A Letter From God To Every Mother
A Feast of Joy

Preparing For Breakthrough

IMG_1093[1]It’s Monday. The Labor Day holiday here in America so many of you are away from your home and computer. But when you check in on Tuesday, I don’t want you to be out of the loop. Beginning tomorrow, our community is going to have a week of prayer and a day of fasting (fast is on Thursday). Tuesday through Friday with our week culminating on Saturday in worship. 

But for the next four days we are going to pray specifically for ourselves. This is not a typical prayer focus as we are Prayer Warriors so often for others. Our spouse, children, our church, neighbors, the world. However, starting tomorrow we will spend time specifically focused on praying for our needs and our soul. We will spend time just soaking in God’s Presence. 

My sincere hope for this week is that we experience a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit’s power, authority and His lavish love. And secondly that we have a breakthrough in some personal area where we struggle. I know for me, I have a GIANT thorn in my life; I’m specifically seeking healing and deliverance. 

This community will be fasting on Thursday. A daytime fast. Sunrise to Sunset. To seek God and achieve that breakthrough. This Thursday is Rosh Hashanah and I will be talking about why that is significant in our evangelical faith. (Look up the sunrise and sunset times in your area)

Get ready. Fall is approaching. Kids are back in school. The holidays will be here before we know what hit us. This week is the beginning of a beautiful season and a time when we can grow personally in our love relationship with Jesus and with others. 

Lord, anoint this time. Give us a fresh Holy Spirit fire in our hearts. Help us to pray with passion for our personal breakthroughs and pray for our personal healing and to seek Your Heart with new passion. Lord, teach us to pray so that when we speak, the heavens rattle in reply and activity because we asked for action on this earth. Lord, let us be those who bring Your Kingdom to earth. Let our prayers this week change the atmosphere in our homes, workplaces and everywhere. Let people who are around us perceive we are different and give us courage to share with them, why we are different. 

Fill us to overflowing with love so we love You more and love people. In your Son’s name, our King Jesus. Amen. 

Also, every Monday, Dineen and I will have a new blog post up at Mismatched & Thriving. And if you haven’t checked out the forums, you are missing some great stuff. Join the conversations. 

I love you. I really love you and deeply care for your heart, your spirit, your marriage and family. Hugs, Lynn

PS. For those of you who are new to SUM, this is a taste of our week of prayer and fasting that we have every year in January. There are so many wonderful things about our community and this is one of my favorites. *smile*
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