what I had been praying for him for years. Not in these words, not in this declaration, not how I would have said it. No, this was the Holy Spirit speaking the truth through me for my husband, out loud and for all the heavenlies and the spiritual realm to take notice.

My arm shot into the air and this poured out: “The Lord God Almighty will call forth Mike Miller to be a son of God, and he will serve the Lord all the days of his life.”

Whoa! Amen! Yes, Lord, yes! I believe it! I’ve shared in the past that when my hubby comes to Jesus, I want him ALL in. And I know that is the desire of Abba’s heart too.

My friends, I want to tell you that God is opening doors that I’m stunned to stand in front of—doors for this ministry, doors for my family and doors for me. Like the Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 4:15, who stood in the doorway, ready to receive what Elisha had to give her—a prophetic word about a son.

I’ve heard this Scripture referred to a lot lately, because God is using it to show so many that we need to be standing in that doorway, ready to receive what He wants to give us. I’m already seeing many of you walking in places you haven’t before and using your spiritual gifts. And it seems the more we share here the more that escalates.

Because these gifts are meant to be shared. They are not for us. We carry them to serve others. (Read James 4:2-3) And when we function in this way, as Abba intends us to, we are extending His kingdom and preparing others to do likewise. Abba is showing me how I need to take what I’m learning (and I still have so much to learn!) and not only share it here but also with my daughters too.

So, my dear friends, I want to encourage you to continue to seek God for what He has uniquely gifted you to do. Ask Him to place specific people and things in your path to help you grow in your gifts and your faith. I did that a while back and within a day I had an email from a church I was familiar with for a course about prophetic activation that launched me into a whole new realm of function and understanding.

If you can’t find what you need at your church, check out other reputable churches that offer courses like these for all to come, not just their own membership.

Look for and research books. There are some really great books out there by Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Kris Vallotton, Dan McCollam and James W. Goll (I highly recommend The Lifestyle of a Prophet for everyone because it is truly about our relationship with God). Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you and protect your heart from any deception, and do your research. Above all, read your Bible. That must always come first because if you don’t know the truth, you won’t be able to recognize the lies out there.

As I prayed and asked Abba how to end this post, He said to tell you this, “Seek me above all else, even above these gifts.”

My friends, if we don’t make our relationship with Him first—always—we run the risk of making an idol out of the very things we are asking Him for. Cultivate your relationship with Abba first so as to build character and to learn to hear Him better and better. Because without Him, all of this meaningless.

If you have questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am happy to share all that I know and am learning. And know that I am constantly praying over this community, for Abba to release all He has for us and equip us as He has planned from the beginning. I rejoice and shout praises to the heavens when I see one of you begin to walk in trust and new ways with our Precious Lord. It’s truly a beautiful thing to witness!

Love each of you so very much! 

Balm For My Pain

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So on Friday I left you with my story of my return home from Bethel. 

This is the culmination of a long week and very long and a supernatural experience more fantastic than I can describe with sufficiency. 

So here we go. Are you ready?

I’m lying in bed trying to fall asleep. But I can’t sleep. So I talk to God. I can’t even remember what I’m praying but it was words of love, peace, joy and seeking. Leaving the conference has stirred up inside of me a hunger for more. I want more of God’s desires for mankind. I know I’ve spent hours praying since the conference asking for God to give me His heart. I just want His heart for people. I want to love people and I refuse to judge them. I ask God to give me His heart and eyes to see people as He sees them. I want to see my husband, my daughter, son, my neighbors – all people- through His perception. Then I will have understanding as to why they are the way they are and I will also have clear vision to see their pain and to pray for them and with them. 

I just want God’s heart. To have more love poured into me so I can love Him more. 

I also remember praying that I want to see past the membrane (the veil) into His realm. I want to see angels and see heaven. I want to hear heaven and see the true reality. I’m praying these words over and over for about two hours. And I remember praying, “Lord, I want to see angels with my natural eyes.” Marcus from the conference instructed me to pray in this way. “Lord, may I see the angelic with my natural eyes.” 

I slowly opened my eyes and that’s when I looked across the room to a place where I’ve sensed an angel rests in the night. It is always there protecting me. 

I see with my natural eyes this angel. 

It’s a light. Resting on top of my husband’s Chest of Drawers near the celling. It doesn’t frighten me. I kinda already knew it was there. It’s a light of brilliant white and blue. Now I know this description will bug some of you because you have been given images of great winged creatchers but angels are of the spirit realm and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen an angel as light. It's not to say that they don't manifest with wings or in human forms because I believe they do, however, in this moment, I saw light.

I watched this light for a while. I would close my eyes and open them again to see it just resting there. Finally I opened my eyes again and it was no longer visible. But I knew it was there. 

And it was then that I heard God’s voice speak to me in my soul, “Lynn, what you are about to see (near future events) will be the balm to your pain. 

Now I have no idea what is planned that I’m going to be allowed to see but I’m pursing this promise with all the fervor and prayers I possess. I want to see God’s glory, the supernatural, I want to see past the veil and see the angelic. I want to hear the angels sing and nature worship the God of All. I want to increase in hearing God speak to me and to amplify this healing anointing given to me. 

I want to see it all. Experience all God has for His children. 

DO YOU????? 

Start with this verse.

John 11:40 (NIV) Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” 

Memorize it. And then begin to pray asking God to reveal all these things to you. Pray for an insatiable hunger for God’s heart and feast at His Table devouring His Word. 

God has said to me there is so much right now available for His children. Jump in. The journey is a continual surprising, surpassing love experience with God our Father, Prince Jesus and the Holy Spirit that makes us One. 

Okay, next post. I will tell you what happened with the Prince on Monday.

Revelations 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.


Throughout this series I have received so many comments and emails about how I arrived in this place with my Lord. How is it that I have been anointed with a healing power (fire) that comes from my right hand. How can I see angels. How do I hear the voice of God. So at the end of this series I will share with you the steps of my journey in the hope that others will follow behind. It’s not an easy journey but I would trade everything I have, even my life to remain on this path with my Father, My Prince and the Holy Spirit. I hope this will be of interest to you.


Have an amazing week and if you left a comment on Friday, I prayed for you and left a comment in reply. God gave me some powerful scriptures for many of you. 

I love you my SUMite family. You and I are forever family who will spend thousands upon thousands of years together discovering more and more of God’s love and facets of His person. Woo Hoo. Personally, I can’t wait. Have an amazing week in His Presence. Hugs, Lynn

Weekend Worship — A Holy Encounter?

My friends, on Wednesday I left you with my story about a young man Tyler who prayed over me. I want to talk more about the purpose of prophesy in the church down the road, but for now please check out 1 Corinthians 14:3 which says that prophesy is for edification and exhortation and consolation. I describe it as having a word of insight and/or encouragement for another person that is from Jesus given to us by the Holy Spirit.

Ever give an encouraging word to a friend that you just knew in your heart was God’s truth for them? And when you told them, they lit up like a kid on Christmas morning? That’s giving a prophetic word to someone that’s intended to encourage and restore hope. (And don’t confuse prophets with the prophetic gift. You can walk in this gift and not be a prophet. They don’t go hand in hand.)

Now on to more of my Bethel story.

