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Testimony Time!

IMG_2200My dear friends, I have something absolutely astounding to share with you today. I have shared in the past about my financial situation being very difficult. We are still walking in this and it has required deeper trust for me to believe God will take care of us. Every purchase, even those extra not-so-necessary food items, is falling under the same scrutiny right now—do we really need this?

One of my major areas is a medication I have to take daily. It’s expensive. Each time my refill has come up I’ve prayed for God to help us find a way to pay for it. So far it’s been okay but still tight. We have muddled through.

Except for this time. Again, I found myself praying Wednesday night for God to provide the $80 I needed to pay for this month’s supply (thankfully health insurance has kicked in and brought down from over $600). And I prayed again the next morning during my walk (prayed for a fresh outpour of the Holy Spirit over our SUMite community too so look out!).

As I got to my house I remembered I hadn’t gotten the mail the day before. I brought it in and began going through its meager, junk mail offerings and found what I thought was a bill from our car insurance company. If you guessed it wasn’t a bill, you’re right. It was a refund.

For $80.11.

I was so overcome I broke into tears, praising and thanking God. I just had to tell Lynn (she’s been a mighty prayer warrior by my side in this) and was overcome with tears again and couldn’t speak! I scared the poor woman! LOL!

My precious SUMites, today I want you to share your testimonies of how God has supplied a need for you in such a way that you have no doubt it was Him. These testimonies are powerful and so uplifting. They strengthen our faith too. So share away and let’s give God glory today!

And thank you for all the prayers you have prayed on my behalf. Love you all so dearly, my friends!
(P.S. I stepped out in faith and shared this with my husband too. Go, God, Go!)

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