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One Crazy But Fantastic Experiment

So’ I’m conducting an experiment. 

And it’s one of the boldest experiments I’ve ever participate in. When I reach the conclusion, the result may WILL be so utterly life-altering that I can scarcely think about it now. 

Let me share how this experiment started. 

A few days ago I was listening to a recent podcast by Bill Johnson. Bill was explaining something very interesting to me. You see, I love to garden. I love to plant seeds, nurture them and watch them mature into enormous harvest. Just take a look at the giant pumpkins I grew in my suburban backyard. They started from seeds. 


 These pumpkins are really neat and if you want a few seeds, write me and I will mail you some. 

Anyhoo, I have an interest in gardening, seeds, planting and harvesting. Hmmmmm, must run in the family because my Jesus is interested in the same thing. He is the master planter and His entire purpose is the Harvest. 

Today’s modern farmer, of course, plows his field with machines in very neat rows that stretch for acres. After the plowing then the soil is ready for the seed. But, did you know in Biblical times the farmer first spread the field with seed and then the plow came after? 

My friends, in God’s economy, we plant the seed… AND THEN COMES THE PLOW.  Why is this significant? Because God’s Word will not return void. 

Isaiah 55:11 It is the same with my word.
    I send it out, and it always produces fruit.
It will accomplish all I want it to,
    and it will prosper everywhere I send it. 

Do you understand that this is a fact. An absolute promise. When we speak to others, anyone about the truth of God’s Word, we have planted a seed. Even if the person is angry, upset, doesn’t believe what you shared…. You planted…

 And my friends…… THEN….. COMES THE PLOW! 

It’s a forgone conclusion; God’s Word will not come back void. It produces fruit. 

So, here is where my experiment comes in. I’m am absolutely convinced of the truth of this concept and the truth that God’s Word will not come back void that I decided to plant some new seeds in my husband. 

Yep, I knew I must give God the opportunity to bring the plow. So yesterday I contemplated, How do I get God’s Word planted into my husband. And this is what I felt the Spirit directing. I sent a text message. 

Here is the message: It started with a photo. See below.

Then I said: This is an experiment. Do you know what the book of the Bible this verse is in? Have you heard this verse before? I love you and thanks for putting up with my zany experiments and crazy. And thanks for putting up with my cold. I’m finally better. Hugging you.

Okay, I sent this text early in the morning before my husband was awake. I left on my walk n pray and I prayed up a storm over this man. I asked God to split the heavens open over Mike Donovan. That God would bring a plow to push this seed to open his heart. I prayed for an hour for this man and that God would bring him into a full encounter and relationship with Him and Jesus. In King Jesus name Amen. 

Returning home from my walk, I was quite nervous because as most of you know, sending our men scripture verses is often an invitation for conflict, hurt and pain. 

I walked in the door and my husband was sitting in his office. The moment was at hand. How had he received my text from earlier this morning? 

Ahhhhhh, now this is a good story. So tune in on Monday and I will tell you what happened and I will also let you know as my experiment moves on to stage II. 

I love you my friends. I believe every word God says and it makes all the difference in my life. BIG hugs, and know that I love you so very much, Lynn

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