I woke up with great anticipation of what our last day at Bethel would bring. When I did a quick check of my email, this verse was waiting for me:

Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act. — Psalm 37:7
I knew in my spirit that God was telling me to expect His move, because just a few weeks ago in a simple moment of daily activity, He had spoken to me that my anointing was coming. I had no idea what that meant, but had wondered if it might happen at Bethel.

Now as I read that verse again, I sensed that today would be the day. But I wondered, doubted at times too. Had I heard Abba’s still soft voice? And what did Abba have in store for me?

We found our seats for the day’s events and wound up sitting behind two gentlemen, Matt and Marcus. As the day progressed we were blessed to learn more about these two men, who said that God sent them to various churches to pray over and encourage people. Matt shared a story that was absolutely stunning.

The year before he’d gone to the healing rooms at Bethel to be prayed over. He said the woman praying over him had her hands on his chest and when she took them away, her hands were covered in oil! Then she put her hands on his head and began to shake. She startled back and asked him, “Who are you?!”

After hearing this amazing story we asked them to pray over us and Matt jumped to it so quickly I could barely keep up. This guy prayed with fire and conviction! I can’t remember everything Matt prayed because it was so POWERFUL! He prayed anointings over Lynn and I and over this community and this ministry.

Through the day I kept thinking of that verse and wondering what Abba had in mind. Then it happened. During the worship session I felt God’s power come down on me. My lungs felt like they’d taken residence in my throat as I tried to catch my breath.

And I heard, “Your anointing is here.”

My friends, Abba intends that we walk in His anointings of power and the spiritual gifts He has for us. Look at what 2 Corinthians 1:21 says:

Now He who establishes us with you in Christ and anointed us is God, who also sealed us and gave us the Spirit in our hearts as a pledge.

Amazing, isn’t it? I don’t understand all of it yet, but I believe it’s part of the prophetic gift God has given me and the oil of joy, which I’m still researching and and grasping. (Check out Psalm 45:7 and Isaiah 61:3.)

The next day I recorded as much as I could remember. I got to the part about Matt and Markus and suddenly felt the Holy Spirit kind of move over me. Hard to explain but with it came the thought that Matt and Marcus were like Matthew and Mark, apostles called to share the Good News and encourage the early churches. Somehow I knew that meant something.

A few days after we got back, Lynn emailed Marcus and mentioned my “crazy” thought. He wrote back that his actual given name is Mark Andrew! God is such a blast. I do believe that these two men carry the anointing of the disciples of the past, Matthew and Mark. I don’t know how I know it, but I do. There was no doubt about the power of God resting on these two men, that’s for sure. My friends, we (that means you too!) were prayed over by Matthew and Mark! :-)

So what did this all lead to? Something astonishing that I never expected. I will finish that story next week. Hang with me. This one may just rock you as much as it rocked me. It’s a story that started with tears, which led to a prophetic declaration, another round of tears and then PEACE! Abba is so good!

Can’t wait to share all that with you, my friends. In the meantime, keep asking Jesus what He has for you. He may ask you to give Him something first, like your spouse, your full heart, or maybe a stronghold that He’s desperate to see you free from. He came to set us free (Galatians 5:1), so He will not let us stay in those places—He wants us free! And the more you let go of that stuff, the more room you make in your heart and spirit for His Holy Spirit to fill you up and overflow—and that’s what changes lives and the atmosphere right in our own homes.

Right now, the abundant life waits for all of us—a life full of Jesus’ power, love and presence. It’s yours to claim and pursue, SUMites. Are you willing?

Love you like crazy!

The Bride - Becoming

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comOn Monday I left you with the mind-blow image of becoming THE Bride of Christ. Did this vision mess you up or what? 

Well let’s keep moving because there is more my friends so much more. Last you saw me I was with Dineen bawling on her shoulder in the classroom. Thankfully, the class ends. I have no idea what was said but I do want to publically thank Dineen Miller for holding my hand and letting me cry all over her. Gang, we all need a Dineen Miller in our lives. AMEN! 

So, we head to the car. I’m still reeling in pain. I have such a giant pain in my chest that has been opened up and won’t go away. Now I’m certain that the vision that I experienced was to uncover this hidden pain and bring it out so it could be healed. And I’m also certain that Jesus is the one to heal me and fill in that empty universe. But it’s still hurts right now. Deeply. So my healing isn’t instantaneous. Oh how I wish it was. But isn’t that what it’s like in so many areas the God is trying to heal in all of us? It’s a process. A learning journey of trust and surrender. So, I’m fairly certain I’m already on my way in this journey and I’m expecting Jesus to show up and woo me in the days ahead. 

Dineen and I stop for lunch before heading to the airport. Over salad and an apple fritter, I tearfully describe my vision. I know she tells me about what happened to her, but my friends, I’m so messed right now I can’t hear or comprehend much. I’m describing the pain and the emptiness and sweet Dineen looks at me with such love in her eyes and says, “You have always had to be the strong one, haven’t you.” I gulp. Nod. Can’t speak again.

So much for lunch. Couldn’t really eat anyway. We get on our way to the airport. It’s a two and a half hour drive. We talk a little. I hear pounding horses hooves the entire two and half hours. She drops me off and I fly home.

Arriving in San Diego I am still shell-shocked but not completely incapacitated. I retrieve my car and start the one hour drive home. I am still in physical pain. Deep pain and I’m so messed up that it will be impossible to keep this under wraps from my husband. 

I arrive home and we exchange our normal greeting and chit chat as if everything is normal. My poor husband has no idea what he’s dealing with. He quickly finds out. Somehow we are having an ordinary conversation and he says something to me that I perceived as harsh. That was all it took. A torrent let loose in the Donovan house and my poor man became swept up in it all. 

{I will interject here. …. I promise I’m not crazy. I remind you, I’ve had an encounter with Prince Jesus. That will mess you up a bit} 

Ahem, onward. 

Now get this. We get into a fight. Geeze. We argue. I explain to him what happened. I don’t hold anything back. I tell him all about Bethel, the demonized people I saw that were set free, lives that were transformed, the vision I had and why I’m in so much pain and thus sensitive to his harsh comment. The poor guy looks like a deer in headlights. 

At this point, of course we are not fighting at all, we are laying together on the bed. My head on his shoulder and I just pour it all out to him. Hmmmmmmm, makes me wonder what he is going to do with all of that information. 

Finally, all is well within the Clan. Mike leaves to watch some television. I’m utterly exhausted, and remain understandably overwhelmed and I still am experiencing pain in my chest. I turn out the light and go to sleep. Or at least that’s what I wanted to do. But I can’t sleep. 

And that’s when the NEXT most amazing thing happens. Tune in on Monday and let’s finish this story. 

Revelations 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

SUMers, I must ask you a question as we close this week. Do you have a vast emptiness of loneliness that you are feverishly trying to fill with things of the world, a spouse? It's not too late. Your healing is at hand for Dineen and I are committed to help you discover the love that fills this space.

This love is Jesus, Prince Jesus, The Holy Father and the Spirit.

Pray right now: Lord, I want your heart. I want more of you. I ask that Prince Jesus will fill my vast cavern of loneliness and begin today to bring me to complete wholeness, healing and to walk in Your Presence every day. In Your Son's name, Jesus. Amen

If you prayed this, leave an amen in the comments and I will pray over you. I love you. I really love you. Lynn

1 Corinthians 13:33 (NIV) And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

His Name was Tyler...

