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I Meet Prince Jesus- Who Am I?

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comOn Friday I shared with you the vision I experienced at the Healing Rooms at Bethel Church. And as I look back on that experience and reflect on my bad attitude about going in the first place that I really didn’t think I needed healing, I’m utterly humbled because my Papa knows me better than I know myself. I think there’s a scripture that says something to that effect. 

Let’s pick up the story. Vision: Vast emptiness opens up on my left side. Pain so searingly hot that it slices clean through my heart. I’m in physical pain because of the emptiness, the loneliness. I see Prince Jesus galloping on his White horse toward me. 

I left you with the question: Who am I in this vision? But before I get to me let me tell you who Jesus is. 

For the first time in my life, I meet the Warrior King, Prince Jesus. THE POWERFUL ONE!

You see, I know Jesus. I know the kind and tender man who saves children and rescues the demonized. I know my Shepard and I follow His voice. I know His ways and his people. But my friends, I haven’t know the conqueror. The King of Kings, all-powerful God who is……. Now get this, my betrothed. 

When I saw the man (Christ) on this horse tearing up this dark and painful vast emptiness of my heart that I’ve carried with me most of my life, I was in utter awe. I saw Christ’s strength. I saw His utter power. Darkness- the devil, all people are insignificant to His power and Royalty. Taking in this vision, I actually felt fear. 

I felt fear at the sheer awe of all that Prince Jesus is. Now I remind you that all of this is happening in a space of time that is an instant. Don’t ask me how, it just is. It’s like I left plant earth and entered this vision. 

The words of Sherry are still echoing in my ears. Prince Jesus is going to date you. He is going to pursue you. He will woo you. He will wake you in the night to talk to you…… (Still freaks me out) 

If Prince Jesus is going to do this for me, then it prompts the question, Why? 

The answer is: I am the bride! 


I’m His betrothed. I will explain here that I understand that God’s people are His bride. That Jesus is returning for His spotless bride, the church. I completely comprehend this and understand it but in this vision, I, Lynn Donovan, became THE (singularly) bride of Christ. Being the Bride of Christ wasn’t a generalization anymore. I am the bride. I, me, Lynn Donovan, I am the one who He is riding in to rescue. I am the one He is swooping up off my feet as He swings me behind him on His horse. I am the bride of Christ. 

When God made me see this truth it cracked the universe. Life altered and my perspective on all I know about Jesus changed in that second. Why had I never personalized the bride of Christ before? Why did I think it wasn’t that important? Why did I not see that I am betrothed to the Prince? 

I’m now reeling from this revelation that has hit me like a train. I’m a beautiful train wreck now and crying as the realization hits me. I’m really that important. (And so are you) We are all this bride. We are all singularly important to Jesus. When we begin to see our individual selves as the bride and being pursued by an all-powerful, magnificent and masculine Prince, it alters your reality. 

The vision ends. The pain in my chest is still very real and so deep that I am really hurting. I stumble to my feet hoping to escape this room without needing to speak to anyone because I simply can't utter words right now. I find myself in another room at Bethel where a class is about to start where they instruct those of us from the Healing Rooms how to retain your health. Of course, I can’t hear a thing because my reality has just been blasted out of the water. I’m sitting in the class still crying under my breath, using all of my will power to stifle the sobs. Dineen finally arrives and scoots in next to me. 

I’m so glad she’s arrived. I’m so utterly wrecked that all I can do is grasp her hand, lay my head on her shoulder and sob. We are in the middle of a class right now, so I continue to sob softly. I should have gone to the car and just let myself have a snot bawl. (Sorry TMI). 

I’m sure Dineen is freaked because she has never seen me this way. I’m freaked out for heaven’s sake. 

Then something begins to happen to me in the middle of the class. I began to see the ramifications of becoming betrothed to this amazing Prince. Let me tell you what I think this looks like. It is like dating the President. If you were to date the President you could expect Him to send his luxury car and driver to pick you up. You would be given a Secret Service Detail to guard and protect you (sounds like angels to me).  You could expect to go to dinner and He might place beautiful diamond’s around your neck (I’m not a jewelry person so this doesn’t do much for me, but for you??? A dream come true perhaps?) You would be elevated, adored, adorned…….. You would be special…. Above all others. 


Blows my mind to think in these terms. After grappling with this analogy, which I’m sure God shoved into my head so I could feel fully the ramifications of meeting Prince Jesus, He allowed me to ponder and live in this moment of engagement to the Prince and to my complete surprise, this is what happened next. 

A fierceness rose up in me. You see, I love this man, Prince Jesus. I’m engaged to this man who commands all His power and might to protect me, honor me, adore me and love me. How could I ever allow someone to defame his name in front of me? So this fierceness rose and I can promise you this, the next time someone uses my betrothed’s name in vain, they will deal with me. I WILL NOT allow someone to curse His name in my presence because I love this man and I serve Him all day long. I’m sure there is someone out there that is going to use the words JC in a disrespecting way and they are going to receive a serious tongue lashing from this fierce 5’4’ blonde woman because today I know, I believe, I am the bride of Christ. 

And when this fierceness arose in me to protect His name, I heard a gentle voice say to me, "Lynn, isn't that what you would want me to do for you? It is I, who fiercely protects your name." 

Okay, I’m leaving you this Monday with a prayer that you will allow yourself to step into this vision with me. Allow this Warrior King, Prince Jesus to make YOU His Bride. Let THAT mess with your head this week, my friends. It’s a life-altering – mind-blow!!!!!!! 

See you Friday for more… Because I have so much more to tell you. I adore you. I love you. I love this Warrior King, His Holy Father and the Spirit that binds us as one. Lynn

Revelations 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

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