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Meet Lynette

It's my great privilege to introduce you to Lynette today. Lynette has been a reader for a long while and she also now handles our Twitter account, is a voice of love on 1Peter3Living, active in the comments and on Facebook. She has a heart for the SUMites and for the Lord. Dineen and I adore her. So today, I thought you should meet Lynette who prays for you and is such a great help and support to us and to all of our community. Hugs, Lynn 

Now meet Lynette.

LynetteI found the SUM website a few years ago, but I didn't start participating until the last year or so. After many ups and down in my marriage, I was getting desperate. I honestly had a hard time with what Lynn and Dineen wrote in their book. I did not understand how making a serious effort in loving and serving my husband was going to change him when all I wanted was for him to do those things for me. But I told God I was willing to do whatever He wanted me to do to save my marriage. 

Once I said that, He started showing His glory. I ended up going to Texas to see Lynn and Dineen speak and that was the catalyst God used to bring profound changes in my life. I came home and put into practice all they talked about in the book and at their conference. Since then, God has opened doors I thought closed, and my marriage has improved greatly since I stopped focusing on what my husband isn't or isn't doing. I put God back in His rightful place. I am honored and humbled and blessed to be a part of this ministry. I pray we would all be willing to move when God says move, because that is when you will see His glory in your life. 

Love you,

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