11889899_sHello dear friends. Last week I left off with a promise that I would tell you the story of Tyler who prayed over this unsuspecting woman. I wish I had a recording of all he said. I think he spoke continuously for a good five minutes and said so much. Later I wrote down as much as I could recall. I’m so glad that Abba knows it all because I know it came from His amazing heart.

So it was late in the evening and the last worship and message of the day had ended. People were going up front for prayer for healing, many had already left, and the rest milled around talking and smiling with each other. It is truly an atmosphere so thick with God’s presence that you don’t want to leave it!

And the debate within myself continued. Should I go up for prayer? Did I truly need to? I’d been prayed over many times for my ribs and each time I’d walked away better but not completely healed. Seemed obvious to me that Jesus intended to do this in His way and timing so I had chosen to trust in that (He’s teaching me to slow down, that’s for sure).

But I kept remembering the healing training I’d attended earlier this year to work in our local rooms and what they said repeatedly there at Bethel—keep praying until the healing is complete. So went up front and felt drawn to a young man who seemed about the same age as my daughters.

I only asked for healing of my ribs, but secretly I had asked Abba for someone to speak over my life. I wanted confirmation of some things and some affirmation that I was on the right track with this prophetic gifting Abba is calling me to walk in more deeply than I’d anticipated. This was an ache in my heart that I hadn’t shared with anyone but Abba.

So there I stood in front of Tyler. He took my hands and began to pray. I closed my eyes and leaned in to hear his words above the worship music playing in the background.

And he didn’t mention my ribs once! Nope, his words were far from that and were what I’d been asking and praying for for days and weeks before the conference. Abba truly had heard my heart and used this young man to give me what I’d asked and longed for.

He affirmed my prophetic gifting and that I do more than encourage—I give courage and boldness to people. That I “roar” into people, like the Lion Judah. This was about me and my ministry.

Me? Wow, didn’t expect that. Thank You, Holy Spirit! I never told him anything about being part of a ministry so this was even more affirming than I had even asked for.

So here’s the part that made me blush at first and then laugh—he called me a powerful woman and said I would increase. Tyler also said Abba has fun when I use my gift and delights in me when I’m bold. Tyler then encouraged me to be bolder.

Me? Bold? Lord, if you only knew me... But He does. And He has moved in my heart and life to make me bolder in the last year than I even imagined I could be. And it all started with a simple prayer of, “Lord, make me bold like Paul.”

If you told me a year ago that I would sit in a restaurant with a dear friend, ministering to her heart in a time of need and would put my hand up in the air to pray out loud over her, I would have thought you were out of your mind. LOL! This is what God does! He prepares and moves us into these places to do things we never imagined ourselves doing, or thought we couldn’t do.

Or hoped and dreamed of doing... Is that you, dear one? Because that was me once too.

My friends, this is not just about me, this is about you too and what God wants to do in you and this community. Do you remember the dream I shared with you a few months back where I was standing in front of a corn field that extended all the way to these huge mountains in the background? I was standing next to Jesus who gestured to the field and said, “This is the Great Harvest.”

Last week I came across a note I had written on May 16, 2013 about Psalm 68:11:

The Lord gives the command; the women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host.

I thought at first that I had forgotten to share this then, but now I’m thinking it was supposed be now.:

This is my note:
God stopped me right here. More confirmation that God is calling out His daughters to proclaim His goodness and good news. I am so blown away by what is happening right now. Major things are about to happen. I’m absolutely stunned! (Received the harvest dream last night...)

SUMites, as I prayed over this community this weekend, I got a clear impression from Abba that this is a time of releasing gifts for us, which totally confirms what He showed me in May with Psalm 68:11.

So hear me clearly because if you’re anything like I was and sometimes still am, some of you are sitting there thinking, “God doesn’t mean me.”

Yes, He does. All of us. Look at 1 Corinthians 12:4-11

There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work.

Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to still another the interpretation of tongues. All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as he determines.

That last line is key to understanding two things. One, the Greek word for “each one” also means “every.” And two, it’s as God wills, not us. And right now HE WANTS TO GIVE THEM TO US!

So ask Him for everything He has for you. I feel so strongly right now that we are going to see a lot of things happening in the next couple of months. God is going to release these gifts to all of us in ways that will blow us away and leave us hungry for more.

I’m already seeing this happen in this community. And I want to tell our male readers that you are also part of this. I believe you already hold gifts that perhaps you aren’t aware of yet. Ask Abba to show you. Some of the men I have prayed over recently to release their divine destinies have some of the most powerful callings I’ve ever seen and they were totally unaware of it. Walk in what God has already place in you!

So I will stop here with the promise to tell you what happened the next day as Lynn and I had an encounter with Matthew, Mark and Andrew, and a new anointing that was released and what it led to! Oh my goodness, you won’t believe it. I can hardly wait to share more with you, my friends.

Above all, please please please know that our mighty God wants to do these things in your life too. Some of my most profound encounters with Abba have come when I am completely alone and praying in my quiet place, not at a conference.

Meet Him in the secret place, my friends. He’s waiting for you! Love you all so much!



(By the way, two days after we returned from Bethel I noticed my ribs weren’t bugging me much anymore. LOL! They are almost back to normal. Praise God!)

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I Meet Prince Jesus- Who Am I?

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comOn Friday I shared with you the vision I experienced at the Healing Rooms at Bethel Church. And as I look back on that experience and reflect on my bad attitude about going in the first place that I really didn’t think I needed healing, I’m utterly humbled because my Papa knows me better than I know myself. I think there’s a scripture that says something to that effect. 

Let’s pick up the story. Vision: Vast emptiness opens up on my left side. Pain so searingly hot that it slices clean through my heart. I’m in physical pain because of the emptiness, the loneliness. I see Prince Jesus galloping on his White horse toward me. 

I left you with the question: Who am I in this vision? But before I get to me let me tell you who Jesus is. 

For the first time in my life, I meet the Warrior King, Prince Jesus. THE POWERFUL ONE!

You see, I know Jesus. I know the kind and tender man who saves children and rescues the demonized. I know my Shepard and I follow His voice. I know His ways and his people. But my friends, I haven’t know the conqueror. The King of Kings, all-powerful God who is……. Now get this, my betrothed. 

When I saw the man (Christ) on this horse tearing up this dark and painful vast emptiness of my heart that I’ve carried with me most of my life, I was in utter awe. I saw Christ’s strength. I saw His utter power. Darkness- the devil, all people are insignificant to His power and Royalty. Taking in this vision, I actually felt fear. 

I felt fear at the sheer awe of all that Prince Jesus is. Now I remind you that all of this is happening in a space of time that is an instant. Don’t ask me how, it just is. It’s like I left plant earth and entered this vision. 

The words of Sherry are still echoing in my ears. Prince Jesus is going to date you. He is going to pursue you. He will woo you. He will wake you in the night to talk to you…… (Still freaks me out) 

If Prince Jesus is going to do this for me, then it prompts the question, Why? 

The answer is: I am the bride! 


