Shore Up the Walls—Nehemiah, Part Two
Shore Up the Walls—Nehemiah, Part Three

Weekend Worship — God is for Us!

My friends, I believe the angels are riding on the waves of our prayers this week! What a glorious sight to behold—one day we'll get to see what that looks like. 

The comments and prayers you all are leaving on the Nehemiah posts are so full of God's love and care. I love this community so much. You are rallying around each other and doing exactly what God is asking us. I love that, and I know it pleases God greatly. Be sure to read the conclusion on Monday. 

SUMites, God is not only with us, He is for us too! As you worship and soak in God's amazing presence and love, be sure to pour out your love on Him too. We are ministering to God when we do that and He loves it!

Hugging you all so very tight with my love and prayers!


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