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Crossing The Jordan - An Elderly Woman and God

Hello SUMites!!! 

It’s been quite a ride! These past several days were so good for my soul. Our time at Family Talk was ordained. Things happened there that I’m still processing. I’m astonished at the boldness God gave me to share with Dr. Dobson and his son, Ryan, the message God gave me about him. I’m undone that God uses an ordinary housewife, an ordinary believer, to serve His purposes. Just undone. 

I will share more about all of that in a future post but for today, I’m compelled to return to our Series, Parting the Jordan

Yes, yes, I know! That series was way back in May. Geeze, I get a little busy and when the Holy Spirit moves, I change direction and quickly. But, today while I was on my walk-n-pray, giving thanks for all that God did while I was in Colorado, I had one of “those” encounters. 

I heard God call me to be bold and to take a “Crossing The Jordan” -step of faith. 

Man, sometimes everytime when God asks me to do something that doesn’t make sense or when He asks me to do something that could cause me great embarrassment, I squirm. And I usually only have seconds to say yes or the opportunity is lost. And oh how I grieve later when I allowed my pride or fear to get in the way of a person having an encounter with God. 

But, today I listened. More than that, I obeyed. In fact, I’m finding I’m obeying the voice of God even in the ridiculous, more and more. And when I do, God DOES NOT disappoint. 

Here’s what happened. I was walking up a long road in the wine country. My praise and worship music was blasting in my ears and I was just spending time with my Daddy when I saw an elderly woman coming down the road on the opposite side of the street. White hair crowned her head and she walked slowly aided by a cane. The second I saw the cane I knew what was coming. God said to me, “Go over there and pray for that woman’s healing.” 

I knew it. I knew He was gonna ask me to do this. Can I just tell you THAT is the instant I had to decide to “step out” into my Jordan or to just pretend I didn’t really hear God correctly. And I will be utterly honest here, there are times I choose to say to myself, No, I didn’t really hear God ask me to do that. But this morning, I took great courage. I pulled the earbuds from my ears, crossed the street making direct eye contact with this old woman. 

What is so awesome about this is as I came face-to-face, she smiled and reached out one of her arthritically shaped hands to grab my hand. And in that second, I KNEW God was desperate to love on her. 

“Good morning, my name is Lynn. I see you walking out here from time to time when I’m walking and praying.”

“I’m Willie,” she replies and she smiles largely. “Oh, I pray too,” she continues in her breathless, elderly voice.

“Well Willie, God has asked me to pray for your healing today, is that okay?”

“Oh, yes, please.”

I placed my right hand upon her shoulder and I began to pray. I prayed a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit upon her. That she would begin to feel better like she was 30 years old. That her legs and arms would heal. As I was praying I was overwhelmed by the Spirit to tell her how much God has been present in her long life and how she is a woman of grace and how God is proud of her. I prayed for her delight and for laughter and I knew God still had work for her to do, so I prayed for that as well. I prayed more but I just can’t remember all that the Holy Spirit imparted. 

“In King Jesus name, Amen.” 

She opened her eyes and her face filled with a peaceful and joyful smile. I said, “Have a great day.”

“You too.” She answered. 

I crossed back to the other side of the street and continued my walk. After I had gone a distance, God prompted me to look back upon Willie. I turned around and in that instant I watched as she lifted her cane from the ground, placed it in her other hand and continued to walk, WITHOUT IT! 

God wanted me to see how much He loved this woman. And I got to be a small part of His love. 

My SUMites, we live through seasons of great pain in our marriages. I have gone through that season myself in recent weeks, yet I’m convinced that my pain has opened the doors to God’s love and His transformation in ways a spiritually matched marriage would never allow. 

So, I ask you today to trust our Lord that He has not abandoned you. That our light (and not so light*) and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. (2 Corinthians 4:17) 

I dare you this week to just ask God to give you courage to touch one life. And when you feel His prompting and you have only seconds to decide to be brave….. BE BRAVE! Touch a life. Let someone know that God adores them. Tell them He see their struggle. He knows their pain and He wants to bring healing. Pray for them that instant and then trust that God will honor your prayer…. And you know what will happen? 

God will honor you. 

I adore you. I love you. I love my husband and I love my Lord. Have an amazing day…. And now go forth and change the world. Hugs, Lynn 


This is a poor photo but that is Willie. Her cane is now in her left hand, horizontal. May God be glorified!


*Lynn’s perspective

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