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Throwback Monday ~~ Back to School is Around the Corner


I took a stroll down memory lane today and found an old post from our archives. It filled my heart to read it because I can recall this time in my daughter's life. It was the first day of high school for her. She faced a scary time in her life and it caused her to question God. It was also a time for her to discover God's faithfulness. And a statement of God's faithfulness to me as well. 

As I re-read the post, it seemed timely to re-post it today. For two reasons. Firstly, most of us mother's know that in the next few weeks our children will be going back to school. Back to school time is a wonderful time of the year and a scary time of the year. It's also a time to create great habits and open opportunities to share our faith with our kids. Secondly, I want to share this post and honor our God because in two weeks from today, I will deliver my daughter to college for the first time. And I see fully now how God walked with that child through her high school days. 

As I pondered through the old post below, I joyfully consider the wonderful, life-long, friendships God sent to my daughter. Many of you even prayed for my daughter's best friend, Gina, last year.

God is faithful.

God hears the heartfelt prayers of a mother or father who loves Him.

God is honored as I re-post, Growing Up, circa 2009. 

Growing Up

Well for many of us it is back to school week. May I just say one thing:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Do you remember that office supply commercial? It makes me grin. 

On Monday my daughter, my baby girl, started High School. I can’t begin to tell you who felt more stressed - her or me. Sheesh!

Two weeks prior, my daughter held my hand and said, “Mom, please pray that I have some friends, girls I know, in some of my classes.”

“Sweetie, I will but you need to pray also.”

“I have been Mom.”

A week flew by and my daughter picked up her schedule a few days before school resumed, no friends. Not a single person she knew was in any of her classes.

As she told me about her scary future without friends, I knew what she was thinking. Is God real? Does he really hear me when I pray? Why didn’t he listen to me and give me at least one friend?

I let the moment pass. I didn’t have words. However, the next morning, I sat with the Lord in the garden and I asked Him about these very thoughts. “Lord, she is going to think you don’t hear, or answer prayer. She is a kid trying to have faith. But at this very stressful time in her life she needed to hear from you.”

During this prayer time, I felt the Lord speaking to me, “Trust me. I have this worked out. I have appointed new friends for her. They will meet in due time. Trust me on this.”

Well this answer was great for me but how would I explain this to my baby girl? Wouldn’t you know it, later that day, my daughter, and I were standing in the kitchen and SHE initiated the conversation and voiced her disappointment with God. “Mom, why didn’t He hear me?”

This is where I tell you I am so thankful for prayer and for a God who knows what He is doing.

The moment presented itself for me to share with her the very words God spoke about her friendships. I said, “Trust God in this Caitie. He has friends waiting for you. I know you think he let you down but I am telling you, God has this covered.”

Well indeed on her very first day after school, she arrived at the car, hot and tired but with happiness in her heart. It was a good day. She met several new friends right away. (Not the usual pattern for this child)

Now I am not one to say to someone, I told you so. However, I smiled and in a kind voice I said, “See, I told you, the Lord had this all worked out.”

“Ya, Mom, He did.”


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