I’m His betrothed. I will explain here that I understand that God’s people are His bride. That Jesus is returning for His spotless bride, the church. I completely comprehend this and understand it but in this vision, I, Lynn Donovan, became THE (singularly) bride of Christ. Being the Bride of Christ wasn’t a generalization anymore. I am the bride. I, me, Lynn Donovan, I am the one who He is riding in to rescue. I am the one He is swooping up off my feet as He swings me behind him on His horse. I am the bride of Christ. 

When God made me see this truth it cracked the universe. Life altered and my perspective on all I know about Jesus changed in that second. Why had I never personalized the bride of Christ before? Why did I think it wasn’t that important? Why did I not see that I am betrothed to the Prince? 

I’m now reeling from this revelation that has hit me like a train. I’m a beautiful train wreck now and crying as the realization hits me. I’m really that important. (And so are you) We are all this bride. We are all singularly important to Jesus. When we begin to see our individual selves as the bride and being pursued by an all-powerful, magnificent and masculine Prince, it alters your reality. 

The vision ends. The pain in my chest is still very real and so deep that I am really hurting. I stumble to my feet hoping to escape this room without needing to speak to anyone because I simply can't utter words right now. I find myself in another room at Bethel where a class is about to start where they instruct those of us from the Healing Rooms how to retain your health. Of course, I can’t hear a thing because my reality has just been blasted out of the water. I’m sitting in the class still crying under my breath, using all of my will power to stifle the sobs. Dineen finally arrives and scoots in next to me. 

I’m so glad she’s arrived. I’m so utterly wrecked that all I can do is grasp her hand, lay my head on her shoulder and sob. We are in the middle of a class right now, so I continue to sob softly. I should have gone to the car and just let myself have a snot bawl. (Sorry TMI). 

I’m sure Dineen is freaked because she has never seen me this way. I’m freaked out for heaven’s sake. 

Then something begins to happen to me in the middle of the class. I began to see the ramifications of becoming betrothed to this amazing Prince. Let me tell you what I think this looks like. It is like dating the President. If you were to date the President you could expect Him to send his luxury car and driver to pick you up. You would be given a Secret Service Detail to guard and protect you (sounds like angels to me).  You could expect to go to dinner and He might place beautiful diamond’s around your neck (I’m not a jewelry person so this doesn’t do much for me, but for you??? A dream come true perhaps?) You would be elevated, adored, adorned…….. You would be special…. Above all others. 


Blows my mind to think in these terms. After grappling with this analogy, which I’m sure God shoved into my head so I could feel fully the ramifications of meeting Prince Jesus, He allowed me to ponder and live in this moment of engagement to the Prince and to my complete surprise, this is what happened next. 

A fierceness rose up in me. You see, I love this man, Prince Jesus. I’m engaged to this man who commands all His power and might to protect me, honor me, adore me and love me. How could I ever allow someone to defame his name in front of me? So this fierceness rose and I can promise you this, the next time someone uses my betrothed’s name in vain, they will deal with me. I WILL NOT allow someone to curse His name in my presence because I love this man and I serve Him all day long. I’m sure there is someone out there that is going to use the words JC in a disrespecting way and they are going to receive a serious tongue lashing from this fierce 5’4’ blonde woman because today I know, I believe, I am the bride of Christ. 

And when this fierceness arose in me to protect His name, I heard a gentle voice say to me, "Lynn, isn't that what you would want me to do for you? It is I, who fiercely protects your name." 

Okay, I’m leaving you this Monday with a prayer that you will allow yourself to step into this vision with me. Allow this Warrior King, Prince Jesus to make YOU His Bride. Let THAT mess with your head this week, my friends. It’s a life-altering – mind-blow!!!!!!! 

See you Friday for more… Because I have so much more to tell you. I adore you. I love you. I love this Warrior King, His Holy Father and the Spirit that binds us as one. Lynn

Revelations 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Weekend Worship — The Presence of God

IStock_000004628405XSmallMy friends, so much happened during our time at Bethel at the Open Heavens conference. I will share some of the highlights starting today and continue next week.

The moment walked into the church you could feel a change in the atmosphere. I don't think I've ever felt it quite so strongly. We followed the signs to registration and got in line. Two or three women were greeting people as we walked in and speaking blessings over each one. Sometimes they would stop someone, because God had given them a specific word to pass on to them—always encouraging and uplifting. This is truly how the body of Christ is intended to operate and it is stunning!

As I stepped up to the table, the woman sitting behind the table looked at me and started to speak. She blinked and seemed to stumble over her words. I leaned forward to ask if she was okay, concerned for her. She reached out and took my hand, and my friends, I am not exaggerating when I say I was speechless. I couldn't move. We just stared at each other. God's presence and power came down and just us there for a good 30 seconds.

Then she began to speak into my life, telling me to be steadfast and immovable. Then she stood and had me put my bag down and stand with my arms to my sides and said she was going to push on my shoulders and that I was to stand firm. I followed her directions and stood firm and still when she pushed.

I know, crazy, right? But what if I told you that the next day during one of our worship sessions, I heard Jesus speak this:

"Dineen, will you stand for Me?"

I think I went to my knees in total submission, saying yes, yes, yes! So powerful and so overwhelming.

My friends, it is absolutely stunning how God sets things in place to prepare us for what's coming and helps us connect the dots. What this dear woman did was prepare me for the words I would hear later and gave me a deeper affirmation and confirmation of what Jesus was asking from me.

Then as we waited that first day to enter the sanctuary for the first session, I got zapped by Lynn's roaring lady, Deborah! Totally surprised by it too, because I didn't feel it at first and then WHAM! I began to shake and could barely catch my breath. God's presence was so strong. It was like a surge of power ran through me like electricity and the after affect I can only describe as feeling a heightened sense of awareness almost as if I were floating. Wow!

Then after the evening session I went up for prayer for healing for my ribs (still had some discomfort from that inflammation started from a cole back in May) from a young man named Tyler, who rocked my world! I will finish that story next week along with our encounter with Mathew and Mark!

Until then, I pray each of you are filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit and experience the overwhelming love and power of The Lord God Almighty! There is nothing like His presence!

Hugging you with JOY!

My precious friends, pick a time and place where you can be alone and play this song loud. Hear the lyrics and make them the prayer of your heart. When he sings "fill this place" think of that place as you. You are a temple, a holy place intended to house the Spirit of the Living God—the Holy Spirit sent to us by Jesus. I love you, and I am praying for His Presence to fill and overwhelm each and every one of you!

The Vastness of Our God

Revelations 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. 

As I mentioned on Monday, I’m convinced God cracked the Universe open over me last week. And today, I’m bearing witness to what happened. When a believer shares a testimony it releases power in the spiritual realm. So it is in faith that I tell this story with the belief that when you read it, this testimony becomes Your testimony. 

A shift in the universe happened last Saturday. 

Following three days at the Open Heavens Conference, Saturday morning arrived and I was feeling filled by the Holy Spirit and yet tired. It had been a full week and I woke exhausted. Dineen and I were planning to go to Bethel, to their Healing Rooms, that morning and then leave from there to drive to the airport. Well, as I woke that morning I had an attitude. I wanted to sleep in. I wasn’t really all that jazzed up about attending the healing rooms. There wasn’t a specific physical healing that I was seeking. However, Dineen has shared here at SUM that she is battling a couple of different physical issues, so I reluctantly crawled out of bed to go with her. 

I thought to myself, “Well, they can pray for me to receive the gift of fasting if they must pray bout something for me.” Geeze, it sounds so smug when I type this. Forgive me. And in all honesty, I do struggle in this area of fasting and my stomach is my last remaining idol of my life. I would like to rid myself of overeating.

 So, off we went. Little did I know that God was waiting for me, little ole’ me to show up. 

We completed our paperwork, waited to be called, attended the pre-class in preparation and then finally, we walked into the main room where people from Bethel were praying, musicians were playing, and there were chairs and cushions and people all over the place. For some reason, I made my way toward the stage and sat down in a chair. Dineen followed and sat down next to me. 

I waited only a few minutes and a woman approached. She was a few years older than me and as she sat down and looked into my eyes I read her name tag, “Sherry.” 

Thinking I knew what I was doing, I began to ask her for healing over this idol of my stomach and then went on to explain how I struggle in this area and how I truly desired the gift of fasting. Sherry listened and her gentle gaze held my eyes as I spoke. When I finished speaking, Sherry, still looking deeply into my eyes said, “I am going to pray for you but I’m NOT going to pray for that.” 

Say what? 

Sherry immediately began to speak and all I could do was to sit in my chair and receive what was about to happen. She said, “I’m not going to pray for that but I am going to pray that you receive the wine of God from heaven.” So, I listen and receive and am a bit confused. But then she moves forward, never letting her gaze leave my eyes and she says something so out of left field that I’m shocked. 

“Prince Jesus is going to date you.” 

“He is going to pursue you and woo you.” 

“Prince Jesus is going to come to you in your dreams in the morning hours and speak His love for you. Isaiah 50:4b (He wakens me morning by morning..) 

At this point my head is reeling. What is happening here? This isn’t what I wanted prayer for. But as I sit in the chair and Sherry is speaking words to me about a Royal Prince. 

Sherry continues, “He is going to sweep you off your feet.” Prince Jesus, the Strong One, The Warrior is going to ride in on his white horse for you, Lynn, the bride.” 

At this point I’m not sure what is going on. I start to have what I describe and out of body experience. I’m completely unable to talk and Sherry is finished speaking and praying over me. She stands and moves over to sit with Dineen and they both have their backs turned to me. THAT IS WHEN IT HAPPENS. 

Sitting in the chair I have a vision open up before me. (I’ve never had this happen before). And what opens up before me is a vast, AND I MEAN VAST, empty and dark universe. It opens up on my left side. (I don’t know how to describe this) And instantaneously several things happen. I will try to describe them to my best ability but remember all this happens in an instant. 

The Universe cracks open on my left. I see a vast empty black, utterly black dark cavern. Simultaneously I am hit with searing pain in the middle of my chest. The pain is so searing, so enormous, that I’m doubled over. And in that precise instant I have immediate understand of the darkness I’m seeing and the pain. 

They are one and the same. 

It’s loneliness. 

It’s a vast need to be pursued. It’s a bottomless cavern to be adored, cherished, protected. This dark place is filled with so much pain I physically can feel it in the center of my chest. I think I’m having a heart attack. 

Now hear me in this. I absolutely DID NOT know this place existed in me. Truly. I completely believed I have been healed of the loneliness of my marriage. But in one instant the God of the universe reveals I’m carrying enough pain to fill this vast dark place that looks like it is endless in its boundaries. What I also want you to hear is that this great need to be filled is impossible for my human husband to fill. 

Somewhere so deep inside of me is a need to be pursued, to be weak, thus protected, to be wooed, dated, and treasured. This need was created in me because God wanted to fill it. And through my many years of living, I have wanted a man, a husband, to fill this place. 

In a single second, God reveal this pain, this need, this emptiness and you know why? 

Because in the very next instant the healing came. 

In this vision I then saw Prince Jesus, the Warrior King, The Glorified Christ, on His white horse galloping through this dark emptiness. The brilliance of His white horse and the white robe illuminated and diminished this darkness. My Prince, the Warrior King was galloping through this place to rescue me. 

Say what? 

Now get this. I can hear, literally hear the horse hooves making the clompety, clomp noise as He rode closer and closer. In fact, I heard horse hooves galloping all the way to the airport in the car. You can ask Dineen because out of the blue in the car I shout out, “Okay, I hear you. I hear you.” I turned to look at Dineen as she was startled by my outburst and thought I was nuts. 

It’s true. Every word. 

As I’m having this vision, pain searing my chest, I’m doubled over and absolutely bawling uncontrolled, yet trying to control it because I don’t want anyone to see me having a snot bawl. And I was completely incapable of speaking to assure people I’m not dying and need an ambulance. 

So, I try to cry discretely… Ya right. 

I’m having a vision of Prince Jesus and I’m trying not to be emotional. Sometimes I’m an idiot. 

Okay, I just noticed this post is already way too long. And I haven’t even gotten to the good part. Okay, Jesus showing up , riding in to save me is the good part. But there is so much more. I need to tell you why He showed up that way. Who He says that I am. And also about all the crazy stuff that has happened since then. 

My friends, it’s only been a week. And so, so much has happened. 

So on Monday I will continue this real life encounter with Prince Jesus. Join me then when you find out who I am in this vision. Who YOU are in this. I love you. I love this Prince Jesus. See you Monday. Hugs, Lynn


White Horse II
Can you hear the horses hooves? I still can.


******And for the men readers, God gave me a vision of what it looks like for a man in this scenario. It's one of the most honorable and regal discriptions of a man of God. I can't wait to share that. Will likely be a post just for men at the end of this series, so just hang in the guys. Lynn


It's Bigger Than the Big Picture

IStock_000000907516XSmallMy dear friends, I have so much on my heart to share with you right now. As I sit and type this I am literally praying for words and ORDER to begin sharing what we experienced at Bethel and what I have come away with. More clearly now than ever I am grasping two things.

One, I must be intentional to share it all, share everything I have received in order for God’s work in and through me to produce fruit not only in others but in myself as well. As a person who tends to hold things in, and deeply I might add, God is moving me to an understanding of how this is not His desire. I am so thankful that Abba completes EVERY good work He starts. Amen?

And two, I can best explain from a quote from a book. In Lifestyle of a Prophet, author James W. Goll says, “It is time you come to understand not to sacrifice long-term goals to achieve short-term success.”

I’ve shared a little bit in the past about the prophetic calling that God has placed in me—a gift that is available to all of us. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 14:5, “I would like every one of you to speak in tongues, but I would rather have you prophesy. The one who prophesies is greater than the one who speaks in tongues, unless someone interprets, so that the church may be edified.”

And Paul’s last words there are key. It is for edification of the church. I will explain more about this soon, so take this as precursor of what will come. For now, let’s go back to my second point—sacrificing long-term goals to achieve short-term success.

We do this from a place of impatience. Sometimes we are so anxious for something to happen now that we are willing to accept a lesser result in order to satisfy our impatient nature.

When we started this ministry it was and still is about thriving in a spiritually mismatched marriage. My question for you, dear friends and I’ve asked it before, are you willing to run the race to achieve the goal set before you? (This does not include abusive marriages—we do not believe that Abba would ask you to stay in a physically or emotionally abusive marriage.) We cannot put requirements based upon our own impatience upon the plans of God. If we do, He may just let you have the lesser result so you will understand that His higher result is the better plan.

I’ve said many times I’d rather wait longer for my husband to come to know Jesus so that he is completely sold out to a faith that will not wane or fail instead of seeing him come to faith prematurely and fall away. I’m not saying I do this easily either. Some days I have to remind myself of this.

And one other truth I want you to hear today in light of what I am sharing. Never mistake your spouse and their impending salvation as a project. This is one truth I heard at Bethel last week that rang so loud in my ears I thought I would go deaf!

And this applies to every prebeliever we know, including our children. We cannot make the salvation of others our projects. We can honor God best in these places of service by seeing those who do not know Jesus yet through the Creators perspective and His love. And this is what Abba’s heart is right now. He spoke these words to me very clearly Monday morning as I walked, worshiped and prayed:

I am grieving over empty temples.

I wept when I heard His words and felt as much of His heart as He knew I could handle. My friends, Scripture is clear that we are His temples and we hold the Spirit of the Living God, Jesus, within us. And our Heavenly Father who desires all to know Him is grieving over the empty ones who do not know Him yet.

And this kind of grief only comes from intense and relentless love. Dear friends, I pray you receive this from my place of love for you and Abba’s heart for you and those you are praying for.

He is asking us to widen our perspective beyond ourselves. He wants us to see the grander pictures of not just our places but the places our children and grandchildren will hold. He desires us to partner with Him to be part of the greatest revelation of His power He has yet to release as He begins to move people into place for this Great Harvest.

Our homes and families play a crucial part to the bigger picture. God is asking us to seek His heart specifically for understanding and wisdom of what this looks like for each of us. And then to wait expectantly for Him to reveal and unfurl this within our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

As I said, God is moving me to an understanding that I must share what I am receiving. Jesus never intended His Salvation to be limited to one person, one home, one church, one city or even one nation. He died to save all. And in the Bible, the Greek word for all means ALL. We don’t just walk in mismatched marriages. We walk in a mismatched world.

SUMites, we are part of what God is doing and on the bigger scale, what He's about to do. Let Him show you how to let His heart for you overflow into your home, your neighborhood, your city and even this country. The big picture is so much bigger than we ever imagined.

Soon I will share how God has moved in my life to affect my church and city. It is a story that blows even me away, because it something I never imagined Abba would call me to do. I am not that girl, but He says I am, so I am running with Him!

Love you all so much, SUMites!

We SAW an Open Heaven!

Good Monday Morning SUMites! 


Wednesday night at registration
Most of you know that Dineen and I attended the Open Heavens Conference at Bethel Church, Redding, CA last week. This was the second year that we attended. Since so much happened to us last year I was hopeful that this year would not be a letdown. 


Ahem, can you even believe I said that.. Pshaw! That I would even think God would disappoint. 

This year was 100 times better. So much happened again to me and Dineen and it’s likely it will take another 365 days to process and receive all that was birthed last week. 

For me personally, the conference brought me something new. I not only received but there were others whom I poured into. I prayed, God showed up with power. People were anointed. Heaven was open all week and the stories we have to share will release such a hunger in you that you will trade everything you have for more of Jesus. I promise. 

I’m convinced God has now commissioned Dineen and I to release all we have on this family of SUM. I also will share with you that on Saturday I had an encounter. God cracked the Universe! For me! And what happened was so breathtaking, so spiritual that I burst into sobs. I was a beautiful train wreck. 

There is pain in this story. Jesus arrives in this story and this story is about each of us who live in a difficult marriage. I hope to have processed enough to write about it on Friday. So stop back in and have Kleenex waiting. *grin* 

I promise it will leave you changed! 

Our friend Maria, whom I met last year at the conference only to discover she lives near me. She taught me all about the power of Luke 9:1-2. She became my mentor over the past year. Who knew God would do that through a chance encounter last year.
For now, I want to share with you some photos. I want to ask you to get an envelope out and start putting money in it for your own journey to the conference next year because we are going again. 


So now for some photos and stories. 

Below is a photo of a young man, Brandon, who joined us. But this is no ordinary story. His mom, my friend Sue, joined us and was planning to travel with a girlfriend to the conference. At the last minute the friend cancelled so Sue asked Brandon to take her place. There is a ton more to Brandon’s story but suffice it to say, God had Brandon on His radar months ago because Brandon needed Him. 

I met Brandon at the first session and you could read plainly on his face he was uncomfortable about this whole thing. I sensed in him fear and a closed downess (does that make sense?)  Well I remember laying hands on him and praying and by the end of the three days, this young man was also a beautiful train wreck. By the way, that’s a good thing. A really good thing. 

His entire countenance was changed. His fear…. GONE.. His sadness…. GONE…. His hope…. FULLY RESTORED. His purpose in life… CLEARLY EVIDENT. I looked in this young man’s face and he just….. well he just looked different. He had experienced a radical encounter with the Most High God and His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He was forever changed. 

I saw him on Sunday morning (yesterday) and he told me he is checking into the school at Bethel. Woo Hoo!!!! God has another heart for the rest of his life and Brandon will bring thousands to Christ. 

And that’s just ONE story. 

The next two photos are of women who prayed over us last year. It was so special to speak to them this year and tell them about the impact of their interactions with us last year and all that came of it. 

The little lady in green, well, ahem, she introduced me to Holy laughter last year. 


Dineen, Phyllis, Lynn

And this is Deborah. She breathed the breath of God into me and I fell to the floor as God’s power and love flooded my body. 



BTW, I saw Deborah the next morning and she told me she had been praying over our ministry. Wow, God is just so good.

I was so surprised at how much our words encouraged them. It was a neat blessing to speak love into them a year later.


Here we are with Bill Johnson. I spent a few minutes tell Bill about all of us and how his message on 1 Corinthians 7:12-14 literally changed my life, changed our lives. He clapped his hands, smiled broadly at Dineen and me and said, “Such great news. Such great news.” 


Me, Bill and Sue

This is Kris Vallatton. Dineen and I wrote an entire series here at SUM on Spiritual warfare based upon his book, Spirit Wars. How fun to share with him that we are also Regal authors. What a nice man. 


The speakers WERE OFF THE HOOK.


I know I will be finding everything written, on Youtube and Podcast by Bobby Conner. That man is truly walks with God and on top of that, he’s hilarious. 

WORSHIP took us to heaven. I heard angels singing with us. The building shook and God was pleased. Just listen to this song. It was played last. When you get to the final chorus where they sing. Let His praise be glorious…. TURN IT UP LOUD.. 

I’m convinced that this is the Greatest out pouring of God’s spirit ever on His people. And we, The SUMites, we want all of it. 

Papa, Daddy, we want more. We are hungry for you. Increase in us. We want sign, wonders, miracles and healing but more than anything, Dad, we just want you. We want all and only what you desire. In King Jesus name. Amen.

Every knee shall bow, every tongue proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Weekend Worship — Fish and Loaves

NotAloneImage6My friends, here I am again, most likely on the road again as you read this, taking Lynn back to the airport and then heading home. I'm sure my mind, spirit and heart are full and overflowing from the Open Heavens conference, and I look forward to sharing details! But for now I want to share what I'm learning in stunning clarity.

Here's another graphic we've created so if you would kindly repin or share however you feel led. And thank you again for your prayers and support for Lynn and I, our new book, this ministry and especially for each other! The SUMite community is a beautiful representation of how Jesus wanted the church to function for His name and glory.

You know, we talk easily about God's faithfulness and we believe it. But lately, I'm am stunned by it. Yes, I use that word twice in a row (a writing no-no), because there just isn't another word that fits right now.

I'm stunned. (Call the word police. I'm a gonner.)

With the smallest step of faithfulness on our part, God rushes in with His all-out and HUGE faithfulness. I struggle to comprehend it at times, because it is SO generous and so BIG.

He takes our small offerings of obedience, our prayers and even our dreams, and, like the fish and loaves Jesus used to feed the multitudes, He expands and multiplies them. He doesn't do this out of duty either. He does it out of His desire to delight us! To show us who He is in ALL His glory.

So, take a moment and let that sink in. Believe that your obedience is noticed and will be rewarded. Believe that your prayers have shot directly into our Savior's heart and He is moving as your intercessor right now. Believe that Abba is preparing and polishing your dreams so He can hand them back to you like sparkling jewels.

He's that good. He's that vast. He's that able.

I love you, my friends!

Open Heavens


It's Lynn & Dineen. We are currently at the Open Heaven's Conference at Bethel in Redding, California today. It was one year ago that we attended this conference for the first time. It was at this conference on Friday that lil ol' Lynn Donovan had an encounter with the God of the Universe that totally changed everything in my life. (read that story here)

It was also the same time that Dineen experienced life-transforming healing and received a prophetic calling on her life.

Over the past year I have shared stories of how God has imparted His healing power through prayers and how I feel His fire of healing flow through my hands. Dineen has taught all of us how to find healing for our brokenness and marriages through her great wisdom and vision.

So, pray with us as we are expecting God to show up and bring even more to us. And you know what happens then? We bring it all home with us and give it away to all of you. So expect some new things when we get back.

I will remind you of a few things that we brought home last year. Do you remember the bracelets and the Re-sign campaign? Do you remember my stories of healing prayers for Willie? Do you recall how the two little verses, Luke 9:1-2 change the way I pray forever?

God has so much for us, The SUMites, as we are the harvesters (Read Dineen's post about that here). We have a Kingdom Legacy and a destiny ahead of us. We are determined this next season to pull the gold out of each of us. To encourage everyone to step fully into your Kingdom calling and to enjoy ALL that God is desperate to give His children. Abundance, release from shame, worry, guilt. Release of new areas of finances. Gifts. Laughter, delight and adventure.

So hold on.... The journey is just getting started and we are all on the adventure of a lifetime. 

We love you so much our family. We have taken each of you with us to Bethel (The House of God). So get ready to receive signs, wonders, and miracles. Hugs Lynn & Dineen.

Powerful Thing Love

You are a Righteous Mama!

NotAloneImage3My friends, as you're reading this I am on the road on my way to pick up Lynn from the Sacramento airport and then we will continue on from there up to Redding CA for the Open Heavens conference at Bethel Church. Yep, ROAD TRIP!!!

I want you to know that we are carrying this community with us in our hearts. You are a part of us and we just take you with us wherever we go. And we will be bringing back what we learn and experience to share with you, just like last year.

The image I've included with this post is another one to share. And please know how much we appreciate your help. I’ve made a series of these and we are praying for as many as possible to go viral so that this book will go viral and minister to even more moms than we can imagine or have hoped for! That is our dream for this book and I believe God's plan for it is even bigger. We never know the full impact we have on those we love and pray for.

Last week I shared about finding out who had prayed for me as child to know Jesus. I want to share my cousin's actual words with you from his letter—it's all about God and His faithfulness to our prayers.

“When I came to Christ in ’70 I began to pray for my family on a daily basis. Little did I know that the “baby” of the family would be an answer to prayer. You are ministering to many people through your books and speaking. It’s a wonderful thing. I can’t tell you enough about how proud of you I am, it’s a godly pride if there is such a thing. Serving the Lord is the highest calling for a Christian. God bless you.”

Moms, this is what you're prayers are doing even if it's years before you see the full affect. My cousin’s prayers working my life to guide and protect me for 25 years until I jumped all in for Jesus. Trust Jesus and believe your prayers are and will impact your children.

You are a righteous mama and your prayers are powerful and effective!

Thank you for helping other moms understand and embrace this truth by sharing this picture and helping us get the word out. God has chosen the SUMites to bring His love and hope to those who need it in unique ways, because of our unique daily faith walks. Is that not amazing? Blows me away how God redeems everything, my friends. We don’t struggle for naught but persevere through the power and strength and promises of Jesus Christ! Amen!

Hugging you with great JOY!

A Fresh Anointing For ALL Mothers By Lynn Donovan


On September 26th I opened my Bible and found a note scribbled in the margin. It said:

2006: Today I was asked to be part of the writing team for Laced With Grace. 

As I read this note in my Bible, my heart soared. Seven years ago Iris Nelson found my tiny blog, Spiritually Unequal Marriage and we began an amazing friendship. We began to write, simply from our hearts about our Lord and His hand in our lives. I can’t thank Iris enough for asking me to be part of this Award winning team of writers. I left Laced With Grace a while back as our ministry grew. But my heart will always be part of this home on the web.

So today, Iris has allowed me to come back as a throw back post to September 2006 and share with you a devotion for Moms. This message is from the Holy Spirit for every mom whether they are walking the difficult path of being the spiritual leader of their homes or not.

Join me now and be filled with the truth of How God sees you. I love you the family of Laced With Grace.

by: Lynn Donovan
I am filled with fire my friends. And this fire that burns in my stomach also is burning in yours. How do I know this?

Because you sacrifice!

Read the entire post and be filled with a fresh anointing of God's Holy Fire at Laced With Grace.


Also, leave a comment over there and be entered to receive a copy of Not Alone Trusting God To Help You Raise Godly Kids In A Spiritually Mismatched Home. 

Train Up A Child and

Launch Day - Not Alone

I prayed away a bully!  Note Alone Cover Art

My daughter was in high school and for months and months during her senior year she was being bullied by another teen. The circumstances were such that a direct confrontation with this bully wasn’t possible so I did what any mom would do. 


In our book, Not Alone, I share this story along with many others of how God makes every difference in the lives of our kids because we pray. God loves us so much and He loves our kids. This book is filled with real-life examples of how the faith of an ordinary mom can change seemingly impossible circumstances for the good of our children. 

Mostly this book will encourage every mother who ponders the question, “Am I enough to parent my child to become a life-long believer in Jesus?” 

There are answers in the pages that will fill your heart with great hope. We share laughter, tears and a whole bunch of God’s truth and promises. I hope you can get your hands on a copy because you will realize that you are a mother who is more than enough and that you are a legacy maker. 

To read a sample or to purchase a book, visit:

Read Sample here: Not Alone

Giveaways coming. Watch for one tomorrow at Laced With Grace.

Mom's Together - both Lynn & Dineen will be answering questions. Join the conversation. 

Lynn will be on the air at KDAZ at 8:05 MT/ 7:05 PT with Birga Alden 

Lynn Will be on Lifeline - WDCX Radio with Neil Boron at 4-5:30 pm ET and 1-2:30 pm PT.

Dineen will be the Debbie Chavez Show 9 -10:00 am. PT


Please share this happy day with us. Please share on your Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest. Repin & repost the photo below. Some discouraged mom needs hope today. We love you Sumites. You are our family. Hugs, Lynn & Dineen

We Are Mothers


Weekend Worship — It's Almost Here...



My friends, with our book, Not Alone, officially releasing on Monday, Lynn and I will be online in several places that day. I hope you'll come join us in these discussions or listen in to the radio broadcasts. Go to our EVENTS tab on our site to see times and links to these events.

And as we are representing Jesus and this amazing SUMite community, will you pray for us? Ask the Holy Spirit to give us the words and to shine through us, so that listeners and readers will be drawn to Him and begin the journey to freedom and thriving—what this community is all about! Lynn and I are desperate to share those promises and Jesus' life-changing love with more people. And our heart is to bring Jesus all the glory and exalt Him above all. 

545120_473526526007809_668492091_aOne that I'm especially looking forward to is being on Moms Together on Facebook. This is a wondeful community of women who we've had the privilege to interact with in the past and discuss our book Winning Him Without Words. All day Monday Lynn and I will be chatting there about raising godly kids with Abba's help. So exciting!

I am praying already for divine appointments to happen Monday and that discouraged moms will be encouraged and strengthened, and that Jesus will increase in every one of them dramatically! We can do all things through Jesus and being a mom (or dad) is high on that list, my friends!

Have an amazing weekend knowing that whether you are a mom or a dad, you have the Creator of the universe partnering with you to raise those little one's to know Him. He's passionate about your children!

Love you all so much!

This Experiment Can't Get Any Better Than This...

If you have been a reader here for any time now, you likely know that this five-foot-four, blonde-haired woman has an ornery side to her “delightful” personality. Hee Hee. 

And now that my daughter is away at college, my unsuspecting husband is the recipient of my gentle but ornery teasing. (I remind you that it's my dad’s side of the family has this faulty teasing gene – sheesh). 

But sometimes I think the sense of humor and the mirth of our God far surpasses my silliness. Let me explain. 

If you recall a week ago, Friday, I initiated this grand experiment. I determined to plant seeds of God’s Word in my husband. I absolutely believe this passage of scripture:

 Isaiah 55:11 It is the same with my word.
    I send it out, and it always produces fruit.
It will accomplish all I want it to,
    and it will prosper everywhere I send it. 

I want to see the results of crossing scripture verses with my prebeliever. It’s been a fantastic experiment so far. Read Monday’s results. But today, I can barely contain myself because on Wednesday, the most astonishing thing happened. I think both God and me were in a teasing mood and this is what happened. 

It’s Wednesday, late in the afternoon, and I’m taping up a box for the post office. In the box is a bunch of stuff for my daughter who started college a month and a half ago. It’s our first care package we are sending her way. I finish addressing the box and casually ask my husband, “Hey, I have to run this to the post office, why don’t you ride along with me.” 

(On a side note: This empty nest thing…. It’s filled with these ordinary moments that are tender and sweet.) 

“I don’t want to go to the post office.” 

“Ya, but come with me anyway,” I bat my eyelashes playfully at him. 

That’s it. He knows I’m in a playful mood and he says, “Okay, I guess I’ll go.” 

I grab the box, my purse and the keys and head straight to the car before he changes his mind. While he’s putting on shoes, I jog out to the mailbox and pick up the mail, then get into the car and start the engine. He emerges from the house and sits in the passenger seat. I throw the car in reverse, casually toss the stack of mail in his lap, and off we go. 

I say to him, “Hey, I noticed that there is a postcard from Caitie’s college in the stack of mail. I didn’t have my glasses on me, so can you read it to me?” 

This is a photo of the postcard:


So my husband begins to read this card ….. OUT LOUD…. while I’m motoring down the road. As he proceeds to read it I hear scripture coming from his lips. The card has a verse from 2 Corinthians printed on it. He finishes reading it to me. 

“Wait, wait, what did it say? I inquire. “I couldn’t understand you.” 

He reads the entire card to me again. At this point I am grinning so big that the light glistening from my broad smile is blinding other drivers. I’m sitting in my seat, driving, and now get this….. Listening to my husband read scripture verses to me. 


And now God and I become ornery. I say to my man in the passenger seat, “ Can you read it one more time to me? I’m not sure I understand that passage.” 

Okay, I’ll admit. I just wanted him to read it again… Yep, I’m ornery at times. And what I love about my sweet man is that he is patient and long suffering with his zany wife. So he begins to read it for a third time. 

At this point, I’m literally laughing in my throat, biting my tongue as to not laugh out loud because the outlandishness of this entire scenario is blowing my mind. I’m giggling and giggling inside. A smile as broadly as the sun and I’m just thanking God that He is "in on" this wacky experiment. 

Lord, My Papa, You ARE a blast.


Have a fantastic weekend my friends and let our Daddy make you smile as broad as the sun!! 

See you Monday, our book launches that day and there is a ton of stuff going on for this amazing community. I love you so much my friends. I pray for you every….. single…… day… With a heart full of love and an ornery sense of humor, Lynn

Who Prayed for You?

IStock_000001262149XSmallDear friends, I’ve shared in the past that I didn’t grow up in a Christian home but at about age 4 or 5 I remember taking a bus to Sunday school. It wasn’t until I reached my teen years that I started to seek God for myself but even then I hadn’t a clue what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus.

I think we all have a time or many times in our lives where we can look back and see how we narrowly escaped something. I can look back at my childhood and teen years and see how God protected me from some pretty bad stuff. Over the years I have surmised that someone had to be someone praying for me.

Last week, I found out who.

My mother’s cousin—my second cousin—is a strong believer and has been since he returned from Vietnam. He’s also a musician and cartoonist. He sent me a package last week with a couple of his CD’s and a beautiful letter that left me stunned and in tears. In a good way!

He shared his story about coming to Christ in 1970 and how he began praying for his family on a daily basis. I was 5 at the time—he called me the “baby” of the family.

I never expected to find out who had prayed for me this side of heaven, and I feel like I’ve been given a gift. One I want to share with you.

His prayers released God’s protection and a need for Jesus in my life from a very young age. His prayers released God’s presence to continually work in my life even though didn’t know it. His prayers assisted God’s pursuit of my heart and began a great work that even now, at this very moment is still in action.

In 1970 this dear man began praying for his family. From those prayers were birthed my faith, my place in many ministries including this one and my two daughters who also are believers.

My friends, this is what our prayers do! For our children, our pre-believers, our family members, our friends and even the random person God may point out and tell you to pray for! James 5:16 states that the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective. What if we started to really believe this and traded our doubts for expectancy? You are releasing the power and presence of God into the lives of others. Believe it!

I want to challenge you to say this to yourself after you pray. As soon as you say “amen,” say, “I am a righteousness person because of the blood of Jesus, and my prayers are powerful and effective. Lord, I’m watching to see what You do next.”

Do it all week and even longer until you notice that you have started to pray with belief instead of doubt. Amen? Amen!

Praying and believing